Monday, June 17, 2019

How To Enjoy Cheaper Fresh Brew Coffee At Your Favourite Cafe?

Anyone of my readers here starts their morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee? 
You know the fresh brew coffee will take some of our rush morning time if we do it yourself. The best option is to get it from a nearby cafe to your office. But seriously this will cost you a hole to your wallet for a daily fix. isk isk isk.

I recently discover awesome Coffee Pass Subscription at EatDrinkKL website. I gave it a try! I usually got too excited much earlier and click purchase without even read properly. huhuhuh..,.Thats just like me. (*face palm*) Shame on me!

Anyway, my mistake will benefit all of my readers. 

They have 2 types of Coffee Pass Subscriptions :

1. Classic
2. Prime

Each type of Coffee Pass Subscription comes in 2 types of coffee choice :

* Black Coffee - For those who prefer black coffee without milk
* Coffee with milk - For those drinking coffee with milk such as Latte, Cappuccino

You can choose to purchase in a package of 5, 10 or 15 cups for each type of subscriptions. I first bought the Classic Coffee package to enjoy the cheaper price of RM7 per milk coffee but end up with some disappointment due to the location to redeem only at a limited cafe. I end up contacting the EatDrinkKL for a cancellation of my subscriptions and then I bought the Prime Coffee Subscriptions.

EatDrinkKL customer service is super tip top. They are responsive and patience to handle my type of careless customer. huhuhuh...(malu nak mampus!)

So before you go ahead to purchase your Coffee Pass Subscription please check on the list of coffee near to you. You find the list HERE. 

I bought this Coffee Pass to redeem at Eight Ounce Coffee , The Gardens Mid Valley. You imagine the usual Cappuccino cost me RM13 but with Cofffee Pass subscriptions I can enjoy at only RM9.

I just click redeem from my pass and my cup of cappuccino on the way to me. Although, I was not successful to redeem my first cup smoothly since the Eight Ounce Cafe staff was not briefed properly by the Supervisor, it was sorted out quickly the next day.

You just need to contact and highlight the matters to EatDrinkKL, they will clear up for you in instant!

Oh! by the way the subscriptions only valid for between 30 to 90 days from purchase depends on your package.

If you have frequent cafe visit but not on the list please contact EatDrinkKL , they are more than happy to approach those cafes and make your next coffee cheaper. If you are the coffee owner and happy to add yours in the list too, feel free to contact them.

Get you own Coffee Pass HERE


  1. Terima kasih sudo sharing, dengan harga yang berpatutan, ramai akan mencuba . Sya lama tak nikmati coffee , terasa terliur baca entri ini hehe

  2. This service will certainly make my cousin's life much easier. She is one very hardcore coffee-drinker and my auntie used to scold her for spending so much on coffee. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  3. great.. now everyone can enjoy cheaper fresh brew coffee... yeah yeah.. for all coffee lovers!

  4. Wow! Even I am not a coffee lover but I can share this place and information ti my friend who is coffee addict. Hehe thanks for sharing. Looks yummy

  5. i really loves coffee, every morning will starts my day with a cup of coffee to boost up my momentum to start working in front of laptop. Wanna try 8 ounce coffee later

  6. Lama tak minum coffee..wah cheaper sangat ni..boleh ajak member yang suka minum cofee ke sini dan try..looks yummy..

  7. I mmg coffee lover thank you sharing nti blhlah tray nti

  8. Yeayyyy... I'm coffee lover! Tak tahu nak bilang apa, kita ni addicted coffee, setiap hari kalau tak dapat secawan coffee rasa tak lengkap hidup. Gitu sekali. HAhaa..
    Thanks sharing, nanti nak terjah!

  9. Coffee lover memang suka i fo ni. Walauoun saya bukan peminat coffee tapi saya akna share information ni dengan kawan kawan yang suka minum coffee. Nampak sedap tapi tuhlah saya tak minum.. Hehhee

  10. Oh wow. Tak tau pulak boleh dapatkan coffee dengan harga lebih murah. Gonna share with my brother in KL about this.

  11. I will go coffee with milk. Esp cappuccino. Always be my favourite. Every morning this is the drink that can boost myself

  12. wow nice place to chill with friends walaupun, saya bukanlah coffee lover. Btw, I am a tea lover tapi, kalau sekali-sekala minum kopi boleh jugak.

  13. Wow that's quite a decent savings esp people like me who buy coffee on the go so often.

  14. Wow! The subscription price is worthy ya for coffee lovers. Save a lot. Will definitely share this cool news with my buddies. Thanks.

  15. Damn that price cut from rm13 to rm9. Seriously more coffee lovers need to spot this post! Hahahaha next time do read through once again before purchasing anything dear.

  16. Wawa coffee lover tp xpernah gi kedai order mcm2.. Sebab selalu prefer kat old town je. Hahaha.. Tp ni info berguna. Boleh try nanti


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