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Travelogue : 3rd Day Jeju-do

9th October 2018, Tuesday

Starting my 4th day in Jeju-do with another good mood again. I was thinking to visit the most talk about the place if you visit Jeju-do. I don't have the chance to visit this place in my last short trip.

My first time filling up petrol into the rental car too. Next, to the petrol station, there is this big Hello Kitty Museum and Cafe. It was not open yet since still early in the morning. I just parked at the carpark leisurely since no other car except mine. I was busy snapping photos before one Ajussi talked something in Korean. He was telling me to park my car properly. huhuhuh...He must be a caretaker here. I just quickly snap a photo and drove away. Bye, Bye Ajussi. hehehehe...

Osulloc Tea Museum and Innisfree Jeju House, Seogwa-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-is, Jeju-do

Here I am after 30 minutes drive reached this most talks about the place in Jeju-do.Do you know AmorePacific? This company have developed many successful beauty brands- Mamonde, Innisfree, Etude House, Laneige, Lolita Lempicka and Anick Goutal. I bet you people recognize the brand name, right? Ossulloc Tea opened by this company and you will find Innisfree Jeju House next to this place.

I am not that impressed with this place anyway. To me, this is just another shopping place. So if you love shopping, visit this place. I am sure you will buy something even if you don't feel like buying. Too many pretty things pleasing your eyes here. Otteoke!!! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Tourist shop like crazy here. No joke!!!!
The tea selection here is impressive and I was tempted to get one too. But my options to spend for today is either the tea or the cafe dessert set. I chose the later. muahahaha...because the dessert looks super pretty to my eyes. I can't remember the exact price but around KRW15,000 or more for this set. Love the green tea ice cream and tangerine soft ice cream which I ate until brain freeze in the morning as my breakfast. The green tea rolled cake is fluffy and love the cream. I am not a big fan of cakes at all. So..this is just fine for me because I was so hungry since haven't eaten anything yet.

Then I walked over to the adjacent building to visit the most talked about Innisfree Jeju House. They have another cafe here too. You will see some of the dessert photos below. I don't eat here. I just spent at Osulloc Tea. haihhhh....don't have such free money to spend all the way when traveling with limited cash. I still want to pick up some skincare items from Innisfree Jeju House. Here they have the special collection which only can get in Jeju. I bought some tangerine face mist, tangerine roll on balm and some shampoo. I spent around KRW28,000 here. WTH! Did I hear any dinner tonight???

I have a short stroll around this area. Love the greenery view here. For those who love to take the photo can have so much fun with the beautiful background here. Wildflowers are everywhere. Even the toilet is so much fun and beautiful too. 

Here some eye candy for dessert serves in Innisfree Jeju House. Tempting beautiful, right?

Wollyeong Cactus Village , Wollyeong-ri, Hallim-eub, Cheju, Jeju-do

This place is a bit far from Osulloc Tea. If you read my earlier post, I travel using my impulsive feeling without any proper itinerary. Everything base on my google on attraction and just drive all the way using the super fast GPS provided by the Lotte Car Rental. 

Even from the main road, I can see a lot of cactus. So it is hard to miss out this area. I drove into the village to find parking. The road a bit narrow too. I finally found public parking. There are many beautiful cafes which overlooking a fantastic sea view.

I just walk a little bit and find the beach, long wooden bridge and cactus on the beach stone. It was raining for a while but then the weather turns to be just fine for a stroll along the wooden bridge.

I have fun observing the villager daily life here too. Like some people busy fishing near the lighthouse. Local drying the garlic and some dog staring blank from the cafe rooftop and crabs crying for help because it stuck in between of the rock.  

The village nearby looks a bit old and traditional. The cactus here planted along stone walls and house to discourage entry of rats and snakes. As you see the flower is red and local villager said this has anti inflammatory medicinal effect.

This is another hole trail too. If not mistaken this is Jeju Olle Trail Route 14. Don't miss out this place if you visit Jeju-do.

I was so hungry again. it the weather? Can't be spending my precious money for expensive coffee at the nearby cafe since I just splurged out most of my money at Osulloc and Innisfree. huhuhuh... So wise of me to pack some hot water in my thermos and Maxim Coffee stick. I stop at the nearby bench and open up my own cafe. Enjoying my hot coffee with some delicious cookies which I have gotten from Paris Baguette near Seongsan Ilchulbong the night before. Smart me!!! hahahaha...I even get beautiful sea view while sipping the coffee.

On the way to Yeongmari beach, I found this vegetable farm. Stop the car for some quick photo with don't know what veggies. I think its garlic and the other with the white flower for sure I know. This is buckwheat.

Yeongmari Coast, Sanbang-to, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-is, Jeju-do

I don't have the intention to visit Yeongmari Coast. My initial intention is to visit Sanbangsan Mountain for pink mushy bushes. Somehow, the GPS lead me to Yeongmari Coast since this place is along the stretch of Sanbangsan Mountain. Looking at the mountain steep hike, I end up feel disheartened to climb up. My knee especially that day feel super painful. I have another 7 days in Jeju-do. Save up!

I just stroll along while enjoying the superb view in front of me. If going underwater the wide rocks stacking look like a shape of dragon's head. It was a majestic scenery by the sea. You will see a big ship and statue to Hamel Castaway Memorial along the road down to the seashore.

There are fun fairs going on while I was here. So many local enjoying the rides and having fun here. I saw Golden Buddha statue on opposite hills. No keen to climb up anymore. Snap the photo from far is what I did. huh huh

Jusangjeollidae, Jungmu-dong, Seogwipo-is, Jeju-do

Jusangjeollidae is a Natural Monument No. 443. You can see a spectacular natural rock pillar formed by basaltic lava. It looks like giant stairs and so geometrically carved like a hand-made.

It was a calm day so I can see the waves gently lapping to the edge of Jusangjeolli Cliff. At some area can see the red colour algae on top of the rocks which make the view so spectacular.

It was late evening and the sun is going down. Today, I have another awesome view of the golden sunset. Thank you, God! For giving me this opportunity in real life.

Braised Mackarel and Tiramisu Ice Cream

I end my journey for the day with a big plate of braised mackerel at my favourite Ajumma Restaurant. This cost me KRW20,000.

Since I finished off one big plate of braised mackerel, my mouth feels super fishy. I parked my car at the hotel and walked out to the next door 7 Eleven for a cup of Tiramisu Ice Cream. Yummy treats again! muahahaha

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