Friday, September 18, 2015


Last few weeks received this box of item from L'Oreal Paris. What amaze me that they even search my FB for my old photo to include in this package. Very sincere indeed! That was the photo when I was like in early 30s. Gosh!!!!!

box of L'Oreal products

Lately, Magic Blur cream is HOT item now. 
It make me wonder how this cream different from primers?

Magic Blur cream

What is L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream?

Its both cosmetic and skin care. The instant blur technology immediately blurs fine lines and pores while its skin care components nourish the skin though out the day.

When do you apply L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream?

* It meant as Step 4 of your Revitalift regimen.
* Step 1 - Revitalift Foam , Step 2 - Revitalift Toner and Step 3-Revitalift Day Cream
(suit me well since the day before I received this package I just bought their whitening series - the deep blue color jar series)

opened jar of magic blur cream

How to use L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur?

* Use small amount on targeted areas. In my case forehead and side nose areas and around lip area.

Notes :

* I use L'Oreal Revitalift before the sunscreen because to me it more like cream instead of cosmetic. If you think it otherwise can try to apply it after the sunscreen. Depends on your personal preference.

Reality testimonial :

* My skin feel like tingling sensation maybe because of Pro Retinol A is part of the ingredients. Please note The Revitalift series has that as ingredient.

* I can't use the Magic Blur cream too much because it will dried me up and it make my skin goes flaky. So I use small amount of this and the effect was just nice for me. 

* I only use it during day time.

tube of magic blur cream

I have drier eyes so since L'Oreal sent me something that can provide moisture on that area, I welcomed them with open hands!

I have been using L'Oreal REvitalift Magic Blur eye for more than 2 weeks now and it helps hydrate and soften the under eyes area before apply concealer.

I am glad to read ,L'Oreal Revitalift was formulated with Anti Aging Pro Retinol A , Vitamin C and Peptide for eye area improve puffiness and fine lines in long run. I am not sure whether this really works for me since I have been using for 2 weeks now and the visual results may not be so visible to show u all.

But the drying up around eye are seems improve but the fine lines still there. Maybe in long run it will helps.


L'Oreal Paris even gave me moisture lipstick which the color suit me well, blusher and the eyeliner which I can't use since its broke to complete my looks.

I think that eyeliner was broken during delivery. But its not a problem to me since I own L'Oreal eye liner myself. 


girl holding magic blur cream

girl holding tube of cream

See my fine line on eye are still visible but other area seems smoother.. I think this will take long run usage to see better result. As I mentioned before Magic is just a name. To me a good product always need to be used for long term to get better effect.

Will I continue to use this Magic Blur?

Of course! my fine line on my forehead is terribly visible without it.

My first question to myself in earlier post whether Blur Cream is a primer or a cream?

Well, its a bridge between skincare and cosmetics. Its effective on both ends since retinol as skin care and a priming effect that blurs out the imperfections. e.g. preserves foundation applied.

You can find more of Magic Blur information at

Interest to get your hands on L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur series?

You can bought it at Watson website and make use of RM10 Voucher which you can obtain it from that website too. Check out the price at Watson online store, for those interested. I am sure they have good savings promo going on for this item.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I was told by my friend that now China trend to wear bean sprout hair pin. I was  disbelief! Then start googling and found that it is real info.

Its tiny clip in bean sprout which give illusion that a tiny plant is sprouting from the head wearer. Well its not just  bean sprout. It can be mushroom, grass and flower. I called this flora and fauna trend then bean sprout.

People wearing bean sprout hair pins

I know..this may be the latest crazy beauty trend and guess what????? Even G Dragon from Big Bang has fallen victim to this antenna type flower hairpins. WTH!!!!

G Dragon updated his personal intagram on Aug 31st with Cherry and bean sprout hair accessory with caption saying, "You like? #Shanghai. "

Instagram post of a celebrity wearing bean sprout hair pin

How does this started?

I am not sure too. I read it somewhere , some says it originally started in the tourist areas of Chengdu,China.

Some claims this is inspire from Chinese cartoon called "Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf". One of the cartoon character apparently have sprout on top of his head same like this crazy trend in China now.

Head wearing bean sprout hair pin

Do you think this is craze by only women and kids?

Man wearing grass hair pin while talking on phone

Well...not true. In China, you can spot man sprouting their head too. Totally fashion victim huh!

2 girls wearing flower hair pins

What is you opinion to this latest trend?

Bean sprouts on the ground

Instead of wearing one sprout on your hair, just bring this to another level and make it more sprouts. One can even add some mushroom , grass and flower. The result , you can have a mini garden on top of your head. WTH! 

Whats next?
Waterfall and fountain on top of your head?

Hands holding up mushroom hair pins

The mushroom look adorable too.

For the sake of blogging and I was so bored to death last Sunday after being trapped in between of main door and grilled door with bags of rubbish....forgot my key ehhhh.

I don't think I wanna spend a penny of my hard earned money to sprout my head.

A bouquet of flowers

Poor table flower become my experiment victim.

Pins, flower and leaf

Cut off that grass and little white flower and 2 hair clips.

Girl posing with plant hair pin

WTH!!!! here we go....the sprout head. OMO!!!! imagine I browse this blog when I am 50 years old and sayssss......GOSH!!! I did this??? Speechless!!!

When do you think our budding entrepreneur going to sell it here?
Or is it now selling somewhere part of Malaysia and Singapore ?
I am not sure , if you spot it selling somewhere , will you buy and wear it? ngehehehe

When do you think can spot bean sprout on top of Malaysian and Singaporean head?

Is our fashionista here will be infected to this craze?

Latest news!!! China new trend to wear hairpin of cockroach, shrimp , roasted chicken wings,  even a fried egg and so on on top of their head. WTH! Seriously???
Look!!! what I found...

Girl wearing cockroach hair pins
image credit to google search

Girl wearing food hairpins
image credit to google search

fried egg hair pins

Seriously???? This is Madness!!!! is this fashion or simply out of ideas???

What's next? Poo series? Cow dung? Rocks and Stone series?

Disclaimer : All photos credit to google search images except for 3 which are my own.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Still in Singapore story!
When it come to theme reaction will be less excited. Why? This is kid place and also I hate crowded place.
I have an exception to experience it once in a life time. So, I visited to Universal Studio Singapore. Whether the ride thrill me???? Here I tell you my story...

woman with vitaminized drink

Gosh! I need to learn how to draw my eyebrow. Seriously, it look bald! I don't even pluck out the 'bulu'. This must be the case of falling eyebrow not the falling hair. haih!!!!

I woke up in the morning with very fresh face. Even drank Vitamised Water to start my well prepared.

Universal Globe

That Universal Globe is a bit difficult to take good photo. My photo skill so OUT!!! Have to wait evening time for less crowd posing around this globe.

When I reached this place around 10am, the weather was freaking hot. Looking at the crowd...fear me! I already targeted certain main attractions. Its all about planned...chewwwaaahhh!!! Do you think it will be according to my plan?

Sci-Fi City

1st - Sci Fi City

* Battlestar Galactica : Human (Red Track)

- seated roller coaster twists, turns and propels you over 14 storey into the air.

* Battlestar Galactica : Cyclon (blue Track)

- Suspended roller coaster goes up, around and upside down with an intense corkscrew and cobra roll

I didn't go for roller coaster first because people warned me this should be the last just in case you have nausea after the ride. So save that nausea the last...


* Transformers The Ride : The ultimate 3D Battle

- I was so excited because from outside look like not people. So thought the waiting time is so'zero'. But hey...walked inside the queue was like ...WTH!!!! almost 1 hour indoor queuing. I hate! I hate! I hate! I really don't know it will be like this one. 

What will you experience in this Transformer ride?

You will join Optimus Prime and the Autobots as freedom fighter. You have wear 3D Glass then sit on the car and join the battle. Haihhhh!!!! I thought I will scared....but serious no feeling. Not even a sound came out from me. I think I was so upset about queuing for long time.

Queue for almost one hour and the ride just like blink of eyes. WTH!

Revenge of The Mummy poster

2nd Ancient Egypt

* Treasure Hunters

- Young explorers can drive their own dessert jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation cave.

The queue was long too here and I saw the jeep was damn slow...Gosh! that will test my patient to the next level. I think I can lose myself here. So skip!

Egyptian jackal guardian statues guarding a tomb

* Revenge of the Mummy

You will plunge into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you came face to face with warrior mummies and scarab beetles.

Well..I took this one and the queue was lesser here. hehehehe...feel more relax .

My experience? Wear 3D Glass again and sat on a high speed roller coaster which iclude certain dramatic acceleration , climbing , filing , dropping and backwards motion. Still no thrill feeling for me. Not even a sound of excitement! haih! I am so hard to pleased! 

Jurassic Park

3rd The Lost World

* Canopy Flyer

I took this one. Very long queue too here. More than an hour. Killing me killing me but the 'make it worth of money' mind really make me wait in the line.


Well just a ride and enjoy a prehistoric bird's eye view as you soar over Jurassic Park. Haihhhh!!! no feeling at all.

* Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Here you will enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats.Bring own rain coat or you will be the unlucky one soaking wet here. WTH! I got wet half bottom because the water got into the raft.

Got others too but I think more kiddo rides. So that doesn't interest me at all.

water theme park

* Water World

I joined this show late afternoon. It was a live show where a group of 'Ang Moh' do the stunt act which include explosives and so on. Watch out on  where you seat. Read what written on your seat or you will soaking wet. They will splashed you with water where you don't need to get anymore shower after that.hahahaha...


Far Far Away

Many attractions here but only join one.
I only join this out of my boredom. It was so hot and need something indoor.

* Shrek  4-D Adventure

You need to wear 4-D glass then sit on the motion chair and feel the movement. Be prepared to get sprayed by water when the donkey sneeze. So Dirty!!!!

Shrek and fairy tale characters

castle surrounded by vines

roller coaster

I took the roller coaster at the Sci Fi after 2 hours plus queue. Serious no feeling at all. While others was screaming and arggghhh!!! arghhhh!! Whoaaahhhhh!!! me ? I was like ...haihhhh! WTH! No joke! I am not trying to boast out but no feeling at all which worries me too.

So... people!!! if you wanna visit USS make sure you afford to purchase VIP ticket for the early ride privilege and cut down the queuing time. Ride and have fun like the rich ...k!


I took this Madagascar ride the last. Here I screamed because of that water fall. WTH!!!!

Universal Studios Singapore

Great once in life time experience though!!!!

crowd of people

Thought this place going to be empty after sunset. Serious!!! outside was swarmed of people. huhuhuh.. really know how to enjoy la this people.

crowd of people

Time to go back to Lavendar and straighten up my crocked feet.

Never try never know...I thought I am a scare cat since I am easily jumped for loud noise and so on. I was surprise with my own reaction to all rides at USS.

Whether I want to go to Disneyland HK or Tokyo for this? mmmmmm...I think many other place will interest me. At least I tried!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I was in Singapore for short trip during 58th Independence day weekend. I have appointments line up on Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. Sort of work and play trip. WTH!

Support for the change my style to Singapore by Jetstar. Whatever it is ...I wish those in power to manage the country with integrity. Even the immigration Uncle at Changi Airport told me to spend well since our currency is so much....OUT OF LINE! Uncle! I money so small here. isk isk isk isk... 

I don't mind working and live in Singapore if I have opportunity here. WTH! Feeling like migrating just like a bird!

Standing for almost one hour in line just to buy The Singapore Tourist Pass. Gosh!!! too many people. I bought 3 Days Pass for SGD30 which SGD10 refundable rental deposit. Not bad...weiiiiii since I will be going on and off MRT. This Singapore Tourist Pass is unlimited travel on Singapore basic bus services,MRT and LRT trains.

I think this way more economical for people who are from 'small money' country. WTH! 

I head straight to meeting place at Raffle Place from Changi Airport and only check in to my hotel at Lavendar after that. Weather was so freaking hot and made me feel tired since I took early morning flight on that day.

Late afternoon, I took MRT to Raffle Place again and walked along the area and head towards Marina Bay Sands. hehehehe Casino time??? WTH! Nayyyyy!!! money too small to gamble  and knowing what is my luck like...mmmmmm...slim chance to even double up but 'fat' chance to make it went straight into without any return. WTH!

Weather? Gosh!!! heat went through the skin. Hot! hot! hot! but the desire to visit my dream Avatar Tower over the heat!

'Curi curi masuk' inside my dreams hotel ladies....I really wanna stay a night at this place. Ah! this place smells so good!The Fullerton Bay Hotel. Not that I can't afford but my affordability to stay here will make me let go on other things. So...since I am mature enough to think on the consequences.....mmmmmmI will stay here maybe next year. Lets make this dreams come true soon. Meantime , try to make that small to big. kekekeke...

Still strolling around this place...and apparently they have sort of marathon and mini concert went on here. So happening! This is what you call multi racial and multi cultural co exist. No race or religion separate us.Some even wore T Shirt with 'Fight against racism!'

Finally , i manage to get selfie with that building behind me. One mission accomplished. After long and exhausting walk. feet is killing me. Make me wonder, how much time I have left? sob sob sob...

I went for Japanese food for my late evening meal. WTH! Short called Dinner la....

Then continue with my strolling and get to witness sunset in Singapore. WTH...Beautiful scene with Lotus pond view too.

A bit lost...trying my best to find way to Avatar Tower. At the end really clueless and asked people. 

Yeay! found the magical tower!!!!! Getting dark soon...I need to hurry up! Brave among all those swarm of people. At this point feel dizzy. I really hate crowded place. Really make me feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Getting near too....yeayyy!!!!

This place is so magical at night with more than 1 million plants from 5,000 species. Gardens by the Bay. Those towers inspire from Avatar movie. Night time they will do the light show.

Most people lie down on the pavement to watch the dancing lights while listening to lovely song compilation! I really love this magical moment. Next time come here, I will bring some soft pillow with me. This time I only use my sling bag for my head.

If you are visiting Singapore, never ever miss this amazing lighting show. There are many other attraction near by such as Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and many more.

My initial plan to get on Ferris Wheel but my feet wanna retire the night. I don't even know what strength do I use to get myself back to hotel. isk isk isk...

If you watch 'Hitman' movie, you will get to see Flower Dome. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Yeayyyy!!! School Holiday soon... Special Announcement to all!!!! 


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