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I started my journey to the Northern part of Thailand on 1st Jan 2016. Landed in Chiangmai , Thailand around 8:40am on that day and went straight to Pai which took around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City. 

I reached Pai late afternoon due few stop at some attractions. Check in to hotel and heard the news my last sis involved with car accident. Its a mixture feelings of New Year start for me.

I try to remain calm and think of way to solve the problem involve one at the time. I am the car owner of that car. haihhhhh....

Anyway, life need to move on. I am far away and the only I can do is to pray...nothing serious happened to her. 

I cover up my worrisome feelings at Pai Night Market and eat my heart out! WTH! Such a great excuse to eat more ...huhuhuh..

I visited Night Market at Pai, Sunday Night Market in Chiangmai and Night Market at Mae Hong Son.

Among all these three market...I would recommend Night Market at Pai and also Sunday Night Market in Chiangmai.

I found that food in Pai surprisingly good. For Muslim travelers won't problems in finding suitable food at all. Reason being there are many Hui People, the Muslim population who settle down here in Pai. Their food is delicious too and the specialty is Rotis.

I temporarily decided not to think about what happened back home and just bring out the glutton side of me...and eat delicious food caught my eyes. WTH! 

Khanom Jeen with chicken

Yunan delicacies at Pai Night Market, Khanom Jeen with Chicken. Its a rice noodles (taste like laksa noodles to me) with little gravy which a mixture of sour and spicy. Just like the asam laksa without fish added. Refreshing taste and just like eating rice noodles salad. Oh! I didn't mentioned one need to enjoy the food here like having buffet standing. Buy and eat immediately or while walking to window shopping.

fried chicken

Nearby this Yunan stall there is this man sells fried chicken. Since this is halal one...I tried this one. Gosh! no regret. I kind of like the taste. The batter is crispy and chicken meat is nice too.

seafood on grill

Next is this must try grilled squid. Choose the squid and the lady will grilled it for you. It served with spicy bird eye chili sauce and lettuce. The sauce super spicy and for those who can't take spicy food...hehehe can cry eyes out! Grilled squid spicy salad. Great appetizer for the night!

Thai dumpling with coconut filling

The same grilled squid stall sells this 'kuih' . Look like our 'onde onde' or 'buah melaka' here in Malaysia. Instead of just green color they make it colorful but with red bean, black sesame filing. Nice one!

Pothold Dumplings

My favourite among all when I was in Chiangmai, Pothold Dumplings. It taste really fluffy soft a bit sweet with coconut milk , sprinkle of spring onion and rice flour. One look a bit like our 'kuih cara' here in Malaysia. Different kind but same species...I guess..eheh?

Khoa Puk

A must try if you happen to be in Chiangmai is the real dessert or snacks of Chiangmai call Khoa Puk. Its flatten black glutinous rice grilled then sprinkle of sesame seeds powder and some condensed milk. Not bad! Worth to experience it.

fried insects

For those who are more daring for bizarre delicacies. You can try fried worms and other insects. Big no for me!

rice crackers

Rice crackers is good snack to try too. I kind of love to much this too. WTH!


Bought some herbs and spices cashew nuts from this nuts seller. Not bad though. Mine came with some kaffir lime leaves and some cajun spices. Great snacks for my long day trip.

green tea brownies

Dessert for the night is this green tea brownies. A bit in sweet side to me but still a must try since its deliciously home baked.

cape gooseberries

I found this cape gooseberries for 30 Baht. I grabbed it for instant because they sell it expensive here in Malaysia. I always wanted to try this. Its like cherries tomoatoes in the inside. Taste a bit sour and lil sweet.

I really enjoy Pai Night Market and delicious food here. I was here for only one night! It was a love night walking and enjoy the street buffet.

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