Friday, April 1, 2016


First of all,  I need to express my respect for those who quit job and travel full-time! 

I would say many people out there especially the young one dreaming to quit their job and pack their bag for a long time. But hey! how many of  us have the luxury to do that? 

For those who are thinking to quit job , please consider the flip side and the realities before you make that life time decision. 

1. Travelling costs money

Well travel is not a free things. Even if you are super duper budget conscious travellers, you still need money to pay for it! All of us need money to live and survive in this world. 

2. Fix place to come back

I have read many people quit job, sold off everything like car, apartment and others just to travel full time. If travelling means you need to give up everything? What if things don't work out the way you wanted? Is travelling is a gambling sort of your life as a bet ? Even if you decide to pack you back and travelling for won't be travelling until your golden years, right? To me it is a good feeling if I have my own space to return to at the end of trip. 

3. Travel Blog not a ticket to travel for free

No such thing as free lunch! As many of wannabe travel bloggers out there think the beautiful life to be a full time travel blogger, many don't know the other side of the door story. Those travel bloggers only paint you the happy story but many don't tell the truth the trouble behind that beautiful travel photos. Which airlines, hotels and travel company willing to sponsor your travel for FREE? If there are....don't you think you still need to do some job in return for this huge favour ? How about your pocket money for food and other necessities purchase ? Where are you going to dig this ? Do you know that the competition to get travel sponsorship is very fierce in blogging industry?

4. Unclear Dream

I often read people who give up their corporate job quit the job and be own boss and some just want to work at various location freely. These people have some skills to live elsewhere. Do what they wants and still make money out of it! So if you think further, there is different between being a digital nomad and full time traveller. Which one you choose? Be a full time traveller or a nomad life or both? If you choose both still means you are a part time traveller then.... 

5. You shouldn't runaway from your life problem by becoming a full time traveller

Unsolved problems will follow you no matter where you run and how long you run from it! Own your problems and solve it! If you are not happy with your life, high chances you won't be happy while travelling too. Travel does not guarantee happiness.

6. Don't suffer to travel under tight budget

I never believe in budget travelling and I don't mean I travel luxury. Well...I wish to travel luxury but don't earn big money to do that. I just travel moderately without much of restraint. That is why , I will never reply  comments who ask me how much is my budget to travel or even how much I spend for my travelling. I know they asked me because they need the rough indication for travel savings. Travel budget is depends on individual personal preference. I am not that kind of person who can tolerate to sleep inside the container bedding like a coffin and live at the guest house sharing bathroom with a stranger. I normally pick the location to travel , plan and save to realise my  travel plan. I always believe that you shouldn't travel if you are going to suffer with tight budget. Not worth of life suffering! Its exciting when you do the planning and do own maths to travel.

Travel and see the world is a fun things to do in life. Fun is only part of your life not the whole lot of your life. What do you think? Do you think you can quit your job and be a full time traveller?


I know waking up at 5:00am everyday to work for 8:30am to 5:30pm isn't so glamorous, but I know the consistently of money coming in to bank accounts keeps me going. It makes my travel plan easier. Its exciting to plan for my next adventure filled days.Travel abroad to see other countries just part of my hobbies and make use of my yearly vacation off . I don't travel with tight budget and I don't travel luxurious too. I just travel suit to my travel funds which I allocated from my monthly earnings.

At the end of the day, I just have to make sure I don't live my golden years as a  poor woman!

p.s . For those who are now a full time traveller...CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You are living most of other people dream life. I bet you have done proper planning to achieve your dreams. This post is for young people out there. It is possible to be a full time traveller provided you build up strong financial base for yourself to live. Don't end up regretting the wrong turning because we can't turn back time.

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