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How many of you have heard about ampoule? 

Ampoule contains highly concentrated active ingredients which easily penetrate into skin.
Many thinks ampoule and serum is the same in fact both function is almost similar. Well they're not quite the same because the difference is the amout of active ingredients and the molecule size of the active ingredient and its size is smaller than in the serum.

Conclusion is ampoules are more potent than serums!


My skin condition was terrible when I just came from Taiwan trip. hehehehe...I tried to pack to minimal and end up with the only facial wash, toner and emulsion. No, moisturize or even eye gel. isk isk skin type is super dry too. So the result was that on the photo...super dry and rough skin.

box of ampoules

I was lucky to receive this sponsor from DocLab to try out Premium Face Ampoule which contains HA Hyaluronic Acid. Well..most of us know that HA Hyaluronic Acid helps to boost skin moisture and deep hydration. I was like YES!!!! this is what my skin need!

bottles of ampoules

Each box DocLab Premium Face Ampoule box contains 5 units x 2ml ampoules for face. The packaging is super air tight to maintain quality and effectiveness of ampoules.

poster on benefits of hyaluronic acid

How to use Face Ampoule?

* CLEANSE face  ----- TONER ------ AMPOULE ------- MOISTURISER

For better absorption, it is advisable to exfoliate your skin before applying.

When you apply ampoule onto skin please massage lightly to ensure effectiveness until you finish the whole bottle. Don't keep or whatsoever. Advisable to use until the last drop once you open the bottle.

Caution: If you have very sensitive skin it is advisable to apply ampoule on top of moisturiser for first time user. The reason is due to it highly concentrated nature.

There is a time when our skin at SOS condition, you can apply ampoule then follow up with mask for better absorption.

Can you apply serum and ampoule in the same skin routine?

Yes you can! The order will be as follows :


girl posing with ampoule

DocLab Premium Face Ampoule benefits :

* Boost up skin moisture and deep hydration with Hyaluronic Acid
* Restore skin suppleness and enhance elasticity with Collagen ingredients
* Helps to retexturise skin, improve in smoothen fine lines and its Ginseng extracts help to reduce wrinkles too.
* It has natural antioxidant and vitamin E for skin protection too.
* Hazel extract and Aloe Vera extract helps to soothe and refine skin  

opened bottles of ampoules

I was advice to use simple face massage techniques when applying DocLab Premium Face Ampoule to improve its efficiency.

Step 1

Pour an appropriate amount on palm and apply them on cheeks, chin and forehead the useful tips of your finger to massage the cheeks to ensure deep penetration of ingredients. Do this 3 times!

Step 2

Use middle and ring fingers to massage up from nasolabial folds to the ridge of nose

Step 3

Use all fingers tip and massage diagonally for deep penetration and do this 3 times!

Step 4

Make use of all you fingers tip and massage up the chin line to enhance penetration and the finish up with firm massage. Don't neglect your neck area too!


My experience after applying 4 bottles of DocLab Premium Face Ampoules...

I applied it every night and the effect is almost immediate. I could feel that my skin not dry anymore and have better absorption. This photo was taken this morning while at work! Healthier skin, right?


I don't need to apply anymore moisturiser or cream after apply the DocLab Premium Face Ampoules. This ampoules is rich enough for your skin and if you apply this ampoules in consecutive 5 days, you will see the best results on your skin. I feel the difference! Healthier and glowing than before.

Product Origin : South Korea

Price : RM138/ box (5 ampoule x 2ml)

How to purchase yourself box of DocLab Premium Face Ampoules?

Whatapps : Ms Lim at 019 2062386


  1. I have dry and sensitive skin.. SO good to know some of these info.. Thanks for sharing

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    much love,

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