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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This is where people who wanna turn over a new leaf. Ahaaaaaa.....
People are talking about eat healthy, eat clean and bla bla bla bla...
Some people will while you can. Maybe no more tomorrow and die with regret. WTH!

Well...eating healthy is not that easy if you live in the land of food paradise like Malaysia. Goodness sake! the temptation is horrendous!

Anyway for those who don't know about eating healthy or clean or lean or whatever it is..does not mean bland food or little food. I tried before and I lose 5 kg with that and I still eat deliciously.

To me, eat healthy is fresh food with moderate portion.

Salad is one of option for you. I love salad so much. that I back up 5kg...(gosh!!!! I am like a hyppo now) Too many delicious food, so end up sweep everything to my belly. WTH!

Time to eat fresh and clean. I back up on treadmill after retire for a month. WTH! Thats explained the pot belly and 5kg up.

Just in time, worthy book contacted to review their latest baby ...Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015/2016. This voucher book full of ready to tear discounts which worth over RM20,000 on fashion beauty and wellness.

Vouchers caught my eyes and consume immediately is Salad Atelier.


This place is just behind my office. Located at The Weld , Jalan Raja Chulan. This cheerful cafe caters salad, juice and smoothies for health conscious patron. You can choose fresh salads, oak leaves, pumpkin, tofu, smoked salmon, chicken breast and many more fresh food to choose. Then top it with choice of dressing like sesame, peanut, honey balsamic and others.

mixed crisp lettuce, avocado, grilled eggplant, quinoa, pumpkin, tofu, sesame seed dressing

My choice for that day...mixed crisp lettuce, avocado, grilled egg plant, quinuo, pumpkin, tofu, and many more with sesame seed dressing. Perfect lunch for me. Feel refreshing after the meal.I guess this food make it easier to digest.

receipt and discount vouchers

Normal price RM17.90 for adult bowl and with worthy book vouchers....hehehehe it cost me only RM10.00 per bowl.

discount vouchers

Tadahhhhhh.... save my vouchers for 'no time' day. 'Got time ' day means...I prepare my own salad bowl from home.

worthy book ladies edition May 2015 - 30 Apr 2016

Check out worthy book ladies edition May 2015 - 30 Apr 2016.
Don't expect freebies inside this book but I could say you save a lot from this book and it really worth it!

Official website :
Facebook :


  1. Love the salad it looks so healthy and yummy with richness of all veggies. This is my kind of a perfect lunch.

  2. Healthy living and healthy diet wow! Nice book looks really useful.

  3. I have the previous book, the coupons is really worth it!

    Kolin zainal

  4. healty salads... i dun like healthy salads

  5. wow salad, its healthy meal indeed. Saw this worthy book selling in 7-11 the other day.

  6. It's good to save with coupons but I always forgot to bring it along with me. :P

  7. How nice.. I would love to have one of those as well.. Huhuhj

  8. They sending me their book, which is going to expired very soon... I didn't use any of the vouchers.. :p

  9. I haven't even start use! Haha it looks like a good saving for a healthy meal =D

  10. worthy book, i heard of them the moment they started in KL,but havent tried yet. thanks for sharing

  11. I love salad, definitely i would love to have one of those too

  12. I love salad too...all kinds of salad am happy to enjoy & eat them all : ) How to get the worthy book to enjoy the many many vouchers inside?? Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  13. Saw this book the other day. was so tempted to get it! AHHH! Share more please! :D

  14. Oh it's the latest Worthy Book edition! Looks so cool. Who doesn't love discounts? :P

  15. awesome! hope they still have worthybook program next year :)
    Really save alot with it.

  16. Oh? The book gives discount vouchers? That's pretty interesting.

  17. I've been hunting for salad bars now more than anywhere else! Haha . The salad looks good!

  18. i didn't know there's food vouchers inside this book if you didn't post about this, i would have thought it is meant for only beauty products

  19. Ehhhh.... Thought the ladies edition will not include food~ I had the 2014/2015 version. I shall check this 2015/2016 version soon.

  20. i didn't know that they had the food ones! not bad .

  21. Love salads & of course, those coupons too! Hahaha! xoxo

  22. im a complete salad person! n omg! those coupons!

  23. I saw this coupon book at book shop before, but I didn't know it's so good! Thanks for sharing! =)

  24. I''ve been wanting to try this place for ages. Think will check it out after this post. thanks!

  25. The salad looks delicious. Coupons are a great way to save. Everything is so mahal these days! :P


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