Friday, November 16, 2018

Travelogue : 3rd Day Jeju-do

8th October 2018, Monday

I started off my 3rd day in Jeju-do feeling super energetic. I am going for a walk a Bijarim Nutmeg Forest. A bit of long drive but the countryside view along the way really soothes my eyes.The weather feels a bit chilly because of the strong wind.

10 minutes away from Bijarim Nutmeg Forest, I found CU convenient store. I have a stopover here to have my breakfast. I have breakfast Kdrama style. Instant noodles, banana milk, coffee and finish off with Soft Chewy Chocolate Chips Cookies. Blame to windy weather which opened up my big appetite. 

One thing I notice in Jeju-do, most CU convenient store built on a standalone place like this. This one in particular located out of nowhere, surrounded by a vegetable farm. I have fun checking out the surrounding and even visited the vegetable farm nearby.

Bijarim Nutmeg Forest, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-do

'Bijanamu' means "Nutmeg Tree". Bijarim Nutmeg Forest was a designated Korea's Natural Monument No. 374. There around 2,800 nutmeg trees here aged from 500 - 800 years old. I love the smells and refreshing smells of Bija seeds here. Even keep few in my jacket throughout my journey in Jeju-do. I will take out and smells the aromatherapy from time to time.

I leisurely follow the 1.2 km- long tail in Bijarim Nutmeg Forest. The path is covered by a small pyroclastic material called " song-i" which is beneficial for human metabolism. Just continue to breathe in the refreshing air in this forest and the path also covered with healthy stones which makes Bijarim a forest of healing. It was an easy walking trail but the most refreshing and therapeutic feeling ever.

Manjanggul Lava Tube, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-do

I drop by this place because it is around 5 minutes drive from Bijarim Nutmeg Forest. Manjanggul Cave is another designated monuments in Jeju-do. This is one of the finest lava tunnels in the world. If you find the weather above the cave is warm and comfortable. Advisable to put your jacket on when you in the cave. The weather inside the cave can be around 11 - 21 degree Celcius. You just need to walk 1km into the caves to reach the 70cm lava stalagmites and the lava tube tunnels. I would say it is not an easy walk for me because of the uneven surface plus the water. 

Woljeongri Beach, Gujwa-Eup, Jeju-do

I was drawn to this place by accident. I was driving towards the windmills which I saw from far. Then discover this beautiful beach.

It was a low tide time. The sea water subsides and leaves some seaweeds and sea creatures. I have fun playing around with some clams, conch, and small crabs here. 

The sea water is super clear here. I just spend my whole afternoon playing around this beach and it was fun and exciting here. I feel really sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place. 

Seongsan Illchulbong

On the way back to Hotel, I decided to detour to Seongsan Illchubong since I can see the place from far. This Seongsan Illchulbong is also known as "Sunrise Peak'. I don't have that motivation to wake up super early to hike up for just a Sunrise.

I end up for an hour in the late afternoon and on the way down, I witnessed a beautiful sunset. WTH! So, Seonngsan Ilchulbong can see both Sunrise and Sunset too. It just different direction.

It was not even an easy 1-hour climb and 1-hour climb down for me. It gave huge toll top my weak knee. The staircase was superb steep up and steep down. But the view from the top is magnificent for me. 

I get to see the tuff which has a bowl-like crater unfilled by scoria or lava but now covered with beautiful greens. Seongsan Illchulbong Tuff Cone is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

It was the most tiring climb but the experience is worth it. No Thank you to Mount Hallasan. I was tempting to climb that Mountain throughout my stay in Jeju-do. However, there is a strong feeling inside of me, it will be a bad vibe to do this. I am worried it will exhaust my leg which is now in the midst of getting better than the previous years. So...why do something for the sake of doing when you have bad vibes feeling all over my head. Nothing to achieve if it will damage my health. I know my limit!

I end up end my Seongsan Ilchulbong hike with delicious giller octopus leg which I bought from the nearby stall.

Grilled Tile Fish and Abalone Porridge

I have my dinner at nearby Restaurant which I had delicious grilled tilefish with Abalone Porridge. The side dishes come with this dish is simply awesome especially the seasoned Perilla leaves.

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  1. Bestnya kat Jeju kita memang teringin nak pergi sini lama sangat mengidam tak pernah kesampaian harap tahun depan dapat. Bestnya tempat cantik dan menarik semua ni....

  2. I was think jeju could be nice to visit on winter only. There's so many things can explore in other seasons too.Maybe i'm too much see korean drama. I wish i can be here soon

  3. Wahhh i pon berangan nak pi jeju island. Jeju Island dah note dlm wish list. Nanti boleh refer entri ni utk tempat-tempat yang best. Tq sharing !

  4. Love to read your travelogue so much!!! Could ablesho to plan my itinerary


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