Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Expensive Morning Business


I went out for the annual standard car service last week. Usually, I can wait at the service centre but not this time. The nearest place to wait was McD which is just a walk away from the centre. The lady who attended to me said they require 3 hours to complete. 

I was OK to wait at McD for 3 hours provided the place isn't that crowded. I ordered the small rice porridge and one cappuccino. Not many people, just around 3 couples. Aihhhh! Is it valentines day already? 

Ate my breakfast peacefully while browsing my phone. Isn't this is how people kill their time nowadays? Finished the porridge and notice the crowd started to build up. Aihhhh... Then at the same time, my bowel is calling to be emptied. Aishhhh!!! not now. I have a long way to go. I thought have emptied this morning. Why suddenly so active? I checked the time and it's only 30 minutes after I left my car. I still have around 2 and a half hours more to go.

The situation totally needs to go. So sian ar? McD toilet. Ewwwww.... Not so pleasant to do my business.

I was sitting there while sipping away my cappuccino and at the same time doing some calculations to solve this problem of mine. I check out the Grab Apps for a ride back. Ahhhhh... it will cost me RM20 plus one ride. The return ride will cost me around RM40 plus. At this moment, that place becomes more and more crowded. Damn it! I am exposed to risk. Not to mention this URGENT business. Otteoke!

Ahhh....Na Meolla! Click confirm ride back. The car arrived in a blink. Huh! this fella must be on standby around here. Anyway, it was a breeze 40 minutes ride back home. I was opening my house's door when the phone rang.

WTH??? Don't tell me. Don't tell me.  I saw the number it was from the service centre. Ah! is there some problem with my car and more cost to add? 

Me: Hello!

Lady : Hello! Miss Rina. I am XXX from XXXX. You can is ready to collect.

Me : ???

Paused for 30 secs. WTH!! WTH!!

Lady : Miss Rina?

Me : Ya? already?

Lady : Yes. Miss Rina

Me : OK

I walked into my house, put down my sling bag. Sat down on the toilet bowl and try to figure out the whole situation. This must be the most expensive morning business, I ever had in my 47 years of living. Jjajanae Jjinja!!!! (So annoying! - in Korean)

I started to console myself. Since I am one believer of 'Things Happen for A Reason'. Finished my expensive business and book the ride back to the service centre. Just hope, I didn't get the same ride. 

Another swift ride back. Collect my car and head back home again. 

I won't say it's a waste of rides but I would say, I could save some money if I did more calculations before making my decision. Hishhh!!!! DD...

Additional rant: Hate this google AdSense and analytic things. It getting more and more technical day by day to maintain a blog. The page views drop a lot with this new upgrade by google. My AdSense has disappeared apparently they accused me of invalid traffic. I don't even do anything,weiii!!! Who the hell is playing around keep clicking my ads and it becomes invalid. I'm really not into digital thingy. Now have to spend time understanding the new algorithm. ** big time menyampah ni**

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