Friday, July 17, 2020

The Best Cool Therapy for Pain Relief

Recently, I was in pain on my left knee (the one which I got surgery on early February this year). I am used to leading my life actively so...I was really forgetful to be extra careful about it. If you read my blog post before this, I wrote on my experience Glamping at Tiarasa Escapes Resort, Janda Baik. I did jog around the resort and carried some heavy stuff around. My Doctor has warned me to not put any pressure or weight on my knee since its already exhausted. Regretfully, I was overexcited during the trip and end up did something which leads to my condition right now.

YES! I am back to the time right after the surgery. I am now on crouches and the pain on the left knee kind of killing me. I took some medication but still, it doesn't help much to relieve my pain. So, in my case, I applied pain reliever cream. I know many will take pain relief cream light because you think this is just a temporary. For someone who doesn't ever experience pain may think this way. But for someone who has to live with pain, every relieving moment is precious.

As my Doctor told me to practise the RICE method which is :

R - Rest
I - Ice
C - Compression
E - Elevation

I did this whenever feel the pain. There is the time it's not convenient to ICE, especially when in public or travelling or even at work. I spare a pain relief cream that provides a cooling sensation which helps to distract the body from pain signals to ease comfort. It is really helpful especially during a meeting at work.

I have tried many cooling creams and gel pain reliever but so far Perozin Pain Relief Cream is the best suits me and my day to day life. The most important thing when choosing the Pain Relief Cream, I would go for no smells, not so overcooling sensation, easy absorption and ingredients.

My experience using Perozin

Just like its tag line 'Everyday Pain Reliever', I would say this suits PEROZIN. You can apply PEROZIN daily once and up to thrice a day. As for me, I applied this whenever I need to ease my pain. Just squeeze out a 20 cents size of Perozin cream and apply on the affected area. PEROZIN cream formula sinks into the skin and most of all the scent goes away very fast to ensure you don't smell like menthol or some ointment. So far, I have used PEROZIN to relieve my pain from the shoulder, knee and waist and it works well as anti-inflammatory. Don't even worry about greasiness. PEROZIN cream not even greasy to begin with. That's why I prefer Perozin among my other cooling therapy pain reliever cream or gel. 
As for smells, other than it quickly sinks into my skin, the cream itself smells pleasant therapeutic with its natural ingredients that suit various skin types.

PEROZIN natural ingredients include :

Rosemary - anti-inflammatory agent which helps to relieve pain.

Ginger - powerful antioxidants which help reducing swelling and always a good choice to improve osteoarthritis in knees.

Peppermint - contains menthol which provides a cooling sensation to help relieve inflammation and soothes muscle and joint swelling. 

PEROZIN is a product of Denmark and distributed by our well-known pharmaceutical company Pharmaniaga. If you have anyone in your family or yourself who need some pain reliever, Perozin is recommended since it doesn't use excessive menthol effect which will bring more harmful effect and in fact it uses natural ingredients such as peppermint for cooling effect.

Usual PEROZIN price at RM45.90 per 100ml tube. 

Currently, they are having a promotion. 

PEROZIN 100ml at RM39.00/ 1 tube
PEROZIN 100ml at RM50.50 / 2 tubes

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