Monday, December 3, 2018

I tried to break into others car

Last weekend ...well should I just say this happened to me yesterday. isk isk isk with my antique!

I went back hometown for a night to fetch my parent back to KL for their medical checkup. My sister drove back to North. While travelling on the highway we saw this long trailer full of new Mercedes Benz car.

Me : Let us hijack that trailer like in the 'Fast and Furious' movie.

Sis : Merz each ya.

Me : But how are we going to get up on that trailer?

Sis : Just go up la...

Me : How to reverse the car down to the road?

Sis : What la... I thought we are 'Fast and Furious' team?

Me : But I still scared la...if get caught...I think just say I am taking a selfie.

Sis : Chehhhh!!!!   ????

That's how I killed off the drama I created out of sudden.

I was the one driving back to KL yesterday. We stopped at Rest area near Tapah. After breakfast , I walked alone back to my car to drive car nearer to my parent. So they don't have to walk far.

I press my car remote. It doesn't work. I was thinking the battery went dead. I tried to use the key (old car..ok. I don't use the keyless car yet)  and it doesn't work too. The Chihuahua from the next car keeps barking at me. I pitied her too because her owner left her in the car alone in the locked car. But I was too busy with my own problem. WTH! Why I can't unlock my car? Are we going to stranded here at Rest area? I more worried about my old parent.

I walked back to my sis who was waiting with my parent on the other side to ask her for help.

Me : I can't unlock my car

Sis : What happen?

Me : I think the remote battery is dead. But I tried the key and it doesn't work too. Strange right?

My sis tried hard like me too. Both feel a bit strange too. At least the key suppose to unlock the car.

Sis : car got Giraffe toy?

Me : What Giraffe??

Sis : Hehhhh!!! is this your car??? 
She was walking back of the car to check on the plate number.

Me : What do you mean? You think I don't recognize my own car meh???

Sis : Weiiii... come here...this is not your car car is at the other side.

Me : WTH!!! Seriously ???? muahahahahahaa

Guess what happened? The whole journey back to KL ..I was a laughing stock. Everybody was rolling laugh die me. Cehhhh!!! My mum was saying she will never forget my carelessness until she died. huhuhuh... This is like the same case when my late Grandma only remember me as 'The one who got wrestled by Goat'. Just because I got wrestled by one when I was 5 years old. Haihhhhh...

As for the wrong car experience. Thank God! The owner of the car doesn't notice the whole ordeal. I would have got caught red-handed if he realizes I was trying to force open his car. Haihhhh... At least lucky escape for or I end up in a real drama for sure.

Here goes my weekend story.


  1. Haahahahaha. It was happened to me before. But i was not the one who tried to open the wrong car. A stranger did to my car. I was right behind that aunty. Her car was actually next to mine. We happened to hve the same model and color of car. It was so funny to see that aunty. Tht aunty was in her late 40s. Very comel to see her struggling to open the car. Hahahaha

  2. Hahahaha
    Biasala tu
    I pernah kena hahahaha
    Selalu sangat tersalah kereta

  3. tetiba teringat pasal video yang viral aritu! hahaha yes this thing memang selalu jadi. tak kira tua ke muda mesti terjadi juga hahaha lesson to learnt

  4. Hahaha. I pernah kena macam ni. Beria bukak pintu ingat pintu kereta rosak sekali tengok kereta orang lain rupanya

  5. Haha so funny lah your story. But it did happened to me last time. The car model and color are the same with me. Luckily i noticed it a bit earlier before enter the car. I'm sure the car owner feel suspen at that time. Haha

  6. Omg!that was so funny! So far i still never get that experienced but i have heard from someone. The story same like you. Its okey,i believe next time you must be focus when looking at your car. Don't go into others car ya.hehehe

  7. Lol this is so funny, imagine the owner of that car comes back and see you trying to open the car alamak confirm awkward

  8. Alamak kita lagi dasyat bukan setakat salah buka kereta orang tapi kita siap masuk dan sembang dengan orang sebelah rupanya bukan kawan kita wakakak waktu tu muka malu merah dan minta maaf terus bla tanpa pandang belakang lagi heheheh pengalaman sangat.

  9. hahaha what a funny scene for you. It happened to me before too when rushing. lucky no one around me last time la. Anyhow hope you had a great weekend and see you soon babe.

  10. pernah terjadi dekat nad juga..memang malu habis..hahaa..adoyaii..macam mana boleh tersalah kereta..

  11. Hahahha... i also experienced the same.. usually i parked at the same spot but 1 time i parked at other spot.. when i try to press the key its not working.. and i keep panoc but my little daughter said thats not our car because the no plate not ours.. when i remember back. YESSSSS not our car hahhahaha

  12. Few yeard back during my univ time, it happen to me & my friends as well. Panic why the car can't be open. Rupanya salah kereta haha

  13. Hahaha. You are funny. Just like my friend who entered a white Lavina after doing his business in a van when I was parked my red Exora behind the car. I could see the lady driver smacked him because she thought he was about to hijack her. After some explanation, everybody laughed. haha

  14. Ohhh funny..
    Bab tersalah kereta ni memang biasa la terjadi.
    Lagi-lagi warna kereta sama. Pastu park berdekatan.
    My husband pun pernah macam tu. Then i say, tu bukan kereta kita la. Jenuh bukak tak mau. 😄

  15. hahaha..anak i selalu kena macam ni..bapak dia lak memang gelak kaw-kaw..konfiden je ingat kete sendiri..

  16. Hahahahahah if you got caught while trying to unlock other car, must be double embarrassed 😂 Luckily it didn’t happen. But i believe, this would make you guys laugh for quite long period hahahah.

  17. Hahahaha. Bila kereta nampak sama. Lepas tu confidence je pi buka. Kadang dah letih memandu, macam tu la kan. Blur blur soot. After all alhamdulillah perjalanan selamat.

  18. Hahahahahahaha. .. Lawak wei.. Kwan i pernah mcm ni. .sekali bukak2. Ada orang laim kt sear driver tu. .kahkah.. Malu kwan i. .tak abih2 sory2.. Tergelak2 driver tu

  19. Haaa..biasalah tu tersalah kete,kadang kita ni blur sikit jenis xtgk plate kete terus jer nk bukak pintu tanpa tgk plate kete..heee


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