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Friday, February 12, 2016


Be my Valentines...if you DARE! hehehehe...who will if the first sentence already sounds like a threat? huh?

No doubt! the fact that we are human with feelings to be love and love somebody.

When I was in Pai early this year, coming to this place was not even in my itinerary, though heard about this place before and I thought this is just another ordinary coffee house.

The driver I hired  insist me to drop by after filing up my belly with big breakfast.  So glad..I came here.

I am a coffee lover myself but I didn't fall in love with coffee here. Oh! don't put off by the coffee or whatsoever. No matter what ...make sure to visit this famous place call coffee in love if you in Pai.

I fall in love with the beautiful view. The valley behind this place totally breathtaking. Such an awesome place to retire and live up the remaining golden years. Well..thats what I was thinking when I witness this awesome view. Everything like the fairy tale books I read during my childhood time.

Oh! dear..I think I fall in love with this place. I imagine myself with my bun silver hair feeding milk cow, harvest lettuce, raspberry and strawberry from my own garden.

Then bake bread for my sandwiches meal.mmmmmm....this sounds good huh?

I would plant the colorful cosmos flowers , orchids and roses around my lil cottage by the valley.Oh! such a sweet dream , I have here...mmmm...sounds like a beautiful plan coming up!

Back in Malaysia, I quickly look up to purchase piece of valley land near Pai. Ngeeeeee...can buy the land but the problem is....gosh!!!! I need to train myself to camp on my own land. 
Now I started to imagine myself with sleeping bag and pot of ramen. Otteoke! 

Hehehehe...not enough money to build the house ..duh!!!! Oh gosh! I am such a dreamer!

I told one of my friend on my dream to settle down my golden years time in Pai. He was ...WHAT??? How to visit you with all those sharp curves all the way up to this place? Not to mentioned the airfares alone are too costly? 

Friend : I thought you told me you are going to settle down in Jeju Island then becoming that female diver and sell oyster.

Me was like...errrkkkkk?

Me : Did I? know what? Recently, I went to Lexis and I just found out that I unable to float and way beyond diving. So will be difficult for me to find oyster in that situation not floating and also dive condition...right?

He was like.....aihhhh!

Friend : you this also can ar? from the sea and now up to mountain.  why so fickle one?


So..starting this year I am saving up to buy property in Pai , Thailand for my retirement preparation. My friend was like...Oit! Cindy... Oit! what is next from you??? Such a dreamer!!!

huhuhuhu... oh my friend just wait until I buy one and let us see who is that dreamer? I really wanna stay here.

Owhhh...was thinking to learn some baking too. I need to earn for my living. Maybe a small homestay with sweet lil cafe.

Believe it or not???? The photo above..if you see the bottom right..that was taken in this place toilet? No wonder the person ahead of me took super long time in this place. She must be busy selfie inside here.

Cuppa coffee here...even though not so delicious but the view make everything superlicious.

Talking about weekend full of love...Happy Lovey Dovey Weekend my dear friends!

I am in love with this place. My focus now to retire here at beautiful place called Pai. Who time I will be updating my blog from this beautiful place call Pai?


  1. Aww, i love that youre spreading so much love in this post. hehe. Have a lovely weekend Cindyrina <3

  2. I can imagine myself in that place too. It would be very comfy and breezy. I wish i have more money to buy property like these.

  3. Pai is really a lovely place :) i love to visit that beautiful place too.

  4. lovely place! would love to visit soon!

  5. wow this place is so natural. I love it, wish to bring the family there one day

  6. I think this is the perfect place for honeymoon hehehe

  7. Such nice environment! The feeling must be very relaxing to dine in that cafe!

  8. Ohmy! I wanna be at this place. right. now. T3T

  9. The more we see, the more we love these places created by God. Hence, travellers can never decide where to eventually settle down!

  10. thanks for sharing this post as I read it, it recalled my enjoyable travel journey at Pai many years ago :) Pai is a beautiful, relax and nice place to visit :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. nice place to visit. Shall let my friends know of this nice place for honeymoon.

  12. love is in the air. love your photos very much.

  13. Wow I m going to fall in love with this palace called Pai too. Its so natural and life seems to be so simple and happy there. I need to visit Pai.

  14. ah such beautiful scenery. tops any nice hotel stay any time in my book.

  15. Oh my gosh.. I also want to retire in Pai... but I must go make more money and save some up first... you are so right... it is just so gorgeous and have such a mythical fairy tale feel to it....

  16. I want to visit Pai and Chiang mai next time =D Love the natural view and fresh air there!

  17. Pai certainly is very romantic and serene. Perhaps another add to the bucket list. Now have to find and save more money to enjoy the trip

  18. such a nice place with breathtaking scenery! I would love to pay a visit at PAI one day:)

  19. Pai is a new place for me as didnt know about it but looks so scenic and away from the busy city life.

  20. such a beautiful and lovely place.. people should go there this valentine's day. eh wait its tomorrow!

  21. The straw humans are freaking me out! But on a serious note, seems like a good place to get away from the bustle of the city. Nice find. :)

  22. It's great to have dreams! And you're starting to save so that's taking action! I hope you retirement plans in Pai will happen. Such a gorgeous place! Invite me if you again ya

  23. The view is so awesome with lots of greens, wish I can be there too one day :)

  24. What a beautiful place to retire in. Aah...I am so in love with it now after seeing your photos and reading your description! We probably can buy our own land, and I'm thinking, a container home - this, we can!

  25. That's my dream now too. To buy a land in Pai, Thailand! Cheers

  26. Where is Pai???? Looks like a really great place for a staycation or weekend getaway!


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