Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sleeping Partner Wanted

Read this with your own wildest imagination 😂

My top left tooth has been hurting for 2 weeks. I clearly understand its time for me to let this one go. I have been keeping it for 2 years now. I visited a few dentists and all advise me to do the extraction due to the crack is pretty severe. Many times my ears here have been listening to the false accusation from all these dentists. They have been accusing me of biting a very very very hard thing which causes my tooth to crack in such a manner. Yeah! I guess one of my hobbies to bite the wall and table edge in my house. I seriously, hurt by this accusation tho. I don't even dare to bite any ice cube. You are telling me this and that. Who the hell are you to judge me that way? 

From there on...I have been eating with just my right side. My left side has been resting for 2 years. Until last week, the pain got very severe. I guess this is the time to let it go...let it go...
I made an appointment with the dentist. Totally new dentist. Meaning, I have to develop a new relationship again.

Dentist: You have one implant here? How long ago?
Me: more than 10 years ago?
Dentist: Huh? cannot be?
Me: What do you mean? My teeth... I know la!
Dentist: How old are you? Don't tell me you did implant when you are in teenage age?
Me: Check the profile please! (Confident tone)
Dentist: What? you don't look this age wor!!!!
Me: ngehehehehehehehe.... you want free lunch today is it!
Dentist: No wor!!!! hard to believe. I am only 30 plus years old and I look like this wor... Shida! she looks 25 or 26 years old, right?
Dentist Assistant: true... not old at all...

My feeling ????

Then, I explain to the dentist on what happen and told her I am finally ready to lose this one tooth. Since I am a new patient to her, so she did all those chartings after checking each of my teeth. She told me the need to do scaling. I said go ahead.

I have sensitive teeth so a bit difficult for her to do scaling without stopping a few times. Plus I have difficult to breathe too. 

Dentist: How do you breathe?
Me: What do you mean?
Dentist: Through your nose or mouth?
Me: I am not sure wor!!! (I never thought about this) Why you ask me this?
Dentist: We need to stop the scaling a few times already because you said cannot breathe. Maybe you should learn how to breathe to your nose. Is your nose block or something?
Me: No!!!! I am fine.... the scaling process too long and along the way, I feel some residue from the scaling stuck in my throat. You don't expect me to swallow that! I want to gargle. And you keep asking me a question while my mouth is wide open. How you expect me to answer you with mouth open??? (annoying tone)
Dentist: Ooooo ok ok... but you can swallow this... it's alright!
Me: No! disgusting...
Dentist : hhihihihihi...

This dentist told me, I don't need the tooth to be extracted. She said this tooth can be saved. Reason? She said the crack has disappeared when she smoothen it out. She told me the previous dentist does not complete the root canal treatment due to the crack. The gave up because maybe they thought no point to doing it since the crack is there.

I told the dentist to help me save my tooth. She will do the root canal for me starting next week onwards. She said the root in my teeth is super long and weird. I was like haihh why everything about me so weird one. She said again even if she completes the root treatment is not advisable to do a crown. The reason it won't last long. 

Dentist: Do you grind your teeth during sleep time?
Me: I don't know! Because I sleep alone! 
Dentist: Find someone to sleep with you!
Me: Whuttttt?????

Me: Why you said that? Why I need to sleep with someone?

My imagination at that time.....

Dentist: I mean...someone need to confirm you grind your teeth. You teeth condition is weird. Do you stress and bite your teeth hard or something?
Me: Ohhhh!!! Not sure. Why?
Dentist: All your teeth have perfect alignment but your teeth all sunk in the middle.
Me: Weird!

My plan after yesterday, to find a sleeping partner who can confirm me grinding my teeth?
That will be your imagination, right?
Cheh!!!! Why trouble others? 
Smart Rina, set up a video cam last night. Lucky it works perfectly!

I don't grind my teeth. Just light cute snoring and sleep talk a bit (gosh! I was nagging...Goodness me) huhuhuh...So? what happens to my sunken teeth? Gum erosion? What??? Why??? How???

I hope this dentist can save my tooth. Another tooth implant will cost me DA BOMB!!!

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