Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I was recently recalling back the memories of 20 years ago, when first came to work in KL. Those days just a fresh young starter. No car to drive to work. No such thing as building up career because I don't have privilege to even think about that! I only work and earns to survive and help my family financially.

My greatest challenges in KL those days was commuting to work and other places. Not sure whether any of you remember that MADNESS PINK COLOR MINI BUS? I don't see that anymore.

I was one of those 'lucky' one who risked life and limb sit...errrkkk..mostly stand pack like overloaded sardines in the can. It sounds absurd. That notorious pale pink mini bus brought me to places.

Same goes with shabby, run down and smelly Metro Bus. Did I mentioned the anger management issue and high competitive driver too?

I have few bitter sweet experience with those two transportation.


I have chance risking my life standing by the edge of the staircase while the maniac driver not sure whether those driver was sober while driving over the road concrete slab to avoid the staggering, infuriating and miserable crawl along KL roads. Serious! I feel like a 'Stunt Girl' risking my life to go to work. No BB or CC Cream. We only have liquid foundation. By the time I reached office my dark skin became darker ever with all dusk sticking on my face. Am I ready to work. By the time I reach work place, even my dress look like a crumple paper. Haihhhhhh...this is the time most people like me wish to be born in rich or at least well to do family. isk isk isk..


Gosh! super embarrassing for this one. Most of the time end up standing on this bus. I end up landing on one old man lap when the bus did the emergency brake. Aihhhhh!!! That old man screamed like one big hyppo just fall to his lap. Ishhhh... like I am going to get down at the next stop. But still long way to go. Got up and pull straight face . Say sorry and pretend nothing happen. choice!


Most of the time I will board the bus at very early morning to go to work to avoid late comers penalty. So I was like forcing myself to wake up as early as 5:00am sometimes even at 4:00am to get on the first bus. Most of the time I end up sleeping while the bus waiting for other passenger to board in before start the day. This is in Metro bus. There was one time when the fares collector came to me ..I blurted out something that made me wanna get down the bus for instant or even wish to turn back time. 

I said...'One Ice Lemon Tea'! You know what reply I gotten from that fares collector at that time?

"Sis! do you need 'Roti Telur' too?" Everybody in the bus laugh like mad at me ! WTH

Haihhhh...this is the time I wish to bury my head down in the ground like an ostrich!


Most of the public transport those day was not even on schedule. Travelling back home after work is like pain to my leg. Its like endless waiting. I woke at very early in the morning and end up reach home like almost midnight just because of that poor ethic of the driver plus the traffic crawl. Madness!!!! Earn for a living those days seriously hard at least for me.


Some people less concern on surrounding and end up board the bus without even wash themselves. Haihhhhhh... you imaging end up standing under smelly armpit fella. Yuckkkksss!!!!  I am not that tall woman myself. It seriously a smells galore with a blend of smoke and sweat. I could describe my expression was like stinks to "high heavens"!

At this time, I wish somebody could invent some spray to neutralizing this bad odor.


DOM or Dirty Old Man and those 'sex manic' was like everywhere and everyday.If you are not careful you will feel the hand squeezing your breast or even a hard erected willy behind your back. Ewwwwww!!! For woman just beware and act rough. I guess my strong character helps with this. 


Remember when 'Hari Raya' coming! I will be queuing even before 'Fasting Month' start just for bus ticket to go back home. There was one time the original bus which suppose to bring back home change to school bus. I bought express bus ticket. End up travel for more than 6 hours to reach home town in Taiping. Seriously the bus I board is just a regular yellow school bus. No air conditioning which left me baking hot in the bus The seat was like taking the horse ride. But to slower one. Not to mentioned the window got stuck and couldn't close during rainy day. Haihhhhh....the most tiring journey ever.

The Metro buses suppose to replace that terrifying mini buses. Unfortunately, no changed to commuters at all. The driver was like grumpy ex grand prix driver who drive like a 'kamikaze' style. Not to mentioned the horrible bus system too. If one took the wrong bus, one will end in Kepong when the original destination to Damansara.

I have fond memories of the nerve-jangling bus rides those days. When I was stuck in traffic jam while driving and saw those people who ride the bus, it remind me on those days.

I paid between RM0.60 to RM1.00 for bus fares. These days the fares much higher than that. Do you think the condition is far better? LRT and MRT? Do you think this transportation are any good with fares they charged? Will MRT solve the traffic problem?

What is your experience? Mind sharing?

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