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6 Reason Why Liquorice is Good For Skin

Have you heard about Liquorice before? I only know liquorice is use in traditional Chinese Medicine. Some even add it to tea or tobacco. I do not know that this herbs is good for skin. I just found liquorice has been used for almost 4,000 years ago for skin and health benefit after I found this skincare range call Botanics which I bought it from one of the pharmacies in Bangkok.

For those who don't know how Liquorice look like can just 'google' the image. It kind of beautiful plant with some flowers. The plant is a legume type and very much like bean. The health benefit from this plant lies within the plant's root.

I remember drink liquorice remedies once to treat my stomach ulcers and congestion. Sometimes I take liquorice candy to treat my sore throat too.

As for skin benefit, I just found out liquorice is good to treat hyper-pigmentation. I thought only rose hips oil can treat this. 

I was interested with Botanics Skincare range even its very expensive because it says can fade out my dark spot.

 I bought 2 products from Botanics Whitening with Liquorice Series.

* Nature Inspired Botanics Whitening with Liquorice Concentrated Dark Spot Gel, 50ml

* Nature Inspired Botanics Whitening with Liquorice Refreshing Eye Gel, 15ml

 Botanics Whitening Concentrated Dark Spot Gel claimed :

* Reduces the appearance of Dark Spots 
* Reduce uneven skin tones
* Achieve luminous healthy looking complexion

My experience using Botanics Whitening Concentrated Dark Spot Gel :

I apply this gel concentrate after cleansing and toning steps every evening. I can't use this in the morning too as instruct in the box. Why? I don't really feel comfortable because the texture of this product make my skin really sticky like apply glue on my skin. Due to this I always reluctant to apply this gel. So...I kind of apply this inconsistently onto my skin. I have been using this for almost 1 month now. I could see it helps to fade some dark color from my dark spots. Imagine if I have that faith to apply this regularly??? I am pretty sure it work wonders on my skin. But I still find this too sticky and itchy sometimes. So far so good. Not negative reactions or whatsoever!

Botanics Whitening Refreshing Eye Gel claimed :

* plumps the appearance of the lines and firm up the eye contour
* reviving tired eyes and reducing eye puffiness
* reduce dark circles

My experience Botanics Whitening Refreshing Eye Gel :

I kind of love the texture of this eye gel. It absorb very quickly by just dabbing if slowly under eyes. I could say it works on reduce puffiness but not yet for dark circle. I think long way to go for me on that area. I would give this 5 stars and become among my fav eye gel so far.

Liquorice definately gives benefit to skin and why I just know this now. 🤗

Check out what other benefit liquorice can do for your skin.

6 Reason Why Liquorice is Good for Skin :

1. Skin Brightening

Hyper-pigmentation is always a problem for me. For those who don't know what is hyper -pigmentation, this is where some patches of your skin become darker than the rest of skin around it due to extra melanin deposits on those spots. It look ugly you know. I find its so hard to cover it even with concealer. Apparently , liquorice can restore the skin to a lighter color if apply daily on the darkened area.

2. Fights Wrinkle

I am not sure about others. As for me wrinkle around my eye area really make me really ugly. Liquorice is full of antioxidants which will helps block free radicals and keep skin from aging prematurely.

3. Fade Out Scars

I didn't try this on my scar yet because I am afraid it will finish even before I treat my hyper-pigmentation. I haven't try to find where to buy this in Malaysia. I Apparently , Liquorice helps to speed up the process by blocking the melanin production. It won't heal the scars totally but it can fade the color though.

4. Hide Sun Damage

Dark spots and age spot are both caused by the Sun. See? Sun is not all good and not all bad. Totally like love and hate collides. Haihhhh...If you apply liquorice it can help bring your skin to a smooth,lighter tone. This because it has this glabridin that stops the skin from darkening after sun exposure.It also contains UV blocking enzymes that help protect skin damage.

5. Firm and Tighten Skin

Not sure whether the skincare range mentioned has enough liquorice for this. But I read liquorice supposedly can keep skin feeling soft because it helps elastin and collagen for skin. It also contains amino acids which will help moisturize and re hydrate the skin.

6.Heal Wounds and Skin Infections

It helps to keep swelling and redness to a minimum and works by reducing the amount of bacteria on skin and allowing faster skin repairing.

This is my first time using liquorice for skincare.I usually treat my sore throat with it. I will buy more of this product range if I happen to find this here in Malaysia. This is worth to try out!


  1. definitely look whiter ! well licorice is really great herbal product

  2. Now only I know the benefits of liquorice.. Very nice for skin.. Great reason to use it..

  3. I really need this to treat my dark spot and puffy eyes. Would love to try this regime after finish my current one ;)

  4. Ros tak tahu tentang 'Liquorice' sebelum ni. terus google, dan baru tahu macam mana rupanya. banyaknya khasiat Liquorice terhadap kulit kita.
    Ros tertarik dengan Botanics Eye Gel tu. Bolehlah cuba nanti, nak hilangkan lingkaran hitam bawah mata ni. huhu

  5. Wow such a great product to fight hyper pigmentation. Definitey gonna buy this product to protect my skin from the sun. Thank you for the reccomendation !

  6. I need this product so much. I hate pigmentation especially on my cheek area. Although is no obvious but I want to treat it first.

  7. Glad to know that the product works for you. Just like me not all product will give effect. Need to try and error.
    What i did normally i will do patch test before apply to mu skin especially face area

  8. 1st time dengar pasal product ni. Bila umur dah makin meningkat ni, memang kena jaga kulit muka. My skin dah start naik pigmentation and mata pon ada dark circle. Tengah cari product yang sesuai.

  9. First time dengar pasal produk ni. Nampaknya macam menarik aje sebab bahan-bahan yang digunakan selamat untuk digunakan pada wajah. Macam mana pun sis masih tetap setia dengan produk yang sis gunakan sekarang sebab sesuai utk wajah sis. Apa2 pun terima kasih atas info

  10. first i might love this products because of the ingredients. secondly maybe because it worls on you..can see the difference

  11. Baru tahu manfaat dia. Ingatkan Liquorice gula-gula je ada. Untuk produk penjagaan wajah pun ada! Maka boleh la ruby cuba. Kalau manis, kita pun manis juga la. Hahaha

  12. omg cindy i think i really need this product for fight aging, nak masuk 3 siris ni I nak jaga kecantikan at least tak nampak tua in the future even 40 hehehe.... look so fun sebab the pink packaging also.. :)

  13. Dah google hihi..cantik bunga luqorice ni. Liquorice ni juga dikenali sebagai pokok "akar manis" dalam bahasa melayu nya. selali dengar liquorice - liquorice dalam tv. Tapi tak pernah nak ambil tahu khasiat dia.

  14. Memang penting penjagaan kulit supaya ianya sentiasa muda sebelum sampai masanya nanti. Paling penting, kena tahu apa bahan dan khasiat yang terdapat dalam setiap produk yang kita gunakan ;)

  15. I only use product with liquorice and been using more than 6 years (not this brand). I can see now many brands started to use liquorice in the product and it is actually very good. People can have more choices

  16. Saya sendiri tak pernah tahu kebaikan Liquorice ni. Tengok produk ni bagus. Memang berkesan dekat you.

  17. Its really great hearing that there is Chinese Ancient stuff like this being commercialize. Who know that liquorice is a good thing kan? haha

  18. Even Botanics Skincare range even its very expensive but it a good choice to use natural ingredients than chemical ingredients with the faster effect. I nned this Liquorice to fade my ance parut hehhe

  19. hye, ain here come&follow your blog!
    nice to meet you :)

  20. Nice! Even the packaging is lovely. I haven't heard of this ingredient in a beauty product yet.

  21. I only know liquorice to sweeten drinks, as candy, herbal remedy - now it's in skincare as well? Wow, that's great! Btw, your skin looks flawless!


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