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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SeniKome Peng Heng: Traditional Arts up at Genting Highlands

Really glad that Resorts World Genting brought this culture and the arts activities through SeniKome Peng Heng into part of local attraction for their guest. This is not only can show off our culture and arts to foreigners but also benefit to our younger generation who may not have chance to get to know their own traditional arts culture.

SeniKome Peng Heng give a glimpse of rich cultures and arts from The East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the states of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. There are many things to see here.

What you can see at SeniKome Peng Heng ?

Beautiful and uniquely wood cravings

Potteries and painting

Silk screen painting, batik painting, weaving

For those who love music. Get to know our classical Gamelan musical instrument here at SeniKome.

Wayang Kulit or Puppet Show. 

I manage to watch this kind of show live in China last year but still unable to watch this live in my own country Malaysia yet.

Get to know our traditional games for old times people to kill their pass times. Who remember Wau Bulan, Congkak, Batu Seremban and Sepak Takraw ? I have a good time here trying out all those childhood time games.

Missing my Grandmother...I used to play 'congkak' with here when I was little girl.

For those who interested in traditional souvenirs can pick one of your favourite here at SeniKome too.

Visitors can enjoy food and drinks at the East Coast Art and Souvenir Shop here, local delicacies like Nasi Kerabu or Keropok Lekor are serve here together with choices of drinks , pandan leaves, lemongrass, honey and assam boi.

For those who is visiting Resorts World Genting this August and September can drop by at Level 3, First World Plaza, Resorts World Genting. You can visit SeniKome official website for more details. Open Daily from 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Happenings at SeniKome :

26th and 27th August 2017 - Silk Screen Painting demo
31st August and 1st September 2017 - Watercolor painting demo
2nd and 3rd September 2017 - Joget Gamelan
9th and 10th September 2017 - Sketching demo
16th and 17th September 2017 - Pottery
22nd and 24th September 2017 - Weaving demo

Minimal entrance fees start from RM7 and above for adult and RM5 and above for child. There is family package too. Note that there are 3 times guided tour daily.

Monday, August 14, 2017

My Experience Overnight at Hotel On The Park @Resort World Genting

Last weekend, I have a short getaway at Resort World Genting Highlands. Do you remember The famous Theme Hotel? Once upon a time this place is super famous for its convenient because the location is just next to Genting Highlands , amusement park. The amusement park closed in year 2013 to give way for new generation entertainment site which is coming to ready soon. Can't wait for the first-in-the- world Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park. Oh Goshhh!!  Super excited waiting for this to open soon!

Getting ready to full pledge crowds soon, Resort World Genting brings the whole new generation of Theme Park Hotel with new name, more fun and creative Hotel for Resort World Genting's guest.

This hotel re open with new Brand name , Hotel On The Park. Guess what??? Hotel On The Park  will be the closest proximity to Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park. YES! The location it self already give everybody a nod to stay!

Still retaining its 448 rooms,this brand new concept brings ' all you see is not all you get' ! What???? They are playing tricks on their guest? hehehehe Read further for this hotel cheekiness story and my live undressing show too! WTH!

Anyway, let me walk you through to Hotel On The Park based on my experience last weekend.

There are four Honeymoon Suites in this property but I am not able to see it because that room are not ready yet. Haihhh!!!  Apparent, that room is over looking natural mountain forests and designs in four fun stages of romance - courtship, proposal, wedding and honeymoon. These rooms will be as stand-alone units , unique in decor, feel and furnishing. I want to stay in that room badly! WTH! Do you think one need to go through that four stages of romance to stay there? Hell! All I need is money !!!! duhhh!!!

This is The Sixers Room. There are two Tatami-style raised platform on which are two queen sized beds and a build up bunk bed above the platforms to hold another queen sized mattress. There you go! no need to room for 6 person. You just need this whole room for 6 of you! All-Night-Long!!!!! PARTYYYY!!!!

There are room to fit four person call Quadruple Room. You will get two Tatami-style raised platform on which are two queen sized beds. I didn't get to view the Quadruple room because it was fully booked that weekend. Seriously , this hotel is hot selling even before the Twentieth Fox Movies Theme Park open.

Glad that Resort World Genting design the room to fit in the disable people too. There  is room for three person which comes with One Queen bed for 2 person and adjustable single bed for one. The Single bed can be adjustable using remote like the hospital bed. Same goes to the toilet and shower room facilities. It was designed for disable people convenient! Even the view from this room is over looking a beautiful English Style Garden. One can have peace of mind and recovering here too.

This is how Hotel On The Park from the outside if you are standing from English Garden point of view . Its more peaceful if you get your room over looking the mountain and the garden. It is a bit unfortunate if you stay at the lower floor and your room is over looking sky avenue and the road side. I am talking from my experience though! So make sure you get the mountain view room if you stay at Hotel On The Park.

Hotel on the Park designed and decoration really make one use one imagination in a broad way fantasy . Even while I was walking on the corridor light up with purple dim lighting make me feel like I just fall into a rabbit hole and I am now Alice not Cindyrina. WTH!

Oh! keep on walking with eyes looking down on the floor to search your room number. hehhehehe..something new! The room is handwritten right  below the room door.

I got to stay at the sixers room. Glad ! invited my sis tag along with me. If not I will be partying alone in this sixers room. We were super happy to see this cheeky and fun styled room. Rolling ...rolling...rolling..yo! None of us wanna sleep on top of that bunker bed. Don't ask me..I am claustrophobia. The short distance between the bed and the ceiling already make me nerve wreck. 

Look at that clothes hanger knob and the TV!!!! WTH! Everything look so pleasant to my eyes! The pillow and the mattress really comfortable to sleep on. Falling in love with this room so much now!

The socket point is so detail to the point they even have USB point to charge your gadget. The wording to the door handle presented in fun and creative way too.

Since this is the room for 6 person , even the toilet was designed suit to morning chaos. Everything is super spacious here. Other than the unstable water pressure, I don't have anymore complaint. This place suit me well. From the point of view of person who really find toilet is the most important place of all! WTH!

Mini bar with 6 bottles of complimentary drink, achooo tissue box for your convenient wipey and slippers for cold feet too. 

I love this room so much! You can fit in your luggage underneath the Tatami platform to avoid cluster room. They have safebox too place inside that drawer to keep your belonging for long stay.

Did I mentioned silly me thought the phone is weighting scale because it look like one as I was entering the room? I was wondering why do I need a weighing scale here? Can I bake in here ? Until my sis told me that was a phone. I was like ...seriously??? Jump out the bed and start to admire the cute phone and let me take some selfies! Bummer!!! hahahaha ....My sis reaction was like...Face Palm! I have this kind of Big Sis! Aihhhh....
The coffee and tea is complimentary for you to warm up your throat in cold highlands weather.

'F' that hanger painting! Seriously, it keep giving me that urge to pick it up many many many times while I was staying there. It just a drawing of hanger and I even know that! But that urge to pick it up is stronger and keep on haunting me over and over again. So gerammmm!!! because unable to pick up that hanger. Really drive up my nerve!

Beware of that blackout roller blinds. The glass window is not even tinted. WTH! My sis and I really thought that was tinted glass. YES! As what you imagine. I was doing my very own undressing without bit of shame by that glass window while the cable car rolling up and down overlooking our window. Oh yeayyy!!! not to mentioned while doing that notice few people was standing by the road side opposite staring right to our direction. Playful! I keep looking back while saying..what you staring at???? Seriously, thought it was tinted until I realized it wasn't while walking back from dinner and shopping at Sky Avenue. JAW Drop!!! 'F'! 'F'! That was at night and some room was lighted and we saw what they are doing from below. We was like....OMG!!!!! are we going to be famous on youtube soon???? OMMMAAA YA!!!! No point regret because that undressing was a live show anyway! Can't even do the NG sort of thing! DAMNNNNN!!!!! Damage have been done! I guess who ever got to watch me undress would get it haunted for life and need to see a psychiatrist. Me??? Nothing to shame about it. Try to act cool! Deep in my heart...Crying a river out of shame!

I even asked my Sis this, while undressing and staring down at the window outside people standing and looking up for the cable car.

Me : This glass is tinted right?
My sis : Of course la!

Thats where I get all my confidence. WTH!

Out of many space in that room and I was staying at Sixers room and you can imagine how spacious that room was.....Why did I undressed myself near by the window ? Why??? Why???

I was at 4th floor for your information. Not that high up! People can see us clearly! isk isk isk... I hope...I wish...nobody watch me. Obviously, I saw some people are watching me. Goshhh!!! can I get over this thinking???

The next trip to Hotel On The Park all glass window will be with cheeky sticker says.."This glass is not tinted. Undress by the window at your own modest but please tone up your body before you even think of doing that. We don't want our guest to leave this resort with horror memory! " kekekeke

I am a light sleeper and any noise will prevent me from sleeping. Unfortunately, my room was facing the main road and my night was disturbed with motorbike and car vrooming. Oh! yeah!!!! the wall is super thin and you will be unlucky if the next door is having the party. Be prepared to join any party happening next door. Which leave me to say this famous phrase. You can't beat them??? Join them! 

I get the whole idea of this room. This room not meant to stay in but to encourage you to stay out. Seriously, many things to do out there at Resort World of Genting! Why would you hide in the room anyway ? Ooppssss! unless you are Honey get yourself book at that stand-alone suite. ehem... ehem.. We understand what you doing...kekekeke

If your next door room is super noisy and disturb your sleep please contact the reception. They will ask your neighbour to tone down. Obviously, nothing much the reception can do about the vrooming car and motorbike , right? isk isk isk

But my wild imagination keep on coming cross my mind while writing this post. I will just type this down without filtration. Unfortunately , the reception will not able to ask your neighbour to tone down if they are having a rough and wild night 18sx bed scene , right? You can't join them too , right? kekekekeke...I guess you got to leave your room for a while then because they clearly need that room badly!  ahahahahaha... None of my reader here is below 18sx ,so no problem to just write down my dirty thinking, right ? This is just for laugh. OK! Peace yo! I will repent and cleanse my dirty mind later. winker.. winker...

If you are hungry in the middle of the night and lazy to walk to Sky Avenue, you can grab some foodies to cover your hunger pang at Eatopia near lobby.

If you are feeling bored staying in your room. Drag your partner or friends down to lobby and snap a crazy photo with that giant cup, sit on that giant bench or do cheeky craziest pose with that tricky mirror. I wanted to pose at that tricky mirror but always occupied with people. I ask my sis to wake up early with me just to do that. But I end up knock up my leg and left it blue black until now. So hurt!!! Yeahhh!!! that clumsy side of me...I can't even cure it. Left this Hotel without any crazy photo. I hate myself for being so clumsy.

There you honest experience typed down from recent short getaway up at Hotel On The Park, Resort World Genting. I was lucky to have this opportunity and super happy for the short getaway after a rough week before. Thank you so much Resort World Genting for the invitation. This new Hotel is super DAEBAK!!!

Room price start from RM200++ to RM2,000++. Check on their website for the exact price depends on season. The room I stayed cost RM600++ per night. This is super affordable for six people in it.

Click below video to get the alive walk through feel of Hotel On the Park, Resort World Genting

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PC Brutally Honest Episode 1 - I am Happy

There are many simple things in this world can make one happy by just the think of it. Using the power of imagination ... one can smiles, frown or smirk or cry by just thinking about it. Realistic is Certainty but being Unrealistic can make one detach from the real world and wonder in Temporary Happiness.

Things Makes Me Happy and Forget the Reality

1. Wake up one morning and lose 5kg overnight. 

Wheeeeeeeewwwww!!!! I am still dreaming of this again and again and again. Keep on dreaming and do nothing! hehehehe Lazy Bum! I'm Happy!

2. Log into my online banking and the cash balance is SGD1,000,000.00. 

Nose bleed for sure!!! Whoaaa hahahaha..I am rich! rich! rich! Simple minded woman thinking...ngehehehehe..WTH!

3. Don't need to do anything for 48 hours. 

Just watch KDrama and eating 2kg of fresh sweet cherries. Diarrhea for sure. isk isk isk I am in lazy woman thinking. Honestly speaking , I am super happy by just doing that. hehehe

4. That stupid tailgating with high beam car overtake me then he/she crash to the divider and rolled into the drain!

Die! Die! Die! (#$%^&^&&@ !!!!) No mercy to you lunatic impatient human! Bloody angry! every time meet this kind of driver on the road.
But in real can't do anything because I am a scary cat! Yeowwww... Afraid of road rage and road bully. Avoid them if I can. huhuhuh
I will continue to curse them using my mind and laser eyes beam..huhuhuh but the laser eyes not working though. Teary eyes working very well. eheh

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Monday, August 7, 2017

I am in Love with Klairs

I tried Klairs BB Cream around 2 years ago and I am loving the coverage it gave to my skin. Recently , Klairs pop up to my door step again with lots of good items for me to try on. I will start with cute little round thing.

Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

Its cute look like Mochi for my dessert and so what? I was like ..Aiyahhh! another BB Cushion which will make my skin sticky and pale. I give it a try during office break. Owhhh!!! love the finish texture of this product. This Klairs Mochi BB Cushion totally gives a different vibes from the rest of BB Cushion in the market. Why I say so?

Not only the casing is super Kawaii! It was designed in a very creative and thoughtful manner. It can be detached for refill. One need to Twist Open and Close on cover to use the cushion which give me hygiene feel. 

My experience using Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

When I press down the sponge a very dark ivory color emerge out of it. I really feel like...gosh!!! my skin going to change into this dark ivory color? Surprise! no its not. It match my skin tone perfectly like Magic! You know sometimes we feel that heavy thickness layer onto our skin? But this one is totally cotton light weight. I just don't feel anything at all. Plus points to Klairs Mochi BB Cushion.
I love it so much because it gives me a good refreshing finish like a powder. I just apply this right after my sun cream and it really work wonders for my skin. No sticky and no greasy feeling. I applied it around 10am in the morning and my skin continues to look refreshing until I punch out from office. Loving this so much! Plus it comes with 40 SPF which is super excellent when fixing makeup.

I will never step out without Klairs Mochi BB Cream in my handbag. Muakkssss!!! to Klairs for producing this awesome touch up.

Klairs Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40 PA++
Sorry about my photo below. The color of this product too pale and even my super less awesome camera unable to capture it nicely. ngeeeeee....

If you have been reading my blog you notice I have been repeating myself again and again that I will never step out from home without any layer of Sun Lotion to my skin. I prefer water base rather and creamy one.

This Blue color sun lotion from Klairs deserve thumbs up from me. I love it how light the texture  and fast absorption features of this lotion. It come with SPF40 PA++ which gives good protection especially from harsh UV rays. I read the ingredient has H20 which helps to tone out redness too. This is another favourite lotion from Klairs.

Here comes the little samples of skin care from Klairs. 

1. Klairs Gentle Deep Cleansing Oil

I have use many deep cleansing oil. Not that impress with what they did to my skin. Especially in properly removing the make up residue. Klairs Gentle Deep Cleaing Oil ingredients is unique. They have black bean to control sebum and soothing effect, Black Sesame oil to prevent dehydration and skin aging Black Currant Seed  Oil provides protection 

My experience using Klairs Gentle Deep Cleansing Oil

I like everything about it just have the layer of oil come with it. 

2. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Tone

This one gain my attention. It does wonders to my skin. Love of how it hydrates skin and tidies the skin texture. I hope its not in sample form so I can use it a few times to help moisturize my dry skin. I like it because of easily absorption features. 

3. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

I would say this serum is perfect during this heatwaves season. It helps to sooth out my tense skin and calming effect really work wonders. I notice with twice application it improve the elasticity of my skin.  Did I mentioned it is vegan friendly too? 

4. Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

I tried all 4 as midnight skin routine. Since Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum did a good job in sooth out my tired skin. This Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream totally gives great calming effect and helps in moisturising effect. Unlike other cream this one you just need to apply a small amount and targeted area. No irritation and in fact if gives you good rejuvenating feeling. I have tried this it really feel that way. I just wish they give me big bottle for this. (Greedy Mode) Ok Ok I will just get it a Hermo later.

5. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream

I use 5, 6 , 7, 8 for my day skin routine. Applied Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream after the toning and serum session. This actually give a good recovery after my mud mask session. My skin will become red and irritates after that powerful extraction. I just applied a small amount of this onto my skin. Apart from non greasy and easy absorption nothing appeal to me. 

6. Klairs Midday Blue Sun Lotion SPF40/PA++

This one one of my favourite . It light weight and easy absorption. Loving this more and more.

7. Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion

Not sure what is this for and the feeling of applying to much cream at this step. More lotion? but this one I just apply it onto my body. I have a dry skin. It help moisturizes my skin well. Perfect all over lotion. Don't forget neck too. 

8. Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40PA++

KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is different than others I have tried. It light and non sticky and brings out the natural beauty and skin tone! So instead of skin look unhealthy, this one actually brings out the real skin color out of you.

You can get Klairs awesome beauty haul from here. Good bargain too.

That Klairs Mochi BB Cushion is awesome and a must to own one!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

3 Steps To Recover Exhausted Skin with Anesis by Rappol

Do you feel tired due to hard work ? Many of us feel mentally and physical exhausted by the time we reach home. The only thought comes through our mind at that point. Urgghhhh!!! I need a break. Yes! you need a break but we neglected our largest organ in the body which is our skin. Our skin too are having a hard time with all the makeup we are wearing all day long .

Let your skin breathe, if you are looking out to make your skin better. I don't suggest to ditch makeup! But you can wear it less and help your skin by doing some rejuvenating and pampering moment to heal up.

I received an opportunity to experiment  days exhausted skin recovering with Anesis Madeca Series by Rappol recently. I was skeptical by this products when it first reach me. I never heard about this brand before. Is this safe? This skin care is from Korea. So WHAT ? me not all skin care of product from Korea are good or world class. I feel that product made in Korea and Japan are totally over sell. Lets not talk about this. Back to the Anesis Madeca Series which reached me in 3 sets of skin care.When I open the bottle the orange scents hit my nose. I tried one drop to my skin and feel the acidity kind of stung my skin. I was so afraid!Am I guinea pig to experiment skin care? That was my instant thought.  Almost 'chicken out' to try out . Shall I return back to PR ? It took me about 3 days to really try out on my face. isk isk isk... Despite with all those skeptical thinking, I dare myself to try this skin care series after some research and so on.

Anesis Madeca Series , Rappol brought by Nature Medic who practice safe cosmetics for slightly dry and aging skin. The founder is a researcher parent who experience heart ache to see their children suffer sensitive and irritation skin. They expand from making safe products for all families including babies to healing cosmetics. Their effort through out the years by carefully use safe ingredients and carefully listening to their customers stories. I feel safe to use Anesis.

3 Anesis Madeca Series reached to my door step.

Anesis Whitening First Serum, 50ml (RP 23,000 Korean Won)
Anesis Perfect Daily Essence, 50ml (RP 25,000 Korean Won)
Anesis Rejuvenating, Firming Cream (RP 28,000 Korean Won)

Cultivated by clean Jeju air Anesis Madeca series is a sensitive care cosmeceutical line optimized to recover exhausted skin with 4 ingredients.

  • Skin Purification - Jeju Tangerine peel
  • Skin Calming - Jeju Green Tea
  • Skin Moisturizing - French Damascus Rose
  • Skin Wall Strengthening - Madecasic acid

Anesis Madeca Series by Rappol completed skin irritation test and skin moisturizing test. I am confident to apply this onto my skin.

Product claimed :

Dual functional cosmetics which is whitening and wrinkle improvement.

Product key ingredients :

Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol for natural moisturizing factors
Ceramide NP, asiaticoside, madecasic acid and asiatic acid contents to assist in strengthening skin wall and protects skin from outside irritation.
Vegetable squalan to fills skin moisture and nutrition.

My review after 7 consecutive nightly trying out Anesis Madeca Series for my night beauty regime.

1st Step -  Anesis Whitening First Serum, 50ml (RP 23,000 Korean Won)

I apply serum right after facial cleansing routine. Yup! skip that toner part routine. I just pour around 20 sen coin of this to my finger tip and it drip right to the bottom and fall to my thigh. OMO! very watery in earth brown color liquid. It smells refreshing.That is my first impression of Anesis Whitening First Serum.
It contains oil and moisture balance to makes weak skin firmer. Second application I am more confident and feel comfortable because it really make my skin feel and look healthy. First application sting sensation is due to the ingredients and my skin condition. The sting last just a second.I can assure you nothing unpleasant about that. I didn't feel any sensation at all after Second application. Guess my skin condition is not that good earlier.

2nd Step -  Anesis Perfect Daily Essence, 50ml (RP 25,000 Korean Won)

I use this after the whitening first serum. This is water gel-type and fast absorption into the skin. I love the fact I don't feel any stickiness from this essence. I feel immediate moistful and clean skin with only first use. mmmm...feeling positive vibes about Anesis. Smell ? Well..I don't have problem with this one though and quite loving it. Since Anesis Perfect Daily Essence suppose to make clearer skin tone , I would love to use this in long term to see if it works. I am having dull and uneven skin tone problem.

3rd Step - Anesis Rejuvenating, Firming Cream (RP 28,000 Korean Won)

Firming cream after daily essence application works wonder! I feel the absorption really quick into my skin. The texture is white cream and non sticky. The ingredients does it works. I feel my skin brighter and firmer the next morning. The very first morning after first application the night before. WTH! Its not because the item came to me free that I write such a good review. It really does it works.

I don't think will let this go. I am totally loving this routine every night. My skin feel firmer and brighten.I really feel the difference!

The package came to complete with 2 mask sheet by Nature Medics , Rappol Cica Renew series.

Cica Renew Tea Tree Mask

  • Low irritation soothing natural tencel mask
  • Sensitive skin stress care
  • Moisturizing and calming essence

Cica Renew Geranium Mask

  • Low irritation ceramide cream mask
  • Sensitive skin wall care
  • Highly moisturizing whitening firming care
My experience using Cica Renew Geranium Mask :

I tried this one when I was Staycation in Cameron Highlands. The mask sheet is cotton soft. But since its cream mask, I kind of really hate it. Heavily creamer on the mask sheet and its really creamy! Wet and sticky. But the after effect is really good. My skin feel moisturize and brighten up.

I have seen their CICA Renew BB Cream selling somewhere though but can't remember where did I saw that. I would love to try out the CICA Renew BB Cream and Sun Cream by Rappol if I find one during my oversea trip soon.

Like I said in my earlier post , I was skeptical about this product at first. They are not well known in Malaysia yet. In fact they are not even available on sale in Malaysia or Singapore. According to PR they will be launching online store only by end of this year. The  products presence in Korea are visible and I read about outstanding testimonial for most of their product range and brand. Nature Medics product mainly focus on healing and treatment skin care. I am very positive about this Brand effectiveness in long term application. The downside is just the smells may hinder you from the first try.

Healing - YES! 
Treatment - YES!
Recovery - YES! 

If you are interested to know more about Nature Medics and Rappol products your can visit their official website which you need to use google translate from Korean to English language. I also find its hard to do the review with lack of information about this product. However I did the review based on my personal experience trying out this product and just write in based on my own view.

Story about Nature Medics
Nature Medics tag lie is Nature Health and Nature Beauty. Nature Medics mission is to bringing healthy nature closely to people and being honest from attitude. Love this mission. Founded by a parent who have skin problem children. Heartache to see their child in pain due to sensitive skin and irritation, they dedicated their research to find skin care to treat and heal skin problem. 

Some of popular brand under Nature Medics wing are :

Rappol for infants and young children age 1 - all age
Products range is a natural cosmetics focus on sensitive or dry skin. It contain  mild ingredients for young children's skin and suits well for people at any age range.

BBZZ for adolescents people in their 10s - 20s who have oily or trouble skin. This skin care contains apitoxin and propolis core ingredients originated from bees.

Rappol for adults age range 30s - 60s who have slightly dry / aging skin. This skincare safe for pregnant women too. It helps to solve adult customer's skin concerns. making it more youthful and beautiful skin.

Rappol Skincare has patented ingredient formula technology (Natural Moisturizing Formula Factor, Phytocera Formula and Phtocalming Complex) and registered in U.S FDA, Europe CPNP, China CFDA. 

All Nature Medics products has gone through and certified safe / skin irritation tests. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Long Lasting Moisturizing Water Lip Tone Up CC

CC not just for your facial skin. Now we have CC for lips too. Its not CC stands for Cover Cream but this one stands for Color Correct. Lip Balm Color Correct nourishes and moisturizes lips for an intense and long lasting moisturizing.

Mentholatum introduce The Water Lip Tone Up CC with unique formulation with three color correction functions.

* Revives Dull Lips
* Enhances Lip Color
* Brighten up the lips

The formula combines powerful nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin E and Vitamin E derivative to keep lips feeling soft and hydrated. It also contains Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil that nourish the lips.

The formula further enhanced with 3D Pearl to vividly enhance your natural lip color thereby improving one's overall appearance. It fragrance free and contains SPF20 PA++ to protect lips against UVA and UVB rays.

The Mentholatum Water Lip Tone Up CC is priced at RM16.90 and available at major supermarket and leading pharmacies.

Made in Japan, The Water Lip Tone Up CC comes in 2 variants :

Pure Red

Rose Pink

My favourite is Pure Red. I am loving this.


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