Tuesday, June 12, 2018

There are Times...

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Yesterday was not so good for me.
I was trapped in a massive traffic for 3 hours.
For that amount of time, I could have reached my home town.

It was a fasting month and I was still in the car at around 8 pm. My mind was busy thinking about my dinner too. 
What should I have for dinner? 
By the time reach home, it was late. I don't think I had the energy to cook my own dinner.
I drove to the nearest Mc D and the queue was damn long.
My back up plan was the nearest restaurant. I parked my car in a hurry and walked in to pack some dinner. Most customers were finishing their dinner.
I was told by the waitress the kitchen is closed. I unable to order anything.

I feel like crying. I was getting so sensitive and emotional at that time. Being trapped for many hours in a massive traffic jam really rot down my mental. Of course, starving for one whole day added to my breakdown.

I drove back home with nothing. It was almost 9 pm. I don't get a single drop of water to my dry throat. So upset!

I was contemplating within myself. Should I eat? Or shouldn't? I have this rule within myself not to eat anything above 8 pm. Fool!

In the end, I fried 2 eggs for dinner. That was so blessed of me.
After quick dinner and shower, I sat down on my bed thinking hard about the life I chose. So...this is how its going to be too? No one will wait for me at home ? No cat too ? Ewww...can't stand the smell of cat ! Only the lizard who eat all the mosquitoes at home ? They are not waiting for me at all. It is better for me not to see them around. I hate lizard too. The dropping are massive and need to be cleaned all the time.

Oh! That is why God created Adam and Eve. At least we human can support each other. If I have someone waiting for me at home.... I can just order the food through phone on the way back. I thought , my life is fine without someone. Ironically ,this is the only time I think about the needs of partner in life. lol.. Somebody who can wait for me with home cook food.

If I think in another way, I am still blessed for being able to get 2 fried eggs for dinner and unlimited water supply. Imagine for those who at war or starvation due to poor? I feel thankful for God to give me this lesson in life. I feel thankful to God for at least letting me have eggs for dinner. I repent for a moment.

I also feel very sorry to the person who involve in massive accident last night. I hope no casualties involved. Well, by the way at the accident site...unlikely no casualty. The small white Viva was trapped under a big trailer. My heart goes to his or her family. I hope he or she recover well. Or I pray for her or his soul R.I.P.

I was almost gotten sandwich by one long trailer earlier too. That driver really an 'asshole'! Opps!!!! I am not sorry for being vulgar at all. I think that driver deserve more vulgar word from me though! He almost squash one motorcyclist behind me too. I was so terrible jam and this heavy don't know how many tonnes long trailer swaying here and there through the slow moving traffic even to the emergency lane. Bad driver!

There are times we feel unlucky...take a moment and think how unlucky are you if things can be amended easily...you are consider bless. Some people has the worst luck like death and fatal injuries which unable to be amended at all.

For those who are driving back to home town , please drive carefully. Don't follow your desire to be F1 driver on the highway and cause fatal accident to others. If you want to die...just die alone. Seriously, don't drag others with you! No 'U Turn'!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Drama Queen mode On...


  1. Oh my. Hope everything is ok now. There are times I have this feeling too when I am stuck at home and hubby thought I had my meals as I asked him tapau. He forgotten and I starve till he back and he tell me he did not recall. Haiz.. ended maggi mee

  2. Ada masanya kita akan ditimpa kesusahan bertimpa timpa tapi bila kita fikir masih ada orang lain yang lebih teruk daripada kita, kita akan lebih bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada.

  3. i guess no matter what our worries and problems there are, always be thankful for the things we do have. Selamat hari raya !

  4. Agreed with you. Selamat Hari Raya to you too and enjoy to the fullest for this celebration.

  5. Alahaii kesiannya, memang bukan hari you hari tu. Kadang-kadang sis pun ada jugak hari yang malang yang buatkan sis rasa nak nangis n menjerit aje

  6. Heheheh did not have to endure a lot of tests if stuck in jem it always happens to me. You can cover the dinner you are looking forward to.

  7. I hope your days are getting better and I do pray that everyone will be cautious while driving back to their hometowns. Have a great holiday to you yeah.

  8. Selamat Hari Raya to you. In life, there are always ups and downs. Just don't let the downs drag us down further emotionally. Stay strong, and with the notorious traffic in KL, puasa or not, always have some biscuits or snacks with you.

  9. Yeah traffic is such a bummer. Especially when its raining and you are feeling hungry. But still we can't do about it. So we should divert our attention for other blessings we got.

  10. Just take a breath..and rest..you think too much..hope everthing goes to well..Sometimes memang kita akan fikri begitu when single..but when have a partner also have a problem..hahah..tak semua indah..huhu

  11. May lots of happiness comes in your life. ^_^

  12. Selamat Hari Raya Cindy! Jam and Accident is really the worst nightmare ever, everyone please be safe and aware on the road especially during festive season!

  13. One of those tough days. I hope you're feeling better. xx Big hug.

  14. I hope u are ok now. Do take care and be safe.


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