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Monday, April 30, 2018

Wasted My Money With Lazada Beauty Box

Recently , Lazada was on Birthday sales. Some of the items on good bargain to my eyes ,was Beauty Box. Among all Beauty Box listed , I chose one from my favorite skincare Brand, Mamonde

It listed as ' Mamonde Birthday Surprise Box Skin-Care' at RM99
The listing promised the contents of the box will be at least 7 items worth RM200. 

It suppose to be a good surprise and I was so excited to wait for the box to reach me. The delivery rather super express since it took less than 4 days to reach me. 

When I opened the box...I was really SURPRISE
7 items as promised. Yeayyyy!!!!!
But...its all crapssss....nothing I want!
Did it really worth RM200 as promised?
Well...I checked price online...
* Mask cost RM6
* Sleeping mask RM58.25 (after disc)
* Trial kit listed as RM99.11 after discount but they include in Hydro Cream 50ml. Mine received with just 15ml cream
* That small 15 ml sleeping mask ..not sure how much it cost?
If calculated the price well the total is RM163.36. So it means that 15 ml mask cost me RM36.64???
Hurl!!!!! Slap my face to accept the reality of Surprise Box!
Served me right! I never paid that much money for just a bunch of sample or travel kits. I would rather spend that money for full sized items.
I should have just use my money to buy the item I want from the online shop itself. Stupid me!

I learned my lesson on online shopping deal. I paid RM99 for that lesson. I remember this forever.
isk isk isk... I feel like just got con big time from Lazada Birthday Beauty Box sales.

Update : Received my refund! Horrayyyy!!!!! The refund process is simple if you are still within the mentioned range.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Nearly wanted to get a box myself but the Clinique one. Bought the Laneige one sometime back also mostly travel sized items

    1. Buy from elsewhere dear. This is not worth our hard earned money.I quickly blog so everybody aware about this.

  2. Omg!! How come they sent the sample??
    Actually I saw a few brand offer beauty box by lazada. But I'm hesitate to buy .

    Because last year I read a few comment they are not satisfied with the lazada surprise box.

    1. I really don't know they HV done this before.Who paid so much for the sample size or travel kit right?

  3. I heard Lazada has 'changed' internally...and that change has been screwing up everything recently... T.T move on to shopee better at this point.

    1. I am trying to return and request for refund now. Huh! they really just wanna do one time business is it? That was my first thought when receive my purchase last week.

  4. i guess they will tell you they calculate by item original price. =x
    i used to love purchasing surprise box too, but not anymore.. i feel that they just pack everything which they cannot sell with a "surprise" term to attract buyer.

    1. Exactly what I thought too when receive it! So bad to fool the customer that way.

    2. It seems like Lazada never learn and continue to scam people. Since I read Tammy's experience and yours. I have decided to never get it. Surprisingly disappointing got la.

    3. I don't know this happened before. It look like they intentionally do this again thent despite ppl complaints in previous one. Yes the surprise led to disappointment.

  5. Ooo... to shortchange customers macam ini is horrible. Did you manage to get the refund? I hope you did!

  6. I wish you all the best, dear. Based on my recent experience, their return & refund policy is ok. But still, it's really an inconvenience for us bcos we have to wrap the items then go to the post office - time & costs.


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