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Things To do in HuaHin : Into the Wild at Kaeng Krachan National Park


I was determined to visit Kaeng Krachan which is about one and a half hours from HuaHin to check out this untouched National Park and also a border to Myanmar. You can't just visit this place without any tourist guide. So I  hired one private car with a driver to guide me into the jungle.

When I reached the National Park area, I feel thrilled. Fresh traced of Wild Elephant is everywhere. I read before if got lucky or rather unlucky, you can witness live panther roaming around. I don't pray to meet one. I must be crazy to pray for one??? huhuhuhuh

My tour guide brought me into some simple jungle trekking because I told him my disability to go for a harder trekking course due to a day before I was on a difficult hike. Check out my painful hike at Pranburi

I have to take off my shoes to cross the Pranburi River to get to the other side of Kaeng Krachan National Park.

I don't meet many animals here. Just fresh elephant dunk, a glimpse of giant hornbill, shy dusk langur, a snake and some wild insect. I even found another species of Rafflesia here. The rafflesia here is smaller and bright in colour compare to the one I found during my trip to Sabah. Check out my Sabah journey HERE

My first-time encounter with wild wood mushroom is really fascinating too. I end up spending more time in the jungle and totally forgotten that I am in thick jungle with potential prey of wild animals like leopard, elephant, tiger and even bear. My tour guide told me there is a high chance to meet bear here. He even prepares me with some survival skill before went into the jungle. Thank God! no need to use any of those. I think I'd have a genuine heart attack if I meet one of those.

My knee wears out easily that day. So I told him, I wanted to go back to based camp. 

On the way back found some fresh porcupines shit lying around and green snake on the main road. I just spend my time browsing through the nearby wildlife museum before we head to next place which is Kaeng Krachan Dam.

Kaeng Krachan dam is a huge beautiful damn. It is a good place to walk around and if wanna have a quiet stay, you can rent bungalows and homestay overlooking this beautiful place. I went there on the weekend and many local people have family and friends picnic and camping activities there.

I was looking forward to check out the longest suspension bridge but was told this place has poor maintenance and not safe to walk on. Monkeys are the only visitor to cross over this bridge which connects between the mainland and one little Island in the middle of the reservoir to get some food.

I end up have some fried fish with some rice at one of the local restaurants with a fantastic view overlooking this beautiful dam for lunch. So peaceful and relaxing here. After lunch , I just walk around and enjoy the blissful view in front of me while waiting for my boatman who will bring me to cross over this huge damn to a place call Monkey Island.

My boatman was accompanied by one small kid who is more excited than me to feed the monkey. They came with 2 full bags of cut banana to feed the monkeys.

It was an awesome view to feed the monkey or should I write it here, I just watch others fed the monkey. I don't wanna touch those slime bananas with my hand. hahahaah Princess syndrome!

Watch my video below to get an awesome view on what is happening on Monkey Island.

This post concludes my HuaHin journey last December.

Here some idea on a place to visit if you are visiting for HuaHin 

One Full day - Explore Cha-Am

Second Full day - Mystical Visit to Pranburi

3rd Full day - Into the Wild at Kaeng Kranchan National Park

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  1. wahh after post pasal makan ini post tentang jalan2 into the wild pulak..seronok dapat dekat dengan alam semulajadi

  2. a beautiful place for relaxing. love the green view

  3. Amboi amboi travel aje akak ni. Huwaaaa. Best giler. Akak nampak really explore tempat tu kan. Seronok la travel ngan akak. Nanti bleh join akak travel. Boleh?

  4. I love nature, so this post really make me gonna go to Huahin and experience all the nature beauty there. Thanks for sharing this wonderful places.

  5. Cantiknya masuk hutan. My main concern mesti ada pacat kan?...i bukan outdoor person. I suka menikmati permandangan luar. Bukan dalam hutan. Hehe...kalau jumpa panther...omg apa yg tour guide buat ye?. Dia ada bawa senapang ke?

  6. wow. cantik pemandangannya. saujana mata memandang :)
    untung u dpt tgk dgn mata sendiri. mesti nyaman jer kan.
    normally thailand terkenal dgn shopping, makan-makan.
    now i read this, rasa another great side of thailand.

  7. Bestnya dapat berjalan-jalan ke negara orang kan? Seronok bila dapat peluang camni pulak2 bila tengok tempat cantik

  8. Ohh I used to be a wilderness club while I was at uni. I love adventure! But I hate sunburn haha

  9. Wah bestnya. Dpt tengok reflisia tu. Saya x berkesempatan lg nk tgok bunga tu.

  10. It such a good place to visit. I love to see animals and a great view too. I wish i can be here soon. Thanks for share this. Interesting!

  11. Kalau ke negara orang memang kalau ada tempat menarik dalam hutan, memang sis terjah je..kalau kat negara sendiri memang tidak le..hehehe, cepat panas n keseronokan tu tak ada. Actually sis lebih suka ke laut dari masuk hutan

  12. wah tempat hiking ke..berapa alma you dekat sana..perghh syoknya..jarang orang pergi tempat macam ni..

  13. I notice that you really love the outdoor a lot. It's good to see you appreciating nature and admiring the beauty that our creator has unveiled to you. 😁

  14. wow..hope 1 day idpt join hiking macamni.. lalu jalan-jalan yangpenuh tumbuhandan serangga unik..lagi dapat tgk pemandangan yang indah dan udara fresh.. nak kena cuba jugak hiking atau berjalan-jalan dalam hutan sesakali

  15. Seronok sebenarnya bila dapat masuk hutan macam tu. Sebab rasa mendamaikan. Sejuk je mata memandangan kehijauan alam kan..
    cuma kena berhati hati je la. takut ada binatang berbisa.

  16. bestnya dapat travel pergi jalan-jalan lihat keindahana alam..
    seronok dapat bervuti macam ni.. sesukali bercuti dalam hutan ker, mmg lain dari yang lain..boleh masukkan dalam liez

  17. Fresh elephant dunk? Haha. But I hate the snakes. I love walking in the woods but when thinking that one might meet up with snakes, that thought will always stop me from entering the woods.

  18. Seriously babe, hoe can you read my mind? I pun plan nak ke Hua Hin next week. Baru tahu ada park ni kat sana.

  19. It time to back to nature and time to know more about green. I love this style and place. Kalau nak bercuti kita suka pergi tempat macam ni memang menarik dan menenangkan....

  20. Cantik beb.. Org yg suka nature mesti akan suka.. U pi sorg ka? Beraninya u beb


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