Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 03

I haven't watched the most talk about drama, The World of Marriage, yet! Reason? Seriously, this kind genre kind of disturb my mind during this MCO period. Lee Min Ho new drama, The King Eternal Monarch killed my mood on episode 1. I find that his character kind of stereotype just like any other movie. I prefer his character in 'Faith'. Maybe, I will save this for later.

I would recommend watching 'Doctor Playlist'. I love this kind of genre. The first episode is enough to tickle my heart.

For those who miss out my other entries on the learn Common Korean Drama Phrases, can click on below link.

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 02

Today's common Korean phrases are :

1. Exactly my thoughts

2. Are you kidding me?

3. Good for you!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Growing Bean Sprouts At Home

I always wanted to grow soybean sprout but unable to get my hands on any soybean and settled with a bag of mung bean from the nearby grocers. It was my first time ever, to grow the mung bean sprouts. I know my sister did this during her secondary school days. as part of a science project. As far as I remember, I don't have the chance to do this during my school time.

I like the soybean sprouts over mung bean because the mung bean is really small. For me, soybean sprouts have better taste. Anyway, for now, I settled with mung beans.

How to grow mung bean sprouts from your comfort home?

1st step - Rinse the beans thoroughly with water.  Make sure you throw the bad one

2nd step -  Dump the clean beans into a bowl and let it soak overnight.

Time to get excited! You will wake up with your mung bean starting to sprout like in the photo above.

3rd step - Find a bowl or anything with small holes at the bottom. You can always find an empty 1.5 litres drinking water bottle and start poking small holes all over the bottle. I use a steamer pan which has holes at the bottom. But the mung beans, I bought is super small. I used cheesecloth to cover the bottom. I bought the cloth at Daiso. No! I don't make cheese. This is an impulsive purchase and finally can make use of this. 

4th step - Throw the baby sprouts into the container as 3rd step descriptions. Spread it evenly in the container for babies to grow equally. Just wet the beans. I layered the container bottom with another basin to allow the excess water to flow. down.

5th step - Cover the babies. I used a clean black garbage bag. Avoid direct sunlight.

6th step - Water your babies twice a day and drain it. Don't forget to throw the water from the bottom container. We don't want the babies to smell like dirty socks.

2nd day the sprouts grow so much.
By the 3rd day, you can start to consume the sprouts. It's all to your liking. You can just wash and keep it in the refrigerator.

I start harvesting the sprouts only on the third day afternoon. But you know the tedious things about sprouts is to take out all the roots at the bottom.

My first harvest left me with plenty of sprouts. Yes! I overdid it. I throw in way too many beans in the bowl.

I cook a sprouts and chives pancakes with my first harvest.

One word to describe the first harvest. AWESOME!

I woke up on the 4th day with the sprouts has grown so much. If you notice the pinkish colour top sprout, this is due to air exposure. Some people cover the top and press with heavy things to avoid this.

I don't feel like eating sprouts on the 4th day but no choice. I just fried some rice noodles with it. 

As usual, my only complaint is to take off the roots from the sprouts.

Just wonder, why my bean sprouts are super skinny like this?

On the 5th day, I woke up with the sight of sprouts jungle. YES! I have to eat bean sprouts in 3 days consecutively. Should I call this is as the sprouts week?

See the photo above? The sprouts are turning into a plant. muahahaha...No choice to eat all of them.

Patiently take out all the roots from the sprouts. 5th day is my final sprouts harvest. I would recommend starting harvesting on day three and the longest is on the fourth day. Don't wait until it become plant on day five like mine.

I cook sprouts soup with egg noodles. You can try this at home. It's a simple recipe.

Sprouts Soup with Egg noodles Recipe

Egg Noodles - Beat eggs in the bowl and then fry it like an omelette. Cut it into stripes like flat noodles and put in the bowl.

* Sprouts soup - Sautee smashed garlic, ginger,  anchovies until fragrance. Add in enough water for soup and bring it to boil. Then throw in the sprouts and some tomatoes in the soup and bring it to boil again. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

* Pour the sprouts soup on the bowl of egg noodles. Ready to eat!

Some of the sprouts health benefits :

* Strengthen hair
* Anemia remedy
* Good for digestion
* Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
* Prevent erectile dysfunction

Make sure to cook the sprouts before eating it. I read somewhere that, there is a risk of salmonella and E.coli if you consume it raw. The symptoms could be fever and diarrhoea. I am not sure about this information but prefer to cook it before consuming the sprouts to be on the safe side.

Happy sprouting!

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrase - Lesson 02

How are you doing?
Are you staying at home?
I bet many of us getting suffocated stuck at home all the time.
A bit more time. Let the world heal and hopefully, we can live our life like old days soon.
I watch a Korean drama to kill time and try my best to pick up some of the Korean phrases for fun.

I have started to document the common phrases in my previous blog post. For those who miss it, please click this link - Learn Korean Phrase 01.

Today's common Korean phrases are something you never miss if you have started your Korean Drama.

1. Are you crazy?

2. I will contact you

3. I don't think so

Friday, April 24, 2020

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 01

This will be a very short entry.

MCO extended another 2 weeks and I bet it will go on until Raya time. Don't get frustrated. The decision is for everyone benefit. We don't want to sacrifice much life due to this pandemic. I noticed many people start watching Korean Drama and enjoy it as much as I did. Those days when people asked me, what is my hobby and I mentioned love to watch Korean drama. They will give me that look as if I am a total loser with no life. Well...don't judge people by his or her liking. You may not enjoy it but why need to give people that disgusting look.

Anyway, I become familiar with Korean drama common phrase while watching it. I can't converse in Korean language but survive with all the phrases I have learned through drama. I survive my travel to Seoul, Busan and Jeju with that.

Today, let us learn 3 common phrases from Korean Drama and try to remember it. 

Learn Korean Drama Phrase - Lesson 01

1. What are you doing?

2. How are you?

3. Eat a lot

Monday, April 20, 2020

You Can Do Online Redemption From ASNB Funds

I am glad that finally, ASNB has activated the online redemption function for the investor to withdraw their fund starting from 20 April 2020. This is good news for some of us, especially whom some of us just officially unemployed.

The investor can now do the online redemption through @myASNB official portal or mobile application. The money will be transferred from the ASNB unit trust account to the registered unit trust account.

The ASNB online withdrawal facility was created in conjunction with the Government's initiative to urge all Financial Institutions to make available digital transaction facility for the unit holder's to manage their investment without going through the counter.

You can do the transaction during the operating hours :

* Fixed price unit trust funds: 7am to 6pm Monday to Sunday (excluding national public holiday)
* Variable price unit trust funds: 7am to 4pm Monday to Sunday (excluding national public holiday)

The money will be credited into your registered bank account on the next business day.

The minimum limit for online transaction for online redemption is RM100 and only three (3) times transaction a month. Total of maximum is RM500 accumulated amount from all unit holder's ASNB unit trust account. Basically only maximum of RM500 per month for security purpose. If you need to withdraw more than RM500, please visit any ASNB branches or agents.
There are no charges will apply for online unit trust redemption from @myASNB.

For those who have not yet registered as myASNB use can refer to their online portal on how to get yourself registered.

However, if possible please avoid redeeming your unit trust unless you really have no other choice. Please remember, our unit trust investment is our retirement funds and long term savings. This investment is meant as a compounding growth.

South Korean Drama from Year 2018 Has Mentioned about Coronavirus

I am not sure about others but for me, the year 2020 is a gone case. Most of us have re-think on our dreams to retire early. I bet some of us may not even think working from home is a good idea anymore. Furthermore, being confined in one place for a long time may affect our mental health too. I am not sure when is this going to last and whether anyone able to develop a vaccine to cure this virus. 

My past time during the movement control order fills with a countless re-run of South Korean Drama. One of my favourite drama starred by a heartthrob So Ji Sub called Terius Behind Me or another name is My Secret Terius. This drama was aired somewhere on Sep 2018. I have watched this drama for a few time and last week was my fifth times watch this drama. This is one of my favourite drama. The storyline kind of suit my mood and never failed to entertain me.

Ironically, in the 10th Episode of this drama, they mentioned about coronavirus. The dialogues between the NIS agent and a Doctor sort of like this;

Corona Virus is the same genes as SARS, MERS. The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. During the year 2015 MERS epidemic, the mortality rate was over 20%. coronavirus is a mutant virus. Someone has tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to almost 90%.
What is more serious is that the coronavirus has an incubation period between 2 to 14 days. This virus was manipulated to attack the lungs within just 5 minutes of being exposed.
So far there is no cure or vaccine available at the moment since it is hard to develop one. However, there is one pharmaceuticals company invested a fortune to develop a vaccine and apply for a patent. The company is planning for a biochemical terrorist attack in order to increase its sales chart to a big fortune.
How could they added such dialogue in this drama if it does not exist yet? The writer may have read somewhere about this virus. Is this mean the virus has existed before? People keep it hush for some reason? Many scientist and expert strongly denied this coronavirus as a biochemical weapon. Don't tell me this virus really comes from the bat? It just weird if this is really the truth. Bat has existed ever since many many many moons. Why now? Why now? I wish can email that South Korean drama writer and ask her or him about this.
If really true the coronavirus was created for the biochemical weapon, then I will be really suspicious for any pharmaceutical company who find the vaccine.

Even The Simpsons have predicted about this pandemic accurately back then in the year 2011. As for Malaysia, our dear ex-PM has predicted a beautiful achievement in the year 2020. I was in my early adulthood during that time and the naive me, believe it all. Our Dr M has done a visionary prediction through its Vision 2020 which he tabled out in the year 1991.  The vision sounds promising and of course, Dr M is no wizard to make that happen in the year 2020. To my disappointment, I never imagine my life in the year 2020 begins like this! I bet all of us feel the same too.

Look at the bright side, we have achieved some of our dreams;

* Don't need to wake up in the morning to brave the nightmare traffic jam to work
* Most of us work from home
* Everything delivers to our doorstep with an online click
* More family time
* Increase of population by end of this year

When there is a bright side, we can't run far from the dark side too.

* Higher unemployment rate
* Economy crisis due to non-productive and everything put at a halt
* Increase in domestic violent
* More silence psychiatric patient
* Higher divorce rate
* Increase in suicidal

By now, some of us may feel like as if we are just waiting for the turn to leave the world.

Even after the MCO lift up, I don't think we will be able to live our life the same like before since there is no vaccine developed. I feel my future is rather bleak and I am not even looking forward to another year or even another month....or should I say another day too?

Trying my best to stay positive but I am just a human. I wish can develop that vaccine and make fortune out of this, haha hahaha...This will be my wildest dreams, right?

For now, I will continue to watch South Korean drama and try to relax my mind. Why think for something not even happen yet? I will just enjoy my early retirement for now.

Whether this coronavirus is a biochemical weapon or not....well...I don't care anymore. I just want to live life and leave this world peacefully with God permission, of course!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Nutritional Facts between Bamathi Rice Vs Brown Rice

I was very cautious with my diet since a few years back due to tremendous weight gain which takes trolls to my back. Although with all this diet watch, only give me good maintenance rather than tremendous weight loss, I don't really feel that sad. Why? I am not really able to sleep well and this doesn't help much in weight loss. I consistently exercise to keep my body healthy and still no weight loss. Almost cry at this point. dreams to have that 'S' line, shattered to pieces. I have forgotten about my dream to wear the crop shirt once again. muahahaha...I still maintain my 'H' line, consistently for many years now. 

Enough about that 'S' and 'H' line. I would rather stay healthy than focus on the too good to be true, 'S' line dreams!

Talking about my diet, I only eat either Basmathi rice or Brown Rice to keep myself healthy. Afraid of the combo disease to hit me. I kind of love basmathi rice compare to brown rice because I find that brown rice usually very dry and it really hit me at the wrong spot during mealtime. Yah being a bit fussy.

What are the nutritional facts different between Basmathi Rice Vs Brown Rice?

Calories - Basmathi rice has lesser calories
Total fat - Basmathi rice has lesser fat 
Potassium - Brown rice has a higher amount of potassium 
Dietary fibre - Brown rice win when it comes to dietary fibre
Iron - Basmathi has more iron

The rest of the other nutritional aspects they are not much different. Since both of basmathi and brown rice is kind of good for health. What if both basmathi and brown rice combine? It will be excellent right?

I was out shopping to top up my basmathi rice stock when I found ecoBrown's Pusa Brown Premium Basmathi Brown Rice. I know about brown rice and basmathi rice separately. I never imagine they have brown rice basmathi. I bought a 1kg pack for RM16.90 to give a try. I usually bought my rice at 1kg pack since this will take ages for me to finish it off. I seldom eat rice at home. I eat it when craving urge hits me!

ecoBrown's Pusa Brown is a wholegrain basmathi brown rice. They market it as exquisite fragrance, texture and excellent taste. Ideal for Briyani rice dish. Oh! well...I don't think it is a good idea to cook Briyani with this basmathi brown rice. I would rather use the real basmathi which also gives an excellent health benefit and furthermore it promised a beautiful briyani cook in my rice pot. Why?

I am not sure about other people but when first open my rice cooker, I was shocked by the sight of crinkly worms like cook rice. I was like...why is this rice look so funny?

What went wrong here?

I soaked a few minutes before cook in my rice cooker. The texture was excellent not too dry not too soft. Just right! But it just this rice has a horrible looking form when its cook. I cook this few times again and it still looks the same after it cooks.

Look at the raw gains in this picture. It has a long-form just like basmathi rice but it looks like coward rice trying to hide when it cooks. hahaha. Just like a worm being thrown inside the hot water. The exquisite fragrance smells disappear after it cooks. It just a bowl of crinkly brown rice after it cooks and it doesn't deserve to be called basmathi.

The taste of eCobrown's Pusa Brown rice is alright to me. I won't say its excellent delicious but you can eat this rice as long as you don't put too high hope like I did. 

Will I buy ecoBrown's Pusa Brown Rice again? No. I will stick to the usual basmathi rice or just brown rice. No more Basmathi brown rice. Now... I have to try my best to finish off this worm-like Basmathi Brown Rice. Ahh...

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Working From Home Is The Future Trends

Working from home is nothing new these days. In fact, many companies are adopting such a method to attract more talented millennial who is famous for their life balanced lifestyles. 

What are the reasons for more companies adopting the Working From Home? There are various reason for this and some of this can be ;

1. Eliminate the long hours commuting

For me, the horror part in daily working life is bracing the morning traffic jam to the workplace. Since I can only afford a so-called home far from the city, my commuting time can be a minimum of 2 hours for one way in the usual traffic flow. In my case, working from home is always my first options but it never happens for my line of work.

2. Increase in employee productivity

To me, the productivity of each employee depends on the individual attitude. But most studies show that employee who is working from home is more productive than an employee who works in the office. Why? Maybe because of less distraction if they did it in the right environment and also most likely the employee who is working from home try harder to keep their job.

3. Talent Attraction

You can attract the best talent globally with less cost. Most people are dying to join the company with working from home flexibility. As a company who have the employee globally will give increase insights to the local market.

4. Employee attrition reduction

Most employee who was given the working from home opportunity will most likely try their best to keep the job The chances of job-hopping will be very low. Which mean an increase in employee loyalty.

5. Increased in the market insights

As a company who have the employee globally will give increase insights to the local market and gain a good positive PR out of this.

My questions here, did everyone suitable to adapt to working from the home environment? As for me, I could adapt to working from home concept since social distancing is my style of living. I am an introvert myself. Imagine an extrovert working from home with no colleagues and human contacts environment. They will die in loneliness and depression.

Flexibility is one advantage but lack of social skills may be led to a psycho among our society. So, think twice if you were offered to work from home. In the long run, is working from home suit to your personality?

Monday, April 6, 2020

What is waiting for us after MCO?

Before MCO, most of us complaining about having to brave the traffic jam to work. Some of us always wish to retire early and stay at home. I bet, after the MCO is over, most us will not dare to even say that out and feeling blessed to be able to face that traffic again.

Do you think the world will be cleared from the Corona Virus in a few months?  I don't think so. Read all the news and see how successful China is after they officially celebrate their first MCO lift up. They are back with more cases and death now. Same goes with Hong Kong!

For those who are eager to be back to our usual daily life and gain the freedom to stay out again, brace yourself with what kind of world is waiting for you after the MCO lift up.

1. Higher unemployment rate

Unemployment is rather a disgusting word to me. Too bad! We are going to hear about this throughout 2020 and up-coming years too. Stimulus package from the government won't really much help to the company. Don't blame the company for letting you off. Most company will do a corporate restructure as part of their plan when the economy begins to recover. Reducing headcounts is part of the plan.No hard feeling, that is the corporate world and they are not a charity organization. It's just that is a way to survive.

2. New food business

A laymen way to notice of recession is the increase in unemployment and people try their way to survive. You will see many petty traders, food seller and small businesses created. It is another way of survival skills. Some may create a success out of this and many will face losses too. Its all depends on the creativity of the individual to make the enterprise works for them.

3. Higher Obese Rate

The first thing most people do during the MCO is to display each cooking skills. It's not wrong at all and at least those people stay at home and obey the rules. When we are being confined in one place with lack of freedom to go out of the containment space, most of us when into a silence depression mode. This will led us to crave for food. We don't really stay active and yet eat an abundance of food.  Eat, Sleep, Work for those who work from home, Eat again and Sleep. Mostly will experience weight gain and this will indeed leed to obesity if we don't do proper control.

4. Global Baby Boom

Those days when we don't have TV, internet and smartphone, our ancestor tends to create many offspring. Lack of entertainment may lead to boredom. You may have sex for fun and then conceive unplanned. It's not wrong but be prepared to book the labour room ahead. The hospital may face the shortage of hospital bed in the maternity ward next year. For the head of the family, please make sure you have sufficient fun to finance those offspring of yours. Don't end up faces both problem in one go - unemployment and new offspring to feed. You had enjoyed the fun and please take responsibility for your own happiness. No one asks you to do the unplanned breeding. Play safe, Stay Safe!

5. Higher Divorce Rate

This is proven by China who is facing a significant rise in the divorce rate after the coronavirus self-isolation. Well, the fact that couples spent too much time together may lead to some indifferent and end up with a heated argument. Some will be a very rush divorce decision. Couples, this is the time for you to learn about 'give and take'. Try to tolerate your other half and be more sensible to each other flaws.

6. Travelholic

I bet those travelholic will book the first plane out and enjoy their travel time like always does after the MCO lift up. Whatever you want to do please don't let your guard down. China and Hong Kong is our best example. People in China and HK manage to contain the virus and then back to their usual life. The confirmed cases have now doubled in the past week. For those who travel overseas, imported back the virus to their home country. Are you going to travel out after this? Why not try to refrain yourself for another year or two? 

7. Shopaholic

I don't even do online shopping during the MCO. I am really worried about what viruses will invade into my house together with the package delivered. I would rather continue practising social distancing until those viruses really gone for good. In fact, we safe lots of cash by refraining ourselves during this time. If you still able to keep your job and earns a decent during this global recession period, good for you! Take some precaution and save some for the rainy days. We never know when is our time to lose that monthly salary. The world is unpredictable these days!

8. Traffic Jam no longer an issue

Most of us always complain about being stuck in a traffic jam. After many weeks stay at home, most of us can't wait to even hop into our car to drive out. I don't think many of us will complain about heavy traffic anymore. We will feel blessed to even out from our home.

9. Change on dreams

Before the MCO, if you ask 10 people in the office whether they wish to retire early? Oh well, 10 out of 10 will take the retire early option. Once the MCO lift up, ask this question again, I think many will not dare to dreams to retire early and stay at home anymore. Most will feel super blessed to come to work and out of their house.

I don't think this will be over in just a year or two until we really find the source and cure of this virus. I would rather face alien invasion which we all can see them with our bare eyes than an invisible virus which we can't even see. In short, we don't even know how our enemy looks like and what is the weakness to help us destroy them back.

Don't complain too much if you are still able to eat what you want at your comfort home. Imagine those homeless and people who don't even have options in food choice. We are all at war right now. Our enemy is invisible and we don't even have any weapon to destroy them, right now. So, people please don't whine and be such a baby to go out right now. It's good enough you still healthy and the viruses don't reach you yet!

Please resume your usual activities responsibly once the MCO lift up! Take things slow and don't rush to lead a normal life.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

How To Earn Cash While Staying Home?

We all welcome year 2020 with a shocking global pandemic which led to Movement Control Order (MCO). We are required to practise social distancing and stay at home to flatten the pandemic curve.

Thanks to the internet connection! This would not have been possible if this situation in 30 years back. I don't think we could have been this calm without the internet connection and the existence of the online market place.

I use to do online shopping as my past time hobbies. I usually browse through beauty and clothing items. I bet many did this as well. With the recent Movement Control Order (MCO), just like everyone else, I was affected by the 'panic buy' trend. I dare not risk myself to join other public queuing for the groceries

Like I said earlier, online shopping used to be my past time hobbies but now it became essential. 

Here are some tips to be a smart shopper and earns some cash during the MCO period.

1. Don't Focus to just one online Market place

I tried my luck with a few famous online shopping sites including the specific groceries store but I am not the only smart person. Look like everyone has the same thought as me. The delivery date kind of long waiting. I don't give up and keep browsing for more alternative. I came across during my search and give it a try.

How to Sign Up?

It's a free and smooth sign up process at Just enter your name and email address, then wait for the confirmation email. The new sign up will be credited with 500 points as a welcome gift and on top of that, you will receive a new member voucher discount code too.

I have browsed through the merchants in, it as variety as other famous online marketplaces too.

Essential items

Most of us are currently practising social distancing due to covid19 virus. If you are looking for suppliers to deliver fresh seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits, you can get it here. I was thinking about ordering salmon meat for the next order. 

Sanitizer and Disinfect

I bet most of us getting paranoid with Covid19 virus. Sanitizer and disinfect being swept and grab from the offline store shelf. I bet most of the well-known online market place too. You can get the disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer here at marketplace.

In general, you can get most of the items from here at marketplace. Some seller even offers free delivery if your purchase meets their terms and conditions.

2. Earn Cash Online 

Like any other marketplace, offer public who interested to earn cash online by registering as the seller. I would say this is a good opportunity for all of us especially for those who have good entrepreneur skills to start the online store here at You don't have to worry much about the monthly rent and advertising cost here. Just make sure to give the best delivery service to end customer and build a good reputation. It's a free seller registration.

3. Earn Cash While Online Shopping

I always encourage my readers to shop smart. Ensure to earn a cashback for every shopping done. You can earn up to 1.8% cashback if you shop at using OctaPlus site link. It may be a small sum for you now but trust me, this amount will grow and become you best 'piggy bank' when times in need. You can download the OctaPlus app and start earning.

OctaPlus website link: 

OctaPlus App Download link:

In conjunction with upcoming Ramadhan month, OctaPlus is running a Cashback Accumulation Campaign where you can earn up to RM40 cashback reward. You can get more information on this campaign, please stay tuned to OctaPlus official Facebook Page:  

With the Stay At Home Campaign worldwide, I would say online shopping is the responsible thing to do. There's a chance to stop coronavirus and all of us have a role to play.

Please use my referral link and add in my referral code: 77XPV9GC. You will be rewarded if you sign up within my referral link.