Monday, June 7, 2021

NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen SPF50++

MCO again? I bet many of us feeling sick to live life this way for almost 2 years now. We wish to lead a normal life again. Pray hard and be patient everyone! Don't forget to apply sunscreen even though you stuck at home for most of the day. I have written about the importance of sunscreen HERE.

I usually applied sunscreen on my last step of Day skincare routine. 

NUViT skincare isn't a foreign brand to me ever since the MCO started. I have tried several NUViT skincare collections and they are as good as any other famous Korean skincare brand. Moreover, you can get NUViT product at any leading pharmacies and also your favourite online marketplace.😼

To be honest I am a NUViT SPF50+ Daily Defender fan ever since I tried it last year.

Clean Beauty

Recently, they sent me a pack of NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen. Unlike the previous Daily Defender which is in white packaging, this one comes in a sea blue pack. This new sunscreen using the tagline of "  Clean to Skin. Clean to Nature".

NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen boasted an eco-friendly and simplistic skincare feature. This is to align with the new skincare trend which is Clean Beauty.

What is a Clean Beauty Trend?

💧 Non-toxic beauty

💧 Ethically sourced 

💧 Simple & safe

💧 Cruelty-free

💧 Eco-friendly

How and what makes sunscreen ocean-friendly?

Well, according to EWG (Environment Working Group), there are four factors for sunscreens to have the least impact on the human body and the ocean? 

🌞 Biodegradable

🌞 No-nano product

🌞 No-spray

🌞 Does not contain toxic substances

Good quality sunscreen helps to protect your skin from a critical wavelength.

What is critical wavelength means?

The critical wavelength is the wavelength at which the sunscreen allows 10% of the rays to penetrate. A sunscreen with a critical wavelength over 370nm is considered to provide excellent UVA protection. NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen has a critical wavelength of more than 386nm which indicate it offers excellent protection from UVA rays.

Sunlight is indeed good for us but overexposure could damage our skin on the surface and at a cellular level too.

My experience tried NUViT Pristine Eco Shield Sunscreen :


Tested on my skin. The texture is creamy and not lightweight. I have a hard time even it out on my skin for the first time. Surprisingly it's not greasy on the skin and totally burdenless and breathable. 

Best Sunscreen

Don't think this is just another sunscreen. This new NUViT Pristine Eco- Shield Sunscreen have its own unique features compare to the other sunscreen I have tried.

As you see in the photo above 👆 it has a tone-up effect on the skin which makes me feels like I applied a BB Cream. Anyway, I have tried to pour water over it to prove it claimed a sweat resistance. Well, proven! 

How to apply sunscreen correctly?

Apply a suitable amount onto the entire face and neck before outdoor activity. You are required to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. But since now when staying indoors most of the time, I make sure to reapply another round in the afternoon.


NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen is formulated with high quality hypoallergenic and earth-friendly ingredients that are safe for both skin and the environment. It offers broad-spectrum UV protection and a highly moisturising formula to deeply hydrates and rejuvenates skin for smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Please note that effective from 2021, the US, Hawaii government officially banned the use of 4 specific chemical ingredients. In addition, Palau has also banned 10 kinds of skincare ingredients since 2020.

If you are interested to get your hands on NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen price at RM68. You can get it at independent pharmacy outlets nearby the residential area or you can visit their official website NUViT – Your Exclusive Skin Dermatology .

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