Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gut Friendly Milk with Diamond Pure Fresh Milk

Regular milk in the market contains both A1 and A2 Beta-Casein. A2 Protein Milk contains only A2 beta-casein. 

A1 Vs A2

A1 beta-casein milk from breeds of cow like Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire and British Shorthorn.
A2 beta-casein is milk that high in A2 beta-casein is from breeds originated from the Channel Islands, South France and Jersey.

A1 and A2 proteins give different effect to our body.

A1 protein is digested in the small intestine and will produce a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM7). The intestine will then absorb BCM-7 and passes into the blood. Studies show BCM-7 cause stomach discomfort and this result to lactose intolerance.

Research show milk with the only A2 is more friendly to gut and smooth on the palate since this type of milk is comparable to human breast milk, milk from goats, sheep and buffalo.

Fresh milk with just A2 is very rare in the market. In fact, this is my first time trying this too.

I was introduced to A2 protein milk  DiamondPure from New Zealand.

DiamondPure Fresh Milk comes in a 1-litre box with 4 different variants :

1. Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey in Pink Box
2. Milk with Kiwi in Green Box
3. Milk with Manuka Honey in Orange Box
4. Milk with Inulin Fibre in Blue Box

Milk with Kiwi - this milk contains inulin fibre, manuka honey and kiwi. Kiwi fruit enzyme is known for slowing down the ageing process. I would say this is my favourite among all 4 variants. It just a hint of kiwi taste but still gives me a good kick to start my morning with lots of proteins and nutrients benefit.

Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey - this milk is suitable for a consumer with dietary restrictions. Manuka Honey itself is a unique type of honey from bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush and found widely in New Zealand. It functions to support digestive and better immune health.

Milk with Manuka Honey - its almost the same taste like the low-fat honey just this one is not low fat. Slight thick taste compares to low fat which makes it perfect to blend with my smoothies. Seriously delicious!

Milk with Inulin Fibre - I kind of love this milk too since my body needs more fibre but due to my daily eating habits, I failed to eat more of fibre. Inulin fibre is a soluble fibre from plants which helps to improve digestive health, relieve constipation, promote weight loss and help control diabetes. To me, this milk with inulin fibre is a no.1 must stock up in my fridge.

All DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk is pasteurized and Homogenized milk. Don't worry this is totally certified halal milk. So you can consume this without worry.

Can't find DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk anywhere?

Where to buy DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk? 
You can find DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk at below outlets.

DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk comes in 2 different sizes:

* 1 Litre cost RM15.90 except for Kiwi will cost you a slightly higher price which is RM18.80
*  300ml cost RM5.80 except for Kiwi will cost you RM6.50

Drink better milk for health benefits and long term well being.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

How to Stay Healthy during the Heatwave?

As I write this post, I was sent home due to a viral infection. Its all started by last weekend extreme body heat. I end up on sick leave on Monday. I survive at work on Tuesday and Thursday despite being unwell. I was not able to sleep at all since Monday and when it comes to Thursday, I feel weak but still drove all the way to work. By the time reached the office car park, I realize making a big mistake to force myself out of the house. I survive in the office for barely 2 hours before feeling nausea and keep running to the ladies to throw up which is basically nothing out from me. I was coughing until the whole body feels super weak.

I also don't want to show to my colleague the bad side of me. I am such a baby during sick. kekekeke...Basically, if I am at home just whine alone. But if in the office I can annoyed people around me like hell. kekekeke

I went to the clinic again and this time Doctor scolded me to be out of the home when I should be resting. Like that also can ar? 

My first time went to the Doctor, she scolded me for staying outdoor too long during heatwave weather. Uwaaaaa!!! this Doctor straight away assume I did outdoor activities when the truth is I only stayed indoors all the time. Even my office is at the Big Mall in Malaysia. Since when I have time to be at outdoor. Haihhhh...

I really Thanks for scolding me. But I still continue working at home when I was supposed to sleep. Why? Resting? What is that? I don't even know what resting means? muahahaha

Well, to be honest, I am not the only one to fall sick. Many others are facing the same problem with me. Its all due to the heatwave grips throughout Malaysia. The temperature rises between 37 to 40 degrees Celsius over at least three consecutive days. I heard this weather will last up to May. Hurl!!! online writer ( writer my foot!!) I wish all of us to stay healthy and brave this heatwave.

How to Stay Healthy during Heatwave?

1. Drink Plenty of Water. 

I think we heard this many times right? I drink plenty of water all the time. Try to lessen hot drink and drink more cold drink to keep your body cool. Try to reduce hot coffee and tea intake. Hurl! This is not a really easy task for me. I don't really drink cold. 

2. Keep Body Cool

Avoid wearing a dark colour. But I fail to do this worrrrr... since my wardrobe colour is either black or dark blue. Damn! I need a wardrobe to revamp. Try to apply sunscreen and protect your head with a hat or don't let your head expose to the sun too much.

3. Keep your house cool and Stay Indoor

Low down your shades to keep during day time to avoid heat and lift up the shades during night time to let in the cool air. It's ok if you don't have to air-condition at home. Just be like normal Malaysia people, you can always hang out in the cinema or shopping mall.

Sharing is caring...try to be a good human like me..(hihihihihi) Don't forget to remind the people around you by encouraging them to drink more water and stay cool.

Last but not least please stay away from heat and keep the body back in balance by input more fluids to your body. 

I am currently trying my best to take time to rest and recover. Stay healthy all!

For those people who do the open burning during this heatwave....please wait for your afterlife judgement.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Reduce Panda Eyes with Petitfee Hydrogel Eye Patch

I recently obsessed to treat under eyes. Why? Well, my panada eyes almost make me look like a sleepy hollow ghost if I don't cover it with some concealer. isk isk isk ...Not enough sleep? I sleep enough these days until don't feel to wake up to work almost every morning.

I bought Petitifee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch somewhere last year but don't really have the chance to try this out. I bought this because it has a good review from other users. Why don't I check this out myself right?

Petitfee hydrogel eye patch ingredients include black pearl and gold powder which assist in blood circulation for anti-aging effects. It claimed to be full of amino acids to help regeneration and purification of the skin as well as brighten up the dark under eye area. Apart from that some of the useful extract ingredients like grapefruit, green tea, wormwood, citron and cucumber extracts help to nourishes and hydrates the delicate eye area and also claimed to reduce puffiness.

How to use Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch?

Apply toner on face after cleansing the face. Then take patches out of the container. Place the hydrogel patch under eyes. I keep my hydrogel eye patch in my fridge. So now its explain on my wide-open eyes photo above? kekekeke... super cold shock!

Just leave it for 30 minutes and then gently pat for the remaining liquid to be absorbed into the skin. This beauty routine is super easy. Hope it helps my worrisome dark eyes. At least reduce it will do.

You can purchase Petitfee hydrogel eye patch RM31 for 60 patches at K Beauty online store Althea Korea HERE

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Living Life Healthily with Power Walking

I recently trying my best to stay healthy. After looking at the mirror and see the muffin top of mine look like overdosed of baking powder. uhuhuhuh...
Plus my waist down kind of super hurt these days. Gosh! I guess am getting heavier each day. Since I have been adapting eating healthily for 5 days a week...mmmm..why not to combine this with some healthy exercise. I admit that my perseverance to exercise is super low. I keep delaying almost every day. Oh! shall I just confess I did exercise through my mind? Procrastination! kekekeke...

Recently, I read about power walking for 30 minutes a day can help with better health. So last Sunday, owh! yesterday I started to do this power walking. I lasted for one hour on the treadmill yesterday. Whoa!!!!... I amazed with my own performance.

I don't expect to lose weight since I already don't put too much hope on losing weight after many years trying but just hope I can at least stay healthy to continue this routine.

What is Power Walking?

Just like your imagination, power walking is the act of walking at an increased pace. The point of power walking is to keep your heart rate elevated while keeping your joints safe. Power walking is a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular endurance and total body strength.

How to do Power Walking?

1. Warm up with some casual walk for 5 minutes for a low-impact option.

2. Stretch your muscles to prevent injury. Just do a simple stretching will do to prevent injury.

3. Place your arms in a 90 degrees angle and keep your back upright.

4. Position your head upright and keep looking forward. 

5. Open your mouth slightly and keep breathing

6. Tighten your abdomen

7. Keep on your walking stride with alternate arms and leg forward and maintain your straight line walking. 

What is the benefit of Power Walking?

Since power walking uses both upper and lower body strength, this result for better body core endurance and improved body condition. Apart from that, I read this could help in stress relief too. 

My goal starting from yesterday is to do at least 30 minutes of power walking. Let us do this together for better health. Walking is so much easier! While losing weight is not even my objective but I if I could lose some kilos by power walking...why not? Its a bonus for me!