Monday, February 15, 2016


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Last Christmas, I was at The Face Shop looking for gel to heal my ugly hyper-pigmentation spot. I end up bought myself this awesome The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 

Yup! you read it right, this is not sponsor review. I bought it from my hard earned money and review it for benefit of my readers. So this is totally independent review and please read it without doubt. Ahaks! :)

As advertised it seems this thing is for hot weather which is like our country , Malaysia. Two key features are HIGH COVERAGE and BRIGHTENING. Well ...this is the features that drawn me to buy this that day. WTH!

The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion comes in two shades :

* V201 - Apricot Beige which is in lighter shade
* V203 - Natural Beige is for the darker shade.

Since I am at that darker shade skin tone ..WTH! so I bought V203.

Oh! forgot to tell you that another claim is The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion can keep your skin moisturizing for 25 hours.

So lets test this 25 hours...and see whether it last without any touch up for at least 12 hours. don't expect me not go to sleep just to test it 25 hours right? or me go to sleep without remove this from my face right? 

haihhhh!!!! as much as I wanna do an honest review for you...I won't jeopardize my beautiful skin for your sake. DUH!!!! hehehehehe

coffee bean and tea leaf

I was invited to attend some event by Sg Wang Plaza and Park Royal , Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon and evening. So , I decided to go out early in the morning. I went for breakfast around 8am at The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf. Then off to watch movie. If I am not mistaken that time I watch Star Wars.

After the awesome movie date, I went straight to the event at Sg Wang Plaza. After enjoying the awesome flash mob dance and shopping around at flea market, I off to next event which was a party sponsored by ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur. 

woman in Santa hat

I don't do any touch up at all for this afternoon event and my skin still well covered.Not oily at all. Awesome right? I really love this since this is perfect to wear during long hours flight. Say is a late night flight and reach the next country at early hours skin remain moisturize this way. 

WHOAAAAA!!!! I don't even need a liquid BB or CC Cream with me.

I was walking to the next annex building and it was raining. Gosh! this thing work wonder...its water proof too. My skin still well covered too. WTH!


It was around 7:30pm after my last event...walauweeiiiii...look at my skin without any touch up since early morning. Still awesome and pretty!  Awwwww!!!! Happy weiii!!! No need to do that troublesome girly touch up...just to look good. By the time I reached home is around 9:30pm and my skin still perfect , not even oily or dry. DAEBAK!

My verdict to The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion - I love it and totally recommended for those who find its troublesome to do that girly touch up. Oh! did I mentioned it has UV filters for sunscreen protection too and most important it does not have that ugly flakes on your skin.

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