Sunday, January 27, 2019

Non Surgical Face Lift Solution with ID.AZ Face Fit

What are the most visible signs as ageing is catching up?
SKIN condition.

Young skin - healthy, bright, elastic and fast heal if injured.
Ageing skin - wrinkles, sagging, increase age spots, freckles, moles and pigmentation.

Well, we are just talking about the surface because this is the most visible area to us. We need to know about what is going on beneath the surface of our skin. No one in this world has an exception to go through the ageing process unless IMMORTAL.
We can't reverse ageing but slow down the process is absolutely possible.


All you need is good skin care and a healthy lifestyle. These days change a lot as times goes by. Technology and Research are so much possible to make the ageing process slower. There are many safe treatments are available from healthcare professionals, for eg. the famous ID Hospital in South Korea and they even have many branches globally.

ID Hospital created their very own cosmetic range under IDPLASCOSMETICS suitable for a conservative woman just like me. I run far away with just the word hospital and procedures. huhuhuh

The fact of the birth of functional cosmetics from a Doctor who has vast experience in treating countless numbers of patient really make me rest assure this is something I can't miss out!

I have tried ID.AZ 5 Minutes Clay Mask before and the result is impressive. Here I am trying out the new ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack.

The packaging box of this product is in mysterious black. But once you open the glass jar look so high end as much as the valuable content. I would recommend this for a perfect gift to love one too.

ID.AZ Face Fit claimed :

  • Improve skin density
  • Improve sagging face
  • Lifting
  • Anti Aging 

Obviously, this has come rolling to the right mid 40s woman. hihihihi

How to use ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

I used this in the last step of skin care every night before going to bed. Just apply an appropriate amount and gently tap for absorption, after evenly over the face. Well, a little massage in an upwards motion will not only rejuvenate your skin but also give a boost for an excellent result.

What is my experience after 2 weeks trying out of ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

The cream is white in colour and the texture is creamy. My first impression of this cream is it's going to be sticky and not easy to absorb into my skin. To my surprise, it doesn't have such tackiness issue at all. I feel a tensioning effect almost immediately with one application. The formulation of this product gives a creamy and leaving skin smooth, soft and supple. Just apply this at night and let it works on your skin while you sleeping.

Three most visible things I noticed after 2 weeks using ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack - Firm up my complexion, Increase elasticity and manage various age-related problems. I would say it does the job beautifully on my skin.
On the 'V' shape face. My face naturally has that 'V' shape if I am not this fat. kekekeke... 
So, to be honest on this review I would say instead of giving that 'V' tensioning effect, its more towards uplifting my sagging ageing skin. It works!

Forget about the regular sleeping mask. Why don't treat yourself with the functional sleeping pack that can give you a visible result like ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

Where to get this miraculous ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack and how much?

You can purchase ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack at Watson Store near you at only RM199. The last I checked on 27th Jan 2019  online price is RM169.15. You can get yours HERE.


  1. I think with my current age, I really need this hahahha. Read a lot of positive review about this product, I should buy one for myself

  2. Wow! Lately this product always exist in front of my eyes. Haha quite famous this . I have read about this product before. It looks good and I love the style of packaging. Looks expensive. Will try this one next time

  3. We have a great deal of product like this because we are old. But men can not become more mature.

  4. Every women hates the sign of aging, thats for sure! LOL. I've heard about this product before but never tried it. A bit costly for me as I dont usually spend much on personal care huhu..

  5. If it is works for you, hope it works for me too. I'm looking for face lift solution too.

  6. Produk ni packaging dia nampak eksklusif. Kalau best boleh terus pakai la kan?. Anti aging tu best la at least boleh sorok sikit usia kita. Hehehe...

  7. different la muka u after apply this cream...can see you face look more flawless...should try this brand one day

  8. Packing dia menarik. Bestnya kalau dapat guna dan serasi dengan kulit wajah.
    Nampak muda sentiasa. Hehe

  9. wah ramai yang pakai ni kan..nak nampak muka v shape gitu..bagusla ada produk macm ni..emnarik sungguh

  10. Guess it is really working right; weaving its magic while you are deep in sleep. By the way the packaging really looks damn cool! I mean awesome.

  11. Baru aje baca entry pasal this produk. Memang nampak cam menarik dan menarik narik sis untuk mencuba. Katanya mampun meruncingkan wajah..bolehlah sis cuba nanti untuk wajah sis yang bulat montel ni..:D

  12. Produk wajib ada bila usia dah meningkat. Memang sesuai sangat sebab bila usia dah meningkat, kulit pon dah start mengendur dan berkedut kan...

  13. Wow... Exclusive packaging dia! Nampak mewah gitu. Nina belum pernah pakai sleeping mask. Teruja nak cuba, sekali boleh shape kan muka eh? Anti aging tu pun buat rasa nak beli tapi erkkk... Harga boleh tahan gak tu kannn? . Huhuuuu

  14. I use this too! It really does improve our skin and reduce wrinkles and lines. I feel so old that my face started to have fine lines, but now i'm trying to reduce it using this mask.

  15. This product memang bagus untuk digunakan sebab kesannya yang sangat bagus untuk kulit muka .Nampak glowing dan shining kan .Harga pun berbaloi dengan kualiti produk

  16. Tanda tanda penuaan memang akan hadir pada setiap wajah..cuma yang boleh dilakukan ialah melambatkan proses penuaan..good product with affordable price.. yg penting berbaloi kan

  17. jelang usia 30 tanda tanda penuaan memang sudah muncul namun pandai pandai kita merawat diri, apalagi wanita yang sudah bersuami. agar suami tak melirik wanita lain

  18. Kalau kak pun nk cuba sbb usia dah meningkat jd kena juga jaga wajah


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