Friday, June 23, 2017

Its all about that Raya cookies

Long time never write a random post like this.  Too many beauty review post. I also feel like wanna throw up to read my own blog. So called personal online diary. WTH! totally out of the original intention and full of advertisement. Haihhhh!!! well don't blame me. Suddenly become 'hot' blogger. kekeke..

Today is the last day of working before off for a long weekend festive holiday. I was working hard since morning today. WTH! I will be back to office on Thursday though. I have new opportunity appointment that day. ahahaha...cross my fingers and hope for luck! I won't put high hope. It suddenly came to me and to me no harm to get to know and explore if its suitable.

If you are asking me what is my preparation for 'Hari Raya' Celebration. Well nothing much. In fact there is no need to prepare anything. To me 'Hari Raya' Celebration is just to celebrate after 30 days of fasting. I don't even buy any 'raya' clothings. For what? I don't need one. I still look beautiful even without new clothes. kekekeke...narcissism syndrome. You wanna check out how beautiful I look?

Follow my instagram@cindyreena, you won't regret.(**wanna hide my face in the hole like ostrich**)

Well, for the sake of parent who still believe in the culture of celebration, I bought 2 jars of cookies. I opened to taste it one night and 'what the hell' it was so 'damn' good and I can't stop craving for more and more. I told my sister...I can't guarantee they can even taste the cookies I bought. Just pray hard to even taste one piece from this jar. Damn! losing 5kg in 30 days and I can tell you this will make me gain 10 kg in the next 30 days. Trust me! You will see the 'Hypporina' instead of 'Cindyrina'. Ommmaaa ya!!!!

At the end I store that 2 jars of cookies inside my wardrobe room and hide it among my clothes. I told 'Chingu' about me hiding the cookies. The comment I received, you can just buy another jar. Why taking risk hiding the jar and totally forgotten about it. Haihhhh! Chingu can I forgot about it when I keep on dreaming of the cookies every night. Buying another jar? Can't find that seller anymore. I bought it randomly and can't even remember from who. The label says just cookies. no contact or whatsoever. Haihhh...

Thinking about driving back to hometown at 3am tomorrow morning make me cringing 'horror'! Don't even wanna imagine the back to back traffic on the highway. I wish my hometown has a direct airport. Worst is I will be having this 'period pain' the whole journey. Not to mentioned the crowd and dirty Rest Area toilet? Ohhhhhhh....I feel like I have to go through all this??? For the sake of my parent!

I wish all of you 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' and Happy Holiday! Enjoy the celebration in your own ways! Don't overly prepare and just be moderate in everything. There are many others who can't celebrate. Be safe and stay humble!

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