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Continuation to my previous post about Night Market at Pai which situated around 3 1/2 hours drive from Chiangmai City, this is about the famous or Sunday Walking Night Market at Chiangmai city itself.

The Sunday Walking Night Market runs through the centre of the Old City along Rachadamnoen Road which start from The Phae Gate to the Police Station.

Seriously happening here. It start at 5pm to 10pm. My advice to start early like around 6 - 7pm. The crowds is seriously getting crazier around 8pm onwards. You barely move with all those curious tourist. You will be sandwiched in the sea of people.

Again, I don't even bother about any knick knacks or whatsoever. My main focus is just food and food and food again. WTH! Too many inexpensive delicious nibbles to main meals to choose. 

I tried new street food which is pretty much out of curiosity of the taste. WTH! Nothing to lose since its really inexpensive and just my belly getting bigger. DAMN!!!

Kanom Ba-Bin delicacy

I started with Kanom Ba - Bin which I mistakenly with the PotHold 'kuih' ate at Pai Night Market. Damn! wrong...this is just cold coconut 'kuih'. Don't like it at all. I wish its hot. Some more too much for me to finish plus not delicious. haihhhh!!! I wanna save my stomach for other delicious things. This is just the beginnning some more.

Gac fruit

Next saw this vendor sells ' fruit juice from heaven ' with this weird looking fruits on display. I saw this fruit when visited Hanoi few years ago. mmmm....never thought this is from heaven. kekekeke... I was told it call Jackfruit which I don't believe thats the real name because I know how Jackfruit look like. Cheh! After chicken and duck talk with the vendor, found this fruit call Gac Fruit. 

Gac is a Southeast Asian fruit which can be found from Southern China to Northeastern Australia, including Thailand, Laos , Myanmar , Cambodia and Vietnam.

Chinese call it Mubieguo and in other place call it red melon, baby jackfruit, spiny bitter gourd and many more depend of region. 

I personally love the orange color of this fruit. Since its orange in color this fruit is rich in beta carotene (pro vitamin A).

I was told among Benefits of Gac fruit :

* Lower blood pressure
* Lower cholestrol
* reduces sugar in blood
* against diabetes
* against prostate cancer
* treats 1 phase cancer.

Gosh! no wonder it call fruits from haven.

The vendor told me this fruit has no taste by itself so the juice she is selling mixed with passion fruits. Taste of the juice? More to passion fruits! I don't know what is the real taste of this Gac fruit by itself.

seafood on a grill

After all those appertiser, time for main course. Ngeeeeee...I found this vendor selling grilled seafood plater. Bought it to eat while standing. This is night market la...where got space to sit one! Delicious main course and super cheap price to get well seasoned squids, clams, mussels, prawns.

collage of food

They also sell that snails which I don't try. It look like 'siput babi'. Damn!

Miang Kham, Thailand

I finished my main course grilled seafood plater deliciously. Next to clean that seafood smells linger in my mouth. Then found this mid age man selling this 'miang kham' aka Leaf Wrapped Bites.

I was told Miang Kham direct translation is 'eating many things in one bites' and a must try food if you are in northern Thailand.

It's Cha Plu leaf (similar to betel and in Malay community we call it 'Daun Kaduk')  wraps peanuts, ginger , chillies, shallots, green mango and onions.

The 'ang mo' who is queuing ahead of me describe it taste sweet, spicy and very addictive and that fella ordered for 5 sticks. Oh! it must be really delicious then.

 To me it more like a snacks. It taste is something you will get hooked on it and very addictive. True enough. I bought one stick which consist 3 wraps and the next thing I know I was lining up for another 2 sticks. suck up with this 'Miang Kham'! I want more and more...


fried mussels

My dessert for the night is fluffy cashew nuts butter waffles and finished my supper with this fried mussels. Burppppp!!!! My walking street buffet end here. Thats what I can eat for that night. I wish I can stuff more. Damn!!!!

I feel ashamed of myself if I talk about losing weight now. haih!

Pad thai

End of the streets while walking towards the hotel saw people sells 'pat thai'. 

pad thai condiments

Many 'ang mo' eat this dish. They added sugar, , crushed peanuts, coarse chilli in it.

spice and herbs tea in bamboo containers

If you in Chiangmai, its a must to try this spice and herbs tea in bamboo container. I chose hot lemon grass tea and its my favorite through out my stay in Chiangmai.

Three Kings Monument

On the way back to hotel saw this Three Kings Monument nearby this Night market. I have read about it. Nice place to visit at night too. hahahaha since I saw many people dating here. kekekeke... many love scene going on and full of love.

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