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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Jogja - Ratu Boko escapade

In 1790 the Dutchman found ruins  this hillside plateau with a view to Mount Merapi behind Prambanan Temple complex and this site is once grand palace belong to Ratu Boko after King Boko of local folklore. This is more like of king from local dynasty.

Totally ruined ... I paid USD10 just to view this all collapsed stones and building. Well since I am one person who love history so much..... I walk with a feel on what had happened on that same ruined site previously..... feel eerie.... hair on your neck straight up and coldness on the killing and war at the same sight once...... what am I babbling about now.... guess got carried away and tried to describe my feeling when I walked through Ratu Boko... not so famous and not recommended but I insist the driver to bring me there.

Ratu Boko site is at atop a hill and a system of drainage trenches and water storage ponds was developed to maintain water supply.

stiff staircase you need to climb out .... not the mentioned the hot weather... which left me with bizarre sunburn on my nose, feet and hand.... seriously damaged.... my face is totally peeling right now.. due to the heat... bad sunblock!!!! should have get the better one the other day!

Process of restoration .... I think by my observation this will take years and years to complete

Ah!!!! pay USD10 just to view the field with stones stacking???

More stones.... princess!!!

very big site and not many people come to this place

The Ratu Boko Palace legend - A prince from Bandung desperately wanted Loro Djonggang (don't know whether I spell the name correctly) to marry him. She refused since that Prince is the killer of her father (ceh!!! have gut to propose after you murder her father.... bad Prince!!! If me, I will reject him with bow to his heart wahahahaha!!!)
Ok back to my story... but this Princess is very diplomatic Princess not like me so brutal ok... she finally agreed to the Prince with one condition. He must build 1,000 temples in one night. That Prince Bandung then called out to bad spirits to help him. The Princess got to know that Prince received help from bad spirit and the Prince now manage to complete 999th temple. 
Fear for her becoming a wife to her father's killer, the princess then ordered all her servant to light a large fire and begin pounding rice. Fooled by the noise, the rooster began to kokokokokokoko because thought it was dawn.... the spirit fled  and the final temple was left unbuilt.
Prince of Bandung was very upset... he throw a big tantrum and turned the Princess into stone representing the final temple.
According to legend the Princess is the image of Durga in the north cell of the Shiva temple Prambanan temple which also know as Loro Jonggrang or the Slender Virgin... here goes the story... interesting???? 
It is good to know the story before we pay a visit to one place....

hehehe the chicken at Ratu Boko site...Jogja chicken??? kekekeke

 magnificent view

A mysterious well somewhere here at the southeastward side.... well forgot my compass so failed to locate which one is this place.
Legend says the well named Amerta Mantana (I think this is correct... hehehehe google it to confirm ok... late night now rushing to go to sleep). The water brings luck for anyone who uses it. Hindu people use it in one of the ceremony one day before Nyepi day. If you go Bali you know what is Nyepi day.

May be this one???
Look like a well to me hahaha...
Did you see the stone is white color???
This is Temple of white stone

A Panda ? A goat???? and this goats go mmmbbbeeekkkk out of sudden and make me almost fall down while walking. Not many people at this abandoned site ok!!!! who not startle by one sudden sound like mmbbeeekkk??? Gosh!!! bad Panda Goat!!!

I saw this small hut... some local live here.... then saw the sign says to 'The Cave'... mmmm this is the cave as the story I read. 
My mind was like.... go or not to go forward... I have to through this jungle .... by myself??? 
If I got

My curiosity make me move further in front leaving the hut behind and go through this small jungle

 .... on my left

On my right!!!!

saw this right in front after 3 minutes went through the small jungle.....

jeng old man pointing something to me.... oh gosh!!!!
I look at the old man then see what in front of me there is a small cave on top of small hills in front of me.... but that old man look scary!!!!!
I decided to turn first for me

What I missed????
Two caves were formed there.
Upper cave called Male Cave and lower cave called Female cave.
the rest of the story I think it is something got to do with the fertility.... google if want to know more story..... I still not recover by the look of that old man

walking back to the exit... found an Indonesian dog.... hey doggie!!!!

An Indonesian couple... deeply in love....many of this scene under the tree on this hot weather.... Gosh!!!! get a room!!!!

 While waiting for my complimentary welcome drink.... which become my farewell drink.....
enjoying the sky and scenery

Prambanan temple from Ratu Boko

Next the journey to Prangtritis Beach.... thought of witnessing the sunset...


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