Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Finger Knitting as New Hobby

Recently feel like my mind hard in getting focus. Even my anxiety level is getting higher too. I decided to do some healing therapy on my own. People says meditation is good for this but my problem is not able to stay wanna me to meditate ? Meditation is something intangible. Big failure for me ! So after search around finger knitting could help to heal my mind , so I give it a try. At least this is tangible.

What you need for Finger Knitting ?

1. Yarns - it can be  the big chunky or the medium size one. Depends on what you wanna make.

2. Fingers - obviously you need you fingers. duh! hehehe

3. Scissors - to cut the yarns

How to do Finger Knitting ?

Step One 

Slip end of a yarn between thumb and index finger. Pinch anchor of the yarn to knit. Loop the yarn around your pinkie and weave it through fingers.

Step 2 

Loop the yarn around index finger and weave it toward pinkie.

Step 3 

Make full loop around four fingers.

I bet you can't even imagine, what I am trying to say here. kekekeke... Me too cannot digest what am I trying to say here. I recommend you to  do youtube search for Finger Knitting. There are many tutorial for you to follow out there. kekekeke...


My first works! Gosh! I am super proud of my first knit work, ever!

My first butterfly! WTH! I made progress!

OMG! I made this in 2 hours of finger knitting. My very first headband cum necklace!

Looking forward to buy big chunky yarn to knit my very own infinity scarf and beanie soon.

Seriously, this is mind healing for me and improve my mood swing too. So glad , I decided to try out this finger knitting as my hobby.

Knowing my attitude, its hard to believe and imagine to choose this path.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Shipping from Mizzue Took More Than A Month

Another Online Shopping Nightmare!!!! isk isk isk This time is from Mizzue.

I am a sucker when it comes to sales advertisement. Damn it! I know...this is bad habit but...being an online shopping addict, I can't resist! If you one of those avid Facebook users like may notice this Mizzue FB advert video and so on. Mizzue is one of those bag famous online shopping website with good quality handbag. Their unique selling point is spacious and trendy handbag. I kind of love most their bag. My nightmare story with Mizzue started like mid July this year.

This is perfect for my travel bag.
I saw this Mizzue advert Buy 1 Free 1 on FB ads. I was like falling in love with it. I went back home and can't even sleep at all until click purchase. (Damn loser ,right ?) I reached office at 7:00am the next day and can't help it because my mind like fill with that bag. Gosh! Mental not so strong and click purchase. Further more, I did a review on Mizzue before, so not so worry about the late deliverable from them. During my review they delivered the bag to me less than a week. Very fast for the Hong Kong company. I was super impressed with their efficiency at that time. I love Mizzue bag. Good quality and beautiful design. Sincerely , think they have good products! That is why, I wanna buy from them again!

I ordered on 14th July 2017. For your information, No Typhoon Hato hit HK yet , OK! My nightmare begun on 21st July 2017. There will be slight delay due to overwhelmed order. According to their email my item only WILL ARRIVE from 7th - 14th August 2017. I am still fine with this though! Temporary Happiness alert ! 

14th August 2017 has past. I inquired about my order to their online chat and the Customer Service name Nisha who replied to me my order will be arrive between 21st - 25th August 2017. Delay another week. I guess she also not sure when is the date of arrival.

The week after , I inquired to them again the same person replied me my order will be shipped out by 28th August 2017. Are you kidding me ? I read Mizzue Shipping policies in their website. The delay shouldn't be up to more than a month, though! I am fine to wait for 2 - 3 weeks but more than a month ????

Well, unfortunately recently there a disaster in HK. Since now Typhoon Hato already hit HK and many logistics will be disrupted. I am sorry for that! As a customer, we need to understand those retailers, right ? Aihhhhh! I am not sure if anybody understand how I feel right now ? They could have deliver the item earlier though if they are really prepared to do the promo. This is WHAT??? One Months plus of waiting!!! Are you freaking kidding me ?

Dear all Retailers ,

If you are really sincere in doing business, don't just pleased the Bloggers and Influencers to promote your Brands. The real customers is the common people out there. I am both! Bloggers and super power customers. I may received your products in exchange for review but at the same time if you have quality products , I will be your customer too. The real customer are the one who give you sales, right ?Why are you so slack off in the deliverables when it come to real sales conversion ? Why ?

Feeling cheated!

Note to myself right now...understand them. They are hot selling Brand. You are not the only customers. Furthermore , they are currently in disaster zone area. I hope my mind will be ease and peace by being understanding.

25th August 2017 , Finally received email reply from Mizzue on my order delay complain.
Here are the reply ,

Thank you for contacting us.

We’re extremely sorry that we’re experiencing an extra delay that has affected your purchase.

Your ordered items will replenish around 1st September and will be ship out within 2 - 3 days after replenish.

Please rest assure we will arrange shipment as soon as we receive the goods.

As a gesture of appreciation for your patience, we'd like to offer you a gift card worth RM15 towards your next purchase. Just contact our Customer Services representative after your order is delivered to redeem.

For you information, the gift card is like a electronic voucher which can be used to deduct the total price of your order. Please kindly note that the gift card has no expiry date, so it can be used anytime for your next purchase.

If you wish to cancel, please kindly be informed you will be refunded via gift card.

For you information, the gift card is like a electronic voucher which can be used to deduct the total price of your order. Please kindly note that the gift card has no expiry date, so it can be used anytime for your next purchase.

Please reconfirm if you wish to proceed or cancel the order.

Please accept our sincere apology for keep you waiting and thank you for your patience.

If you have any further inquiry, you are most welcome to email or contact us again.

Obviously , I need to wait longer because of Typhoon in HK, right ??? As I expected. But the word 'replenish' really hit me! What do you mean by that ??? Gosh!!! They are not even serious on fulfilling the orders to customer when they did the promotion. RM15 gift vouchers for few hundred bucks items which you gonna wait for another ???? What ? 1 month? 2 months ??? Are you kidding me ???

If you were me what will you do???

I just requested for refund. Why would I wait like an idiot for something like... God knows... when ? They are obviously not sure when the items going to reach them too.

I have no luck to shop at Mizzue. isk isk isk...So sad! No new handbag.

Please share what is your worst online shopping experience....

Friday, August 25, 2017

PC Brutally Honest Episode 3 - Anti Social

Long weekend is coming and I feel my life not like anyone else fill with pre planned activities with friends and love one. For Bloggers, they will be busy running here and there attending events. Me ? No plan. Nothing! Aihhhhh!!!!! my life is so sucks! no friends to invite me to go any where with them. Not like I can invite myself anyway. isk isk isk

Toot! Toot! phone message came in....

C : Wanna go for dinner and watch movie this Saturday ?

Another phone message...

L : You free for hang out this Sunday brunch ?

Few emails came in....

Dear Cindyrina, 

We would like to invite you to attend ...bla bla bla

At the end my weekend, fill up with lazying around the house sobbing, giggling, rolling over KDrama , eat and sleep. kekekekeke.... I am happy to be in my own space.I feel safe here.

Note to myself : Stop whining.  'C'est la vie' means 'this is life' in French. O lala...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Acupuncture Treatment at Tung Shin Hospital

My Plantar Fasciitis getting bad after return down to KL from Genting short weekend getaway recently. I guess my backpack load too heavy and stress up my heel so much. For those who don't know what is Plantar Fasciitis, I will give you some brief about this. Who knows it may hit you too once you aging like me...hehehe. Anyway, its good to know.

Plantar Fasciitis is common pain for middle-aged people. WTH! can't believe I aged this quickly. Young people don't so happy! If you on your feet a lot and do lots of sports, this can hit you too.This pain caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. 

I got mine last year after came back from Taiwan trip in April 2016. I got diagnosed with knee problem in June 2016. So literally tackle my pain one by one. I concentrate on my knee healing and ignore the pain on my feet. Recently the pain on bottom of my heel getting unbearable. Every step with lots of pain and really wish can swallow pain killers or I kill people. FYI, I don't take any pain killer at all. Every step full of mental hypnotize to myself. Apparently my high arch feet also contribute to this too. Damn!

I read no single treatment works best for everyone with plantar fasciitis. I cut down lots of activities to rest my foot. Mine hit at right foot. The heel spur pain is totally unbearable whenever I step. So difficult to walk too.

Recently my friend told me she went to Tung Shin hospital for acupuncture treatment for her spine problem. I was like....whoaaaa!!! how come I never think about Tung Shin Hospital before? They have TCM aka Traditional Chinese Medicine Center there.

I briefly check on their website and there a few Specialist listed there. How would I know which one to choose?

I went there last Saturday and reached around 8:00am. Registration open at 8:30 am. Many people was waiting on line. My number at 1170 and there are 110 people ahead of me. Damn! So I end up took the number and went for breakfast at nearby cafe. I went for around 20 minutes and pass the number, when I return . hehehehe...serve me right! I took the number again and gotten 1195. There are about 10 people ahead of me. Dare not move from that place again and waited for my number like everyone else. 

Since this is for registration , you need to provide identification card and registration fee RM3 + first time consultation fee RM25. Then the girl at counter for registration asked me which Doctor I want to see. I was like ...Oh! I need to choose myself ? I can't remember the name from that website I browse the day before. Seriously, I don't even have any idea about this. I just go 'eenie meenie miney mo' and pick one from the notice board. kakakaka...end up with Korean Specialist instead of Chinese. haihhhh...whatever.

Then I was told to go to 1st floor and wait for my name to be called. Finally met the Doctor. He read my name and know I can't speak Mandarin. He speaks mandarin fluently, you know. He spoke to me with a mixture of English and Bahasa. His English not that fluent too. He speak Bahasa ..guess to practice it with me??? Maybe! Whatever, as long we understand each other. 

I explained my problem. He listened while writing very long notes in Chinese. WTH! you just scribble????

Then I end up on the bed with needles poking around my foot with heating fan for 20 minutes. How it feel to get the needle poke to my foot? WTH!!!! sure very painful!  
Lying there for 20 minutes made me thinking about my next 5 years. Dare me to think about 5 years, huh? Who knows God call me tomorrow or later? Why am I worry too much? Just face it for now and be brave to bare the pain if its given to me. At least I am still lucky to have such a blessed life.Just need to be more thankful and live life responsibly.

I went back with this bitter powder. Uwaaaaa!!!! Hate this bitter stuff. It cost me another RM75 for 2 packs of this. I went back the next day for another needle poking session to my foot.This time just need to pay RM33.  I was told every session is around that price if without any medicine prescribe to you.

This is  so much cheaper from the practitioner I went at Kuchai Lama. Ripped me off with RM109 per session and wanna me to visit her at least thrice a week.So I no need to go to work is it?  Gosh! IMMA don't print money la weiiii!!!  Some more all by appointment and even you made the appointment need to queue very long too. But the reason when I stopped visiting her is because there are not divider room for every treatment. You imagine went there for my lower back pain and while you are lying face down while your lower back exposed with needle poking, she brought in a man patient to the bed next to me. WTH! don't even have divider. So Siau!!!!! I stop going because of that. hahahaha...Super sensitive and Emo!!!!

My foot feel so much better now. But this things is a long term healing process. I just need to watch out and good care of it. For those who need some acupuncture treatment can try out TCM at Tung Shin Hospital. At least we know they are licensed practitioner.

Friday, August 18, 2017

PC Brutally Honest Episode 2 - Procrastinator

In life most of us has been procrastinating without even realize it. Yeay! Yeah! While you are reading this post you been thinking ..Be honest to yourself! You are not! too keep thinking the same way. 

My favourite line for certain things that I hate to do the most is " I'll do it tomorrow". I just  put everything off until tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes, the cycle repeat again.

Things that I hate to do the most are house chores. I hate organize my things and everything got to do with house. This is part of perks for single woman like me. Damn! I love being a single lady more and more. But my nest need to be cleaned at least to have peace of mind. So it is important to still do what I hate the most. Eceeewahhhh... I succeed in other area but when it comes to organizing my dressing room...I think this is my bigger failure ever.  isk isk isk

Me : Long weekend is coming finally. I am going to organise this dressing rooms nicely. I will quit Kdrama for this weekend and concentrate in doing my chores. (100% full of determination)

This is how the dressing room look like before the long weekend. Piles of clothing on the floor and unorganized. I am lucky to still have space to walk through it.

After many years long weekend. This dressing room still look the same as many years ago. hehehehe..Yeah!!! suppose to throw some of those old clothes but whenever I pick up something then put into the black garbage plastic for some donation, I put it out again. I just can't throw or give away things. Everything seems precious to me. Haihhhh!!!! This has been going on for 15 years already. The pile keep growing into the tallest mountain day by day. ** Face palm**
I will keep trying again in another up coming long weekend. kekekeke...Lazy Bum! will end up glue her butt on the couch and watch kdrama again. huhuhuhuh

If you keep delaying and give sort of excuses to do things that suppose to finish off...then you can start to join the Club of Procrastinator

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Who Love MoonCakes ?

It's time of the year for mooncakes, lanterns and Mid-Autumn Festival! 
I don't really eat mooncakes because I always gotten the super sweet one all the time. Hate too sweet things. But when it comes for that mooncakes time of the year, I will be the most excited one. Why ? I don't even eat it ? I like all mooncakes box. They are so lovely design.

Chef Gan Chee Keong with his new flavour of mooncakes
Resorts World Genting are ready with varieties of mooncakes for its visitors to celebrate the mid-autumn festivals. Various flavours of mooncakes can be purchase at designated area in Resorts World Genting. 

This year Resorts World Genting came out with new tempting flavour of mooncakes.

  • Snow skin blueberry paste
  • Green tea paste with black sesame jingsa
  • Sweet corn paste with single yolk
  • White pandan jade with buttermilk custard
  • Dragon fruit lotus paste with coconut jingsa
  • Pu Er lotus paste with mandaring orange jingsa

They still maintain the normal traditional all time favourite too.

  • Low sugar white lotus paste 
  • Lotus paste with single yolk
  • Lotus paste with double yolk
  • Red Bean paste
  • Green tea lotus paste
  • Golden jade with single yolk 
  • Durian lotus paste
  • Assorted Nuts "Ng Yan"
  • White Lotus paste with black sesame yolk
  • Single yolk with pu er lotus paste
 Resorts World Genting , Mooncakes price start from RM19/- and every purchase of of four pieces of mooncakes comes with a free carrier mooncake box. You can also purchase God of Wealth cookies in a pack of two pieces. I heard Resorts World Genting is offering some great discount too. The more you purchase the more discount you can get. It can be up to 30% discount. Get more information of their awesome mooncakes here.

Where purchase delicious mooncakes in Genting Highlands ?

  • Genting Palace (2nd Floor , Genting Grand Hotel)
  • Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims Hotel)
  • Malaysian Food Street (T4, Sky Avenue)
  • Garden Courtyard (T1, Sky Avenue)
  • Grab and Win (Level 1, Sky Casino)

When you can buy Resorts World Genting Mooncakes ?

Its available from 19th August to 4th October 2017 between 12noon to 8pm.

If you are not up in Resorts World Genting, you can get the mooncakes down here in Kuala Lumpur from 11th - 29th September 2017. There are kiosk open from 11am to 4pm at Wisma Genting, Jalan Sultan Ismail , Kuala Lumpur near OneHub next to Resorts World Tours ticketing counter. They are daily except for weekends and public holiday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SeniKome Peng Heng: Traditional Arts up at Genting Highlands

Really glad that Resorts World Genting brought this culture and the arts activities through SeniKome Peng Heng into part of local attraction for their guest. This is not only can show off our culture and arts to foreigners but also benefit to our younger generation who may not have chance to get to know their own traditional arts culture.

SeniKome Peng Heng give a glimpse of rich cultures and arts from The East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the states of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. There are many things to see here.

What you can see at SeniKome Peng Heng ?

Beautiful and uniquely wood cravings

Potteries and painting

Silk screen painting, batik painting, weaving

For those who love music. Get to know our classical Gamelan musical instrument here at SeniKome.

Wayang Kulit or Puppet Show. 

I manage to watch this kind of show live in China last year but still unable to watch this live in my own country Malaysia yet.

Get to know our traditional games for old times people to kill their pass times. Who remember Wau Bulan, Congkak, Batu Seremban and Sepak Takraw ? I have a good time here trying out all those childhood time games.

Missing my Grandmother...I used to play 'congkak' with here when I was little girl.

For those who interested in traditional souvenirs can pick one of your favourite here at SeniKome too.

Visitors can enjoy food and drinks at the East Coast Art and Souvenir Shop here, local delicacies like Nasi Kerabu or Keropok Lekor are serve here together with choices of drinks , pandan leaves, lemongrass, honey and assam boi.

For those who is visiting Resorts World Genting this August and September can drop by at Level 3, First World Plaza, Resorts World Genting. You can visit SeniKome official website for more details. Open Daily from 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Happenings at SeniKome :

26th and 27th August 2017 - Silk Screen Painting demo
31st August and 1st September 2017 - Watercolor painting demo
2nd and 3rd September 2017 - Joget Gamelan
9th and 10th September 2017 - Sketching demo
16th and 17th September 2017 - Pottery
22nd and 24th September 2017 - Weaving demo

Minimal entrance fees start from RM7 and above for adult and RM5 and above for child. There is family package too. Note that there are 3 times guided tour daily.

Monday, August 14, 2017

My Experience Overnight at Theme Park Hotel @Resort World Genting

Last weekend, I have a short getaway at Resort World Genting Highlands. Do you remember The famous Theme Hotel? Once upon a time this place is super famous for its convenient because the location is just next to Resort World Genting , amusement park. The amusement park closed in year 2013 to give way for new generation entertainment site which is coming to ready soon. Can't wait for the first-in-the- world Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park. Oh Goshhh!!  Super excited waiting for this to open soon!

Getting ready to full pledge crowds soon, Resort World Genting brings the whole new generation of Theme Park Hotel , more fun and creative Hotel for Resort World Genting's guest.

This hotel re open recently and will be the closest proximity to Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park. YES! The location it self already give everybody a nod to stay!

Still retaining its 448 rooms,this brand new concept brings ' all you see is not all you get' ! What???? They are playing tricks on their guest? hehehehe Read further for this hotel cheekiness story and my live undressing show too! WTH!

Anyway, let me walk you through to this new Theme Park Hotel based on my experience last weekend.

There are four Honeymoon Suites in this property but I am not able to see it because that room are not ready yet. Haihhh!!!  Apparent, that room is over looking natural mountain forests and designs in four fun stages of romance - courtship, proposal, wedding and honeymoon. These rooms will be as stand-alone units , unique in decor, feel and furnishing. I want to stay in that room badly! WTH! Do you think one need to go through that four stages of romance to stay there? Hell! All I need is money !!!! duhhh!!!

This is The Sixers Room. There are two Tatami-style raised platform on which are two queen sized beds and a build up bunk bed above the platforms to hold another queen sized mattress. There you go! no need to room for 6 person. You just need this whole room for 6 of you! All-Night-Long!!!!! PARTYYYY!!!!

There are room to fit four person call Quadruple Room. You will get two Tatami-style raised platform on which are two queen sized beds. I didn't get to view the Quadruple room because it was fully booked that weekend. Seriously , this hotel is hot selling even before the Twentieth Fox Movies Theme Park open.

Glad that Resort World Genting design the room to fit in the disable people too. There  is room for three person which comes with One Queen bed for 2 person and adjustable single bed for one. The Single bed can be adjustable using remote like the hospital bed. Same goes to the toilet and shower room facilities. It was designed for disable people convenient! Even the view from this room is over looking a beautiful English Style Garden. One can have peace of mind and recovering here too.

This is how the new look of Theme Park Hotel from the outside if you are standing from English Garden point of view . Its more peaceful if you get your room over looking the mountain and the garden. It is a bit unfortunate if you stay at the lower floor and your room is over looking sky avenue and the road side. I am talking from my experience though! So make sure you get the mountain view room if you stay at Theme Park Hotel at Resort World Genting.

It was designed and decoration really make one use one imagination in a broad way fantasy . Even while I was walking on the corridor light up with purple dim lighting make me feel like I just fall into a rabbit hole and I am now Alice not Cindyrina. WTH!

Oh! keep on walking with eyes looking down on the floor to search your room number. hehhehehe..something new! The room is handwritten right  below the room door.

I got to stay at the sixers room. Glad ! invited my sis tag along with me. If not I will be partying alone in this sixers room. We were super happy to see this cheeky and fun styled room. Rolling ...rolling...rolling..yo! None of us wanna sleep on top of that bunker bed. Don't ask me..I am claustrophobia. The short distance between the bed and the ceiling already make me nerve wreck. 

Look at that clothes hanger knob and the TV!!!! WTH! Everything look so pleasant to my eyes! The pillow and the mattress really comfortable to sleep on. Falling in love with this room so much now!

The socket point is so detail to the point they even have USB point to charge your gadget. The wording to the door handle presented in fun and creative way too.

Since this is the room for 6 person , even the toilet was designed suit to morning chaos. Everything is super spacious here. Other than the unstable water pressure, I don't have anymore complaint. This place suit me well. From the point of view of person who really find toilet is the most important place of all! WTH!

Mini bar with 6 bottles of complimentary drink, achooo tissue box for your convenient wipey and slippers for cold feet too. 

I love this room so much! You can fit in your luggage underneath the Tatami platform to avoid cluster room. They have safebox too place inside that drawer to keep your belonging for long stay.

Did I mentioned silly me thought the phone is weighting scale because it look like one as I was entering the room? I was wondering why do I need a weighing scale here? Can I bake in here ? Until my sis told me that was a phone. I was like ...seriously??? Jump out the bed and start to admire the cute phone and let me take some selfies! Bummer!!! hahahaha ....My sis reaction was like...Face Palm! I have this kind of Big Sis! Aihhhh....
The coffee and tea is complimentary for you to warm up your throat in cold highlands weather.

'F' that hanger painting! Seriously, it keep giving me that urge to pick it up many many many times while I was staying there. It just a drawing of hanger and I even know that! But that urge to pick it up is stronger and keep on haunting me over and over again. So gerammmm!!! because unable to pick up that hanger. Really drive up my nerve!

Beware of that blackout roller blinds. The glass window is not even tinted. WTH! My sis and I really thought that was tinted glass. YES! As what you imagine. I was doing my very own undressing without bit of shame by that glass window while the cable car rolling up and down overlooking our window. Oh yeayyy!!! not to mentioned while doing that notice few people was standing by the road side opposite staring right to our direction. Playful! I keep looking back while saying..what you staring at???? Seriously, thought it was tinted until I realized it wasn't while walking back from dinner and shopping at Sky Avenue. JAW Drop!!! 'F'! 'F'! That was at night and some room was lighted and we saw what they are doing from below. We was like....OMG!!!!! are we going to be famous on youtube soon???? OMMMAAA YA!!!! No point regret because that undressing was a live show anyway! Can't even do the NG sort of thing! DAMNNNNN!!!!! Damage have been done! I guess who ever got to watch me undress would get it haunted for life and need to see a psychiatrist. Me??? Nothing to shame about it. Try to act cool! Deep in my heart...Crying a river out of shame!

I even asked my Sis this, while undressing and staring down at the window outside people standing and looking up for the cable car.

Me : This glass is tinted right?
My sis : Of course la!

Thats where I get all my confidence. WTH!

Out of many space in that room and I was staying at Sixers room and you can imagine how spacious that room was.....Why did I undressed myself near by the window ? Why??? Why???

I was at 4th floor for your information. Not that high up! People can see us clearly! isk isk isk... I hope...I wish...nobody watch me. Obviously, I saw some people are watching me. Goshhh!!! can I get over this thinking???

The next trip to Theme Park Hotel all glass window will be with cheeky sticker says.."This glass is not tinted. Undress by the window at your own modest but please tone up your body before you even think of doing that. We don't want our guest to leave this resort with horror memory! " kekekeke

I am a light sleeper and any noise will prevent me from sleeping. Unfortunately, my room was facing the main road and my night was disturbed with motorbike and car vrooming. Oh! yeah!!!! the wall is super thin and you will be unlucky if the next door is having the party. Be prepared to join any party happening next door. Which leave me to say this famous phrase. You can't beat them??? Join them! 

I get the whole idea of this room. This room not meant to stay in but to encourage you to stay out. Seriously, many things to do out there at Resort World of Genting! Why would you hide in the room anyway ? Ooppssss! unless you are Honey get yourself book at that stand-alone suite. ehem... ehem.. We understand what you doing...kekekeke

If your next door room is super noisy and disturb your sleep please contact the reception. They will ask your neighbour to tone down. Obviously, nothing much the reception can do about the vrooming car and motorbike , right? isk isk isk

But my wild imagination keep on coming cross my mind while writing this post. I will just type this down without filtration. Unfortunately , the reception will not able to ask your neighbour to tone down if they are having a rough and wild night 18sx bed scene , right? You can't join them too , right? kekekekeke...I guess you got to leave your room for a while then because they clearly need that room badly!  ahahahahaha... None of my reader here is below 18sx ,so no problem to just write down my dirty thinking, right ? This is just for laugh. OK! Peace yo! I will repent and cleanse my dirty mind later. winker.. winker...

If you are hungry in the middle of the night and lazy to walk to Sky Avenue, you can grab some foodies to cover your hunger pang at Eatopia near lobby.

If you are feeling bored staying in your room. Drag your partner or friends down to lobby and snap a crazy photo with that giant cup, sit on that giant bench or do cheeky craziest pose with that tricky mirror. I wanted to pose at that tricky mirror but always occupied with people. I ask my sis to wake up early with me just to do that. But I end up knock up my leg and left it blue black until now. So hurt!!! Yeahhh!!! that clumsy side of me...I can't even cure it. Left this Hotel without any crazy photo. I hate myself for being so clumsy.

There you honest experience typed down from recent short getaway up at Theme Park Hotel, Resort World Genting. I was lucky to have this opportunity and super happy for the short getaway after a rough week before. Thank you so much Resort World Genting for the invitation. This new Hotel is super DAEBAK!!!

Room price start from RM200++ to RM2,000++. Check on their website for the exact price depends on season. The room I stayed cost RM600++ per night. This is super affordable for six people in it.

Click below video to get the alive walk through feel of Theme Park Hotel, Resort World Genting

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PC Brutally Honest Episode 1 - I am Happy

There are many simple things in this world can make one happy by just the think of it. Using the power of imagination ... one can smiles, frown or smirk or cry by just thinking about it. Realistic is Certainty but being Unrealistic can make one detach from the real world and wonder in Temporary Happiness.

Things Makes Me Happy and Forget the Reality

1. Wake up one morning and lose 5kg overnight. 

Wheeeeeeeewwwww!!!! I am still dreaming of this again and again and again. Keep on dreaming and do nothing! hehehehe Lazy Bum! I'm Happy!

2. Log into my online banking and the cash balance is SGD1,000,000.00. 

Nose bleed for sure!!! Whoaaa hahahaha..I am rich! rich! rich! Simple minded woman thinking...ngehehehehe..WTH!

3. Don't need to do anything for 48 hours. 

Just watch KDrama and eating 2kg of fresh sweet cherries. Diarrhea for sure. isk isk isk I am in lazy woman thinking. Honestly speaking , I am super happy by just doing that. hehehe

4. That stupid tailgating with high beam car overtake me then he/she crash to the divider and rolled into the drain!

Die! Die! Die! (#$%^&^&&@ !!!!) No mercy to you lunatic impatient human! Bloody angry! every time meet this kind of driver on the road.
But in real can't do anything because I am a scary cat! Yeowwww... Afraid of road rage and road bully. Avoid them if I can. huhuhuh
I will continue to curse them using my mind and laser eyes beam..huhuhuh but the laser eyes not working though. Teary eyes working very well. eheh

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