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Travelogue : 7th Day, Jeju-do

12th October 2018, Friday

12th Oct - My birth date. I was glad to be here at least away from my workplace and far from people who know me. At least can do some soul searching and inspiration on how to continue living this life. I feel blessed for few years able to celebrate my birthday on my own away from others noise. This moment that I have is really precious for me. Especially this year since I am in dilemma to find direction with my life and making the biggest decision in my life. (that does not mean I  am getting married or something) My life is always about myself not anyone else.

Last year 12 Oct 2017,  I spent my 43rd birthday having lots of fun at Universal Studio Japan.
How  I spend my moment on my 44th Birthday this year 12 Oct 2018? I would say nothing special and specific agenda for this year. I just end up lazy around without direction.

Hallim Park 

I end up here in the morning. Strolling and explore Hallim Park which located at the western part of Jeju. Estimated around 33km drive away from Jeju City and west of Mt Hallasan along the beach of Hallimeup.

One special fact I learn about this place is this park was established on barren land. Now, this barren land has a variety of gardens that can be enjoyed in every season.

Things to do at Hallim Park

Visit two famous caves - Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Cave which is known to be the only two-dimensional caves in the world. I love this caves compare to Manjanggul Caves I visited on my 3rd day travelogue.

This caves even have the 'Legend of Dr.Jin'and 'Golden Cave'.

Strolling through the various garden - Palm Tree Road, Jeju Stone, Bonsai Garden

If you love to visit the folk village, here they have one too. On top of that, there are many species of birds around here which you can watch up close.

I have fun checking out the beautiful waterfall, lavender, rosemary and other herbs garden too. Oh! did I mention this is my first time visiting the kiwi garden? So happy!

Hyeopjae Beach

This beach located just west side of Hanrin-eup and is part of Hallim Park. I don't really spend time here but love this beautiful white beach. There are many crushed seashells scattered around and long seashores stretched and cobalt coloured seawater. Not far from his beach you can even see Biyangdo Island. This beach is a great place for camping too.

Cafe Hemingway

I am not really a great fan of Cafe hoping. Why? I need to spend money on expensive coffee. huhuhuh...I visited this cafe because love the location which is right in front of a beach and I can enjoy my hot coffee while looking out over the sea through the window. I was tempted to sit outside but the weather was too windy and chilly. 

I end up spending on very dry scones and a cup of cappuccino which cost me in a total of KRW16,000. I can eat one full meal dinner with that cash. isk isk isk ...but it's my choice though! Using my special day to resonate within me for spending that much that day.

View from Hemingway. I love Cafe Hemingway because of the view and peacefulness. Not many people here. But the food here kind of sucks and basically they are selling the view. Hemingway Cafe not far from Hyeopjae Beach.

Cafe Bomnal

I am a big fan of 'Warm and Cozy' Korean Drama starred by Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra. Passing by this cafe is meaningful for me. It's a beautiful place but I don't spend my money here because I am saving up the budget to spend at Cafe Monsant which is just walking distance from this Cafe.

Cafe Aewol Monsant

Here you go...highlight for the day. My favourite K Pop Idol G-Dragon's cafe, Cafe Aewol Monsant. I really love the stylish and modern design of this cafe. They have this impressive huge glass windows surrounded the cafe build up.

The crowd here pretty much full of excitement. Enjoying the delicious goodies and coffee. The price you pay here is quite worth it.

The cinnamon bread and cakes are delicious with the price you paid. Unlike the Cafe Hemmingway but of course, you can't find peacefulness here. The crowd is noisy. hahaha...This cafe super popular. Obviously crowded.

OK!!!! I treat this as my 44th birthday present for myself. I don't spend on coffee here but just drink up the free plain water provide here. I spent KRW16,000 here. Loving the bread and cake here. Lucky I have my hoodies on. The weather was super hot and chilly at the same time. I put that on and dine outside the cafe while enjoying the breathtaking view here.

I really love the fantastic view of ocean view of Jeju Island laid out in front of my eyes here. I wish can spend more time here. Time is so jealous of me. I feel sunset pretty fast here. I need to start my journey back to hotel fast before its dark. Yeahhhh!!! my old age has difficulties to see the road in the dark.

I concluded my 12th Oct 2018 with a simple meal a grilled mackerel with this super pathetic side dishes at KRW15,000. My favourite ajumma closed the shop super early that day. Whatever it is my 44th birthday this year is full of blessing and I find my life direction after this trip. Satisfied!!

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  1. whao banyaknya tempat menarik. bila travel jauh-jauh yang airah paling suka cuba makanan yang famous dekat sana. gambar pun memang sampai penuh la memory.

  2. Wahhh ramainya kawan-kawan ke Jeju sekarang. Iyalah cuaca pun tengah baik di sana kan. Bilalah dapat merasa ke sana. Salah satu bucket list juga ni. Sebab banyak tempat-tempat menarik di sana. Lagi-lagi sebab saya sendiri suka tengok Korean drama, jadi memang teringin sangat menjejak antara lokasi-lokasi penggambarannya kat sini. Hihi.

  3. I like your posts, always about travel. I didn't go any place that far before. How much you usually spend on this vacation? is it package of ground tour? My niece too like to travel and go on vacation.

  4. Wow! First of all, I would like to wish you Happy Belated Birthday! Yeah! So excited to travel out with somebody. Explore other country and learn more about them. Its such a wonderful moment that not everybody can get it. You are lucky!. However, I love your sharing. Will spread to friends if they want to go there.

  5. Nampak menarik la kafe dengan cermin besar tu. Banyak tempat best untuk masuk instagram kat sini. View pun stunning. Can't wait for my family travel soon....

  6. Suddenly i miss Jeju so much after read ur entry. I just spend 3 days here but still not enough to cover the whole island. Hyeopjae Beach among my fav spot there. Love the view and smell.

  7. Bestnya dapat pergi Jeju Island..dulu ke Korea tak berpeluang ke sana. Kalau sis repeat ke sana sure Sis akan ke Jeju. Tengok ikan grilled tu rindu pulak kesedapan ikan tu..sedapnyaaa

  8. Seronoknya dapat menjejakkam kaki di sini....banyak tempat menarik yang boleh yang bermanfaat untuk rakan-rakan traveler yang suka mengembara...semoga kita semua nanti berpeluang untuk menjejakkam kaki disini....happy belated birtday sis...

  9. Seronoknya di hari lahir dpt pegi tmpt menarik mcm jeju pernah smp lg..adik2 ada juga plan next trip katanya nk ke jeju...nice view..nice place..tq for tau ke jeju nanti bole jenguk sini lg

  10. Beautiful Jeju, how I wish I have chance to visit it someday. Always love the peaceful country with the beach even though is not as beautiful as our beach in Malaysia. Anyway tempting with the cakes and those mackerel grill does look sad. Hihi

  11. Selalu tengok tv je pulau jeju ni. Ya Allah so cantik so aman so harmoni. I wish i would be there!!! Eh wait ----- sis cindy already 44th? U looks so young seriously :)

  12. Wahhh so syiok!! Supposed to be I'm going to Jeju this month but cancel due to circumstances.anyway your post looks great can be as my reference sons

  13. Arrhhh Kiwi Garden I love it hehehe walaupun kurang suka makan buah kiwi tapi suka melawat ladang macam ni menarik dan banyak buah boleh makan hehehe nak pergi Jeju juga next year...

  14. banyaknya gambar best di jeju! so nice. no doubt, jeju is awesome. banyak tempat cantik. weather pun okay.. kalau yang minat drama korea mesti rasa nak pergi jeju

  15. Jeju ni dah banyak kali jadi sebutan dengan kawan2 yang ada, paling teringin nak pergi masa musim bunga sebab katanya waktu tu cantik sangat.Walaupun harga makanan pun boleh tahan jugalah.Harap suatu hari nanti saya juga mampu ke sana...

  16. nice post on jeju! i havent been to korea.. so this can be helpful if i happen to go there someday! but for the timebeing thanks for sharing so that we can see how is it there now.

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  17. Senang dengan tempat pelancongan yang menyatu dengan alam. Asri, sejuk dan bikin adem. Semoga makin banyak destinasi wisata yg bisa saya kunjungi seperti yang di urai di atas

  18. Happy belated spend the whole birthday at a great place macam Jeju ni..relax your mind..

  19. rosemarry dan herbs garden tu nampak best..banyak juga tempat menarik ye..kalau pergi sini kena tau mana nak pergi..bestnya..bila kita nak sampai sini ye..hehee..seronok pergi negara orang ni kan

  20. nice escapade...really a good adventure to visit this beautiful places.

  21. Wah..Vedanta. next year l will trevel to korea time musim bingo..dah lama in my list,my next jeju plk😊


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