Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Travelogue : 8th Day, Jeju-do

13th October 2018, Saturday

Wake up with some lazy mood in my head. I decided not to drive anywhere today. Plus my phone suddenly acting up. I guess too heavy task for many days already. Today when I wake up it just unable to start. It just went black out. I was so upset with worry I lost all my photos from this trip. What should I do? Seriously worried. I still have my tablet to take a photo but you know la...tablet is super heavy and big too.

I decided to explore nearby my Hotel area. It was Saturday.

I decided to walk around Dongmun Market, Jungang Underground Shopping Center and then at night walk back to Dongmun Nightmarket. Like I said there was a 57th Tamna Festival in Jeju during my stay. Almost every day at Jeju City is the festival atmosphere. Many programmes going on. While walking toward the Market saw a bunch of kids with funny costume getting ready to perform. hehehe

Dongmun Traditional Market, Jeju City

This traditional market is one of the most popular markets selling fresh seafood, goodies and snacks. You can get almost everything on Jeju goodies like tangerine chocolate, fruits, snacks and clothes too.

I don't sign up for breakfast from my hotel so totally need for breakfast fix. I end up trying out this cheesy seafood cook in Crabshell.

Yummy??? I am hungry...anything also tastes nice here for me. hahaha

Finally found this pancakes. I tried few types of pancake one are sweet and the other full of Japchae in the pancake.

I wish to have my own kitchen here in Jeju. Can buy back the fresh fish and kimchi for lunch or dinner. 

After shop for some snacks, I walked out from the market to join the crowd at Tamna Festival.

They even have some fun activities and flea market outside here. But my mood is totally at worrisome mode due to my phone problem. Keep wondering on what to do if this fella still acting up until night time. I wanted to shop at Jungang Underground shopping centre but not in the mood at all.

I just walked back to the hotel and get sulky alone. I keep google on how to rectify my phone. But many advice to reset to factory. I don't want to do that because this will cause me to lose all the data.

Nearly night time, I tried to restart my phone again. WTH!!! it starts. Everything went well and I still don't really know what is the cause for it acting up in the daytime.

Jungang Underground Shopping Centre

I walked to the underground shopping centre but to me, this place is nothing to buy. Much famous beauty brand store but the price is not that cheap. It was cheaper to buy from the online store from Malaysia here. I just bought a few hand cream and facial mask for a souvenir. My heart still protests on why I bought this expensive stuff here when I can get this cheaper elsewhere. As for fashion, I think Sg Wang fashion much better from here. If you ask me whether I recommend shopping here? I would rather skip this place and maybe check out the Duty-free but its quite far from me. Shopping is my less priority in this trip.

Dongmun Night Market

I was in a great mood to join the night market crowd. My mission here to get a nice street food dinner. This place is super crowded since it was Saturday night.

No place to sit here. Just buy some food and eat it while standing at any corner you can find. I was glad to bring my backpack with me to keep my hand free so I can keep comfortably. I skip all the long queue stall. Anyway..I can't even eat them since the longest queue is poky dishes. I just patronised all the seafood stall and end up with great foodies experience here with some Hallabong juice to finish off my dinner that night.

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  1. Mungkin klo saya berkesempatan pergi ke Jeju, saya akan coba kulinerx seperti apa rasanya. Selain itu baru mengeksplore destinasi wisata sejarahnya. Shopping belakangan aja hehee

  2. Nice trip! I never imagine me my self can go travel to Jeju or somewhere. Hahahha Never listed in my head because I don't have money. Hahha. Ok done.

    Actually, i am happy to see my blogger-mate sharing their experience there, so that I can see and learn a new thing based on your writing. Thanks for sharing here!

  3. oh my!! i can totally feel you! i lost my day 1 perth trip photos too! anyway dongmun market surely suits me as i like all those food there! :D

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  4. nice...bestnya you explore sorang-sorang ke?i tak jejak lagi kaki ke Korea..memang antara wishlist i la ni...hope you enjoy sepanjang percutian you...

  5. never boring reading your travelogue to jeju. so many delicious food I wish to try

  6. i love free market...especially when they sold so many local products. feel like want to buy all..tq you for sharing this...can use for the future reference when i come visit this place

  7. Wow sangat -sangat sedap semua makanan kat sini hehehehe bestnya dapat makan dan jalan-jalan kat Jeju memang menarik dan teringin nak pergi sangat kat sana harap tahun depan dapat pergi jua...

  8. wow the food look so tempting and yummy!i already went to seoul on 2014 but sadly because of some sad issue ferry back then, we cancel to go to jeju..hope to go here next time.

  9. Really nice to go out there and seeing others people culture and foods! tq for showing us the lovely place of jeju do... Nak g jugak!

  10. Waa.. Bestnya dapat berjalan ke Jeju.
    Dapat jelajah negara orang sambil menikmati pelbagai jenis makanannya.
    Juga boleh menikmati setiap sudut keindahannya..

  11. Baca pasal jeju ni membuak buak nak pergi kesana. Nak rasa makanan sana.
    Sis kalau travel mana2 memang akan cuba makamam diaorg dan memang suka ke market

  12. Wah lamanya u kat Jeju. Jealousnya I pun nak pegi juga . Finally your handphone dah boleh guna . Kalau I sedih juga .

  13. I think your phone maybe just need a little more rest la, too much great pictures taken. Hehe. Thank God it is still working. You might see me in those funny costumes too, if I was in Jeju haha

  14. So much fun to explore Jeju! Mouse mommy also been there few years ago with family. It is really a nice place to visit , friendly people and yummy food! Enjoy your Jeju-holidays!

  15. So cute that girl in the costume playing guitar. I think i follow up your trip from day 1 until now. Do you know how to speak Korean kak Reena?

  16. Bestnya Jeju, my friends pun baru je balik dari sana. Ishh so far, i belum pernah sampai Jeju lagi paling2 pun cuma kat Seoul dan Busan. :)

  17. Bila datang ke negara orang tempat paling best ialah tempat banyak makanna dan shopping.. Hehehe.. Wah seronok tengok diaorang punya pasar, meriah. .Shopping ape tu. .

  18. Akak. Dah balik ke belum. Kemain seronok trip akak ni. Saya nak kirim fridge magnet bleh. Akak dah macam citizen Jeju je. Hahaha. Mesti dah expert kalau nak pi travel ngan akak.

  19. Wow... Dat food. Yummylicious btul.. Beb.. Kalau jeju ni stroller friendly tak? Teringin nak ke jeju with my kids n husband. .. Tapi tu la kalau tak stroller friendly parah jugak i kalau anak2 buat perangai mngantuk ke

  20. omg that cheesy seafood in crab shell..
    why lah aku pegi baca post ni subuh2 camni. Kan dah lapar -.-


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