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Saturday, December 2, 2017

My First Time Baking Oksusu Ppang

Lately, I have been neglecting fibre intake. I did took some but not enough for my age. Now that I have sometimes to spend to look after myself...isk ..isk...sounds like busy bee huh? I am trying my best to add in more fibre into my daily diet. I also try my best to avoid starchy base food. No bread for me. Bread the easiest for breakfast though. While pay is good too but not big fan of those.

So I look for alternative. I remember first ate corn bread in Seoul. I bought in one bakery near some old street. They call corn bread as Oksusu Ppang in Korea. I love the plain and traditional taste of this bread. I decided to bake this myself since I can't find this sell anywhere on bakery shelf here in Malaysia.

Gotten the recipe at Maangchi the famous Korean food  cooking youtuber. Very simple and easy recipe. 

Ingredients for Corn Bread Oksusu Ppang :- 

* corn meal
* milk
* egg
* vegetable oil but I opt for coconut oil
* sea salt for some taste or whatever salt you want it to be.
* baking powder
* Brown sugar if like your corn bread sweet. I skip sugar.

How to make Corn Bread?

Mix corn meal , salt , milk, coconut oil and egg together and stir it well. Then keep it aside to soak for 20 minutes. This soaking process is to make Corn meal softer.  The ratio of ingredients is one cup of corn meal to one and half cup of milk plus one egg and 2 table spoon of coconut oil. You can adjust it to your liking.

After soak for 20 minutes,add one teaspoon of baking powder and stir it well. Then bake it into pre heated oven for15 to 20 minutes. Depends on your mould. I brush some butter on bread mould for my corn bread to taste savoury.

My first time baked corn bread turn out very well. Solid corn bread ready to eat with jam or even butter. I love to eat this with yogurt top with fresh fruits.

My first baked corn bread is a success minus the sweet sugar taste this one taste almost similar to what I ate in Seoul many years back.  I bake this from time to time for my breakfast. 

Do you know corn meal is full of fibre and good for health? Try this's very easy. If you are not satisfy on the recipe I shared...Just search Oksusu Ppang at YouTube. 😅


  1. This is totally cool, dear! Love it! xoxo

  2. Wow so nice lah good job I like I dont know how to bake always when I bake mesti kek tak jadi....

  3. wahh. That's great that the corn bread turns out well. Im bad in baking. Hehehe. Look delicious!

  4. Thanks for the recipe Cindy. I think I want to try to bake it too.

  5. I love baking, and this Oksusu Ppang looks awesome. Will try this.

  6. when i first read your title i was like wat in the world! hahaha but it looks good and it's really easy to make too!

  7. my stomach ... gosh... i felt the hunger so much after reading this...
    Thanks for the recipe!!!


  8. I never heard of Oksusu Ppang even I am a Kdrama fans. The recipe is pretty simple, maybe I should try it.

  9. looks pretty cool... I have not heard of this before but might just give it a try..

  10. I love corn and corn based food or drinks. Haven't tried corn bread before. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Want to try my hand baking it.

  11. Good gosh, this looks so yummy. Never heard of this but I'm definitely trying it one day ..x


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