Monday, April 27, 2020

Growing Bean Sprouts At Home

I always wanted to grow soybean sprout but unable to get my hands on any soybean and settled with a bag of mung bean from the nearby grocers. It was my first time ever, to grow the mung bean sprouts. I know my sister did this during her secondary school days. as part of a science project. As far as I remember, I don't have the chance to do this during my school time.

I like the soybean sprouts over mung bean because the mung bean is really small. For me, soybean sprouts have better taste. Anyway, for now, I settled with mung beans.

How to grow mung bean sprouts from your comfort home?

1st step - Rinse the beans thoroughly with water.  Make sure you throw the bad one

2nd step -  Dump the clean beans into a bowl and let it soak overnight.

Time to get excited! You will wake up with your mung bean starting to sprout like in the photo above.

3rd step - Find a bowl or anything with small holes at the bottom. You can always find an empty 1.5 litres drinking water bottle and start poking small holes all over the bottle. I use a steamer pan which has holes at the bottom. But the mung beans, I bought is super small. I used cheesecloth to cover the bottom. I bought the cloth at Daiso. No! I don't make cheese. This is an impulsive purchase and finally can make use of this. 

4th step - Throw the baby sprouts into the container as 3rd step descriptions. Spread it evenly in the container for babies to grow equally. Just wet the beans. I layered the container bottom with another basin to allow the excess water to flow. down.

5th step - Cover the babies. I used a clean black garbage bag. Avoid direct sunlight.

6th step - Water your babies twice a day and drain it. Don't forget to throw the water from the bottom container. We don't want the babies to smell like dirty socks.

2nd day the sprouts grow so much.
By the 3rd day, you can start to consume the sprouts. It's all to your liking. You can just wash and keep it in the refrigerator.

I start harvesting the sprouts only on the third day afternoon. But you know the tedious things about sprouts is to take out all the roots at the bottom.

My first harvest left me with plenty of sprouts. Yes! I overdid it. I throw in way too many beans in the bowl.

I cook a sprouts and chives pancakes with my first harvest.

One word to describe the first harvest. AWESOME!

I woke up on the 4th day with the sprouts has grown so much. If you notice the pinkish colour top sprout, this is due to air exposure. Some people cover the top and press with heavy things to avoid this.

I don't feel like eating sprouts on the 4th day but no choice. I just fried some rice noodles with it. 

As usual, my only complaint is to take off the roots from the sprouts.

Just wonder, why my bean sprouts are super skinny like this?

On the 5th day, I woke up with the sight of sprouts jungle. YES! I have to eat bean sprouts in 3 days consecutively. Should I call this is as the sprouts week?

See the photo above? The sprouts are turning into a plant. muahahaha...No choice to eat all of them.

Patiently take out all the roots from the sprouts. 5th day is my final sprouts harvest. I would recommend starting harvesting on day three and the longest is on the fourth day. Don't wait until it become plant on day five like mine.

I cook sprouts soup with egg noodles. You can try this at home. It's a simple recipe.

Sprouts Soup with Egg noodles Recipe

Egg Noodles - Beat eggs in the bowl and then fry it like an omelette. Cut it into stripes like flat noodles and put in the bowl.

* Sprouts soup - Sautee smashed garlic, ginger,  anchovies until fragrance. Add in enough water for soup and bring it to boil. Then throw in the sprouts and some tomatoes in the soup and bring it to boil again. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

* Pour the sprouts soup on the bowl of egg noodles. Ready to eat!

Some of the sprouts health benefits :

* Strengthen hair
* Anemia remedy
* Good for digestion
* Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
* Prevent erectile dysfunction

Make sure to cook the sprouts before eating it. I read somewhere that, there is a risk of salmonella and E.coli if you consume it raw. The symptoms could be fever and diarrhoea. I am not sure about this information but prefer to cook it before consuming the sprouts to be on the safe side.

Happy sprouting!

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