Sunday, October 3, 2021

Reputable Developer Doesn't Guarantee A Good Quality House


I am writing based on my own personal experience. I made my decision to settle down and live in the landed property as my retirement home. Location wise, certainly far from the city centre due to affordability. I also consider the developer reputation to avoid any abandonment in the middle of the project. I will cry a river, blood tears if this happens to my hard earn money. I bought mine from the best property developer in Malaysia.

I received the key end of last year,2020. MCO and everything so everything at a halt for almost a year now. Revive back the plan only on September 2021. I plan to move at end of October this year or early Nov 2021. 

Since I don't have anyone to rely on. Everything needs to be settled on my own. Using my two not so experience eyes screening the handover house and armed with a sticker on my hand. I was so disappointed with the end products. The quality is worst and for the price that I am paying, not to mention the reputation of the developer. Damn it! for that so many defects and a long list to re-do. 

Of course! I went all out to report and request for them to rectify. They took a month to do that 'so called' repair work. WTH! After another inspection, the repair is not even a repair. So disappointed. But I don't want to waste my energy. If they can hand over that kind of quality home to the owner, I bet their level of corruption internally is just as bad as our political scene too. Ahh... I let God judge them la. Why stress up myself to deal with a moron who wants to live life dishonestly, right? So, I accept as it is! Although, mine has a long list of defects but considers myself still lucky. Mine is still liveable if just close my eyes tight! Some others have the worst defect such as leakage whenever it rain and the de-attached tiling and flooring parquet. Terrible, right?

I read in the FB group for the homeowner, some of them is now considering selling off the house. 'Beh Tahan'. Imagine the leakage every time raining, the report then repairs and then it happens again. It's like a never-ending kind of ordeal for the family. So they wanted to move out.

Well, if you drive into the township, you may fall in love with it and make you want to stay there. It's like everyone dreams home. The outside look so nice for now. To be honest, everything is still new. New things always look nice to everyone eyes.  I always visual something far down. With the quality of works handover to me, this township going to be a massive rundown place in just 10 years time. Living there will be a nightmare, though. So, I pray hard to God to take my life faster.

Sometimes, buying a home need some luck and fate too!

It has been stressful when received the house. Not to mention the kitchen cabinet works seems like still work in progress forever due to my small job to them. WTH! I put up with everything. Hopefully, they can complete it in 2 to 3 weeks time from now. But now, I am trying my best to accept mine with an open mind. I am glad to be alone for all this. I bet God have a plan for me.

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