Friday, June 16, 2017

Why Make Up to work is important?

When a woman improves her appearance, amazing thing happens to her. Trust me. Try it if you still stick to 'plain Jane look' or so called 'natural beauty look'.  Don't blame pretty woman to steal all the attention. They put their effort to look pretty.

Magic of Make up at work

1.Gain attention

People around you will start to notice and listen to you. Recognition will comes along.

2. Confidence grows

You feel good and confidence will starts to build up. You will do good in work.

3. Insecurity falls away

You feel more self assured, courageous and feel like everything with a click of fingertips.

Imagine yourself comes to work to face your colleague who have a messy hair, oily or dry face , chapped lips and looking pale. Make thing worst she don't even pay attention to wear nice clothes.Will you have the motivation to even face her every day throughout the year?

Make up is part of grooming. For those who make up to work, shows their effort to look good and care for appearance. Do you know that, by looking good it will increase your chance to get higher pay and other benefit compare to those who are perceived as 'plain' and 'homely' ?

Its not difficult to apply make up if you make things simple. You don't need to apply thick clinging eye lashes or even do super duper face contouring to bring out your cheek bone or whatsoever. In fact you don't even need to have skill to make your lips look lusty alluring like Kardashian. Just be yourself and be yourself doesn't means go to work bare face.

What are the basic make up you should have ?

 To me I only need 4 things in my make up routine.

1. CC Cushion

Cover all your pores and spot with this. You face will look brighter and better with it. 

2. Eye Shadow Palette

I am not a skill makeup gurus. I am make up beginner who are clueless to even play around with eye shadow palettes. I own this 10 shades W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette made in Korea. You can get this at I prefer skin tone or earth colors for my eyes since I am not daring enough to apply other colors. This palette is just perfect for people like me. Eye shadow can bring more colors to your appearance. Make sure don't over do it and end up looking like opera singer!

2. Eye liner

My skill to draw line is totally sucks! But I still apply this to enhance my eyes. I prefer Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner by Tsubasa Masuwaka made in Japan. This Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner is easy to use and also long lasting. So don't need worry crying black tears. hehehe. I don't need to worry about smudge when apply because it dry up quickly. Moreover this is not just a simple eye liner with just color. Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, pack with beauty essence for skin nourishment. Loving this more and more.

3. Mascara

Mascara is one thing I can't let go because I need this to make my eye lashes curl up. By the way, I don't even know how to use eye lashes curler until now. Sucks , right? Thats why I need mascara. Try to apply once, you will see the difference with your look before and after. You will hook by it! My favourite mascara is 1028 Visual Therapy Big Eyes. I told you , can't use a curler well. This mascara easily applied 5X magnified, wide eye effect. It also coats easily over the smallest lashes. I like this one because you will not have clumps after apply it. So easy! 

4. Lipstick / Lip Tint / Lip Gloss

I have all three. You can choose base on your preference. I only use lipstick or lip gloss for special occasion. If you are talking about daily basis applying lip balm and lip tint is sufficient for me as long as my lips doesn't look pale and sick.

Spend 5 - 10 minutes of your precious time to look good. You don't need to apply thick make up. Just a simple light one , will do. Try to improve your appearance at work and bring out the beauty to people around you to make them feel good to talk and look at you. Don't neglect your outer and inner appearance because this can change your luck in life.

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