Monday, March 28, 2016


Chiangmai nick name is "The Rose of the North" which suit the name very well. This beautiful city pack with natural wonder and history. You can look forward to visit the ancient city with fresh air to breathe.

1. Beautiful view

Chiangmai full of nature beauty. You can imagine visiting to ancient Thai city within lush green rain forest with magnificent waterfalls, exotic animals and rich ecosystems.Mother nature is close to you with a beautiful view from the Gate of Himalayan Alps.

2. Ancient City

Chiangmai was known as ancient Lanna Kingdom. This city is unique that it walled city surrounding still remain until now. The moat surrounding still strong intact!

3. Delicious Thai Feast

You won't go hungry if you are here. You can taste and eat the mouth watering exotic Thai food till your heart content. Oh! if you can't take spicy food, you can request for mild one.

4. Fabulous Ancient Temples

This place have around 300 Buddhist temples for you to explore. Most temples are from few centuries ancient built with full of historical story behind it existence.

5. Shoppers Haven

Lovely craft, accessories, souvenirs and textiles with great bargain waiting for you at night bazaar and market place.

6. Ethnic Tribes

Many ethnic tribes residing in lush jungle in Northern Thailand. They still live in traditional ways for many generations and you can visit their village to learn their way of living surviving in nature.

7. Evolving City 

Though this city known as ancient city , it evolve through out the times without compromising its old tradition. It sort of a mixture of old and modern beliefs which more toward traditional contemporary which make it more applicable to live in.

Still not convince ? Book your ticket to Chiangmai and experience it yourself ! You won't regret the experience...

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