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Most people visit Xi'an for Terracotta Warriors as a side trip from Beijing or Shanghai. The Holland man whom I met during lining up for Bus to Terracotta Warriors said he will only spend 2 days in Xi'an and off he move to another side of China. If I am not mistaken he is flying off to Kunming the day after.

I visited Xi'an after my interest historical and cultural in Tang , Ming and Qing Dynasty. I even watch the 95 episodes of Three Kingdom at youtube. WTH! 
If you read , Xi'an has more than 6,000 year history and the old name of this city is Changan and there have been a traced of 13 dynasty here.

I could say if you are just visiting Xi'an as side trip from Beijing or Shanghai, it is possible to cover the general tourist attraction in Xi'an within 3 - 4 days. AirAsiaX have a direct flight to Xi'an from Kuala Lumpur so you can plan a week getaway trip there.

Ready to use itinerary in Xi'an :

Day 1 (Full day)
* City Wall - Rent a bicycle and expect at least 3 hours here. Buy some apples or fresh dates or bread for picnic.
* Shanxi Museum - this place is outside city wall. I will write about how to go to this place and avoid the long tremendous queue just for the entrance ticket in my later post.
* Wild Goose Pagoda - this place is outside city wall. You can visit this place after Shanxi Museum since its nearby.

Day 2 (Full day) - all this place mentioned is within the city wall and along the Muslim Quarters street. Just spend your days there. No energy you can go back hotel and rest. That is why it is important to stay near walking distance to Muslim Quarters.

* Drum Tower - you can start with this place first since it location just opposite Muslim Quarters.
* The Grand Mosque - Grand Mosque is just on left if you are the starting point of Muslim Quarters
* Muslim Quarters
* Gao Family Mansion - right in the middle of Muslim Quarter on your left hand side if you are coming from Drum Tower.

Day 3 (Full day)
* Terracotta Warriors
* Bell Tower - if you still have energy to walk after your day trip to Terracotta Warriors site. You can do this or may just skip and go to Muslim quarters for your early dinner street food feast.
* Explore Muslim Quarters

Seriously, I was at Muslim Quarters every day and night for food. I was hooked by this place. Of course my hotel is actually very nearby to this place and love the food so much. I will write dedicated Muslim Quarters food post which will make you all drools non stop. hahaha..EVIL ME!

If you have the 4th day to spare, it is possible to take a 30 minutes speed train to discover Mt Huashan and spend whole day climbing and taking cable car there. I bet the view from the top is awesome.I wish can do this but my leg does not permit me to do this. Taking too many staircase is totally not my style of travelling anymore. Haih!  *paiseh* at this age already have knee problem. I manage to catch a glimpse of this beautiful moutain from speed train window while riding my way back from Luoyang to Xian.

I took one hour speed train all the way to Luoyang and spend 3 Days / 2 Nights there exploring Old City , Tang Dynasty heritage park, Longmen Grottoes and Emperor Carriage Museum.

Then spend 1 day extra exploring Xi'an City walking freely at every alley near place I stay and I wish I  did it sooner. Love the surprise I found along the way!

Xi'an City Wall - on top where you can cycle for more than 2 hours. Very long track to cover. 2 hours won't be enough. I will write more in my single entry soon.

Surrounding City Wall is a beautiful park and comfy al fresco style tea house. Love the atmosphere here. I can spend the whole day here is its not because of the rain.

I will write another separate entry on Terracotta Warriors and you can find how to save money to visit this place on your own by bus rather than spend your money taking expensive day tour and you will end up feel obligation to shop rather than sightseeing. Not worth!

Remember the entrance fees is expensive and you have no way to escape that if you want to visit this place so you need to save on your transportation cost here.

Oh ya...I will also give you tips on how to avoid from getting yourself into fake bus to Terracotta Warriors. You may be in deep shit if you don't take extra caution on this. Chinese people live in a super duper competitive world. They will do whatever it takes and without mercy to dry your money out.  

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