Monday, August 24, 2020

How To Make Jjajangmyeon less 10 minutes

I always watch those actors and actress in Kdrama ate Jjajangmyeon deliciously. But when I ate this at Korean Restaurant, it's too sweet and too thick with starch. Totally not to my tastebud. 

What is Jjajangmyeon?

Jjajangmyeon is a Chinese style Korean noodle dish topped with a thick dark brown sauce made from black bean paste, pork and some vegetables. You can change pork with chicken or seafood. This dish usually describes as sweet and tangy taste. You won't miss out this dish if you are an avid Korean drama fan. Totally Korean people favourite dish. I just can't resist but want to try this out.

I tried Jjajangmyeon at a few Korean restaurants. Totally don't like the taste because they made it too sweet. It would be better if the taste is less sweet, less thick and have a little bit of spicy after taste. 

So....for the first time, I challenge myself to make Jjajangmyeon at home. 

First, I bought the Jjajangmyeon set from Marimogo at my favourite online shopping store, Shopee. may be thinking, I don't make a thing from scratch and this is a ready-made sauce. This is nothing to shout out, though! Super easy and anyone can cook this. Yes! Anyone can cook this, right? Whether it's instant or whatsoever, I still made Jjajangmyeon suit my taste finally. 

Marimogo Jjajangmyeon sauce came with Fatboi Noodles, Jjajangmyeon sauce and Danmuji which is a pickled radish. 

How to make Jjajangmyeon?

Prepare the noodles by boiling it for 8 to 10 minutes or to the texture of your liking. Some like it soft and some like it a bit chewy. Just like how you cook pasta. As for the sauce, I just did the basic stir-fried and season it to suit my taste.

First, saute the yellow onion. The more onion you put the sweeter and the taste will be nicer.

Then add in chicken meat. You can replace this with seafood. Everything to your liking. Stir fry this together until the meat cook.

Add in marimogo jjajangmyeon sauce into the wok. I just add around 5 tablespoons of this. Since I don't like it too thick, so I add in a bit of water.

Then add in the vegetables. You can add in some corns, carrots and green peas. As for me, I just made my life easier again by adding the frozen mixed vegetables. All in! So convenient. Let it boiled for a few minutes. I added some pepper, a pinch of salt and cayenne peppers. 

How to serve Jjajangmyeon?

Add the yellow noodles into the bowl. Top up the noodles with hot Jjajangmyeon sauce. Slice some cucumber and danmuji or pickled radish. 

I top my jjajangmyeon bowl with a fried egg. How was my jjajangmyeon taste? Omo! how come my homemade jjajangmyeon taste delicious and better than those I ate at a Korean restaurant? hehehehehe..serious delicious because it's not sweet and has that spicy after taste, I always wanted.

My first time try cooking jjajangmyeon is a success!

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