Friday, November 26, 2021

Life After Hard Works


Those days, I used to wake up at 5am just to beat the horrendous traffic jam to the workplace. Then wait till the sun goes down to drive back with ease traffic. See? Life for me those days was like out from home before the sun up and only reaching back home after sundown. I was practically in the dark all the time. 

I have no time to walk, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the birds chirping. I can do this only when travelling abroad or on vacation.

So? How am I doing these days?

It has been more than 16 days ever since I live at my new home. I go out for a morning walk, daily. Usually, I will wake up at 6am and will be out of the house after morning prayer. 

My current place has good natural surroundings. There are two gardens inside this community. Both have different vibes. One is more to the hillside with some rubber plantation and orchard which I can enjoy the fresh air. I even can enjoy beautiful bird chirpings every morning. My house is just about a 200-meter walk from this particular garden. 

What is more beautiful is they surround this garden with some pandan leaves, lemongrass, star-fruits, Jasmine and many more flowers which I don't know the name. 

Another garden is about 500 meters walk from my house. This garden has many flowers and more to English style garden with some orchids and many more beautiful flowers. 

I will do a 5km brisk walk while enjoying the view, nature sounds and fresh air. It's like living in a resort. Nice house and good environment. I hope to enjoy this for another 10 years before the human destroys it. Not many people live here yet. So, that is why my weekday morning walk is the best moment for me. The weekend crowd can be noisy and a nuisance for an introvert like me. I usually skip weekends and enjoy my time to the fullest on the weekday morning.

How do I feel now? I feel at peace. No work pressure. Live my life moderately. Luxury isn't for me. There is always sacrifice if I choose luxury. So I prefer to stay as I am right now. As long as I am at mind peace and focus to live a healthy life.

I do miss travelling abroad. Why rush when the thing is still not properly healed yet. I pray for the world to be back to normal, so all of us can travel freely like before.

I don't live my life to follow the trend but more on living at my own pace. Who cares about others perceptions of you. They don't feed you. In the end, you are responsible for your own life. I am living my life to the fullest now. Oh! by the way, living life to the fullest doesn't mean you need to party all the time. My definition is living my own way of life and as long as I am happy. Different people have a different ways of living life.

Thank God for allowing me to live my late 40s as I am now. 

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