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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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Last Saturday , I went for my full body check up at Gleneagles Health Screening Center.
I skip my health screening last year.
Since I am officially woman in the forties I think not worth for me to skip it anymore and need to start pay attention to my health since I have decided to grow old alone. So being healthy is my first priority now.

Facts for important of women to go for health screening yearly :

* Breast cancer has been rated as the number ONE most common cancer in women and the SECOND most common cause of deaths amongst women.

* Cancer cervix rank SECOND among cancers affecting women.

* Annual Pap Smear (for sexually active) and regular breast examination aids early detection.

* Early detection and prompt treatment limits the spread of cancer to the lymph glands and other parts of the body.

I took Premium Plus Screening + Mammogram package which cost me freaking RM1,874.50.

* Physical Examination
* ECG with Report
* Stress ECG (Treadmill) with Report
* Lung Function Test with Report
* Chest X-Ray with Report
* Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis
* CA 19.9 (gastro - intestinal cancer)
* CA 153 (for breast cancer)
* CA 125 (for ovary cancer)
* Helicobacter pylori
* Hepitatis C
* General Screening Profile 3
* Audiometry
* Mammogram
* Review Report

I pass my Audiometry  test with excellent. They told my result is better than previous report. Cheh! Last check up I was blur blur ma.... They don't know the fact that I miss some sound last time because I didn't stay alert. I am super duper focus this time round...Nothing wrong with my hearing la.

Mammogram was the first time experience for me. 
I read somewhere, the  initial baseline mammogram with ultrasound at or about 40 years old. Normally people it is advisable to do it every 2 years from 40 - 49 years and subsequently to do it every year.

I was warned by the Doctor that I might feel discomfort during the screening since mine is consider sensitive and tender tissue. (WTH!)

On the way to the mammogram room ...

Me : Is this going to be painful?
Nurse : mmmmm...I am lying if I say this is not hurt. But don't worry..ok..I will make it quick.
Me : Oh My God! I am scared!!!!
Nurse : I will take 2 snap shot for both breast. One from the front and one from the side and each side the machine will compress your breast.
Me : Otteoke!!!! can I not do this??? 
I am panicking already.
Nurse : Sis, I suggest you to go through this at least you have piece of mind.

At that point , my step stop in front of that mammogram room door. I was hesitated to even step inside.

Me : I don't want to go in. I am not doing this.
I tried to 'chicken out'.
Nurse : Loooo...don't be afraid sis. I will try to make it quick.

She dragged me in.


I am trap! I am trap! (just like Henry song)

1st compression on my right breast I go ...uwaaaaaaa!!!
So hurt! This is not dramatic. It really damn hurt for me.
My left breast was the troublesome one....I was so bloody hurt like people use knife to slice my flesh. That is how I describe the pain. My tears rolling down but cannot scream because I am suppose to held my breathes. The nurse look at me so pitiful, worry and she can't stop saying sorry to me. 

She told me normally the pain was bearable but mine is totally in pain and I look suffering.

Look suffering???
I am suffering!!! sob sob sob

After the session , I was told to wait outside she said she need to show  doctor the picture of my left breast image. I was not allowed to change my clothes.

I waited while sobbing to left over tears....all alone.
Ah...this is how to fall sick and all alone with nobody to comfort your tear.
Suddenly feel so emotional...WTH! 
I was sobbing and the Uncle who was sitting next to me with his IV drip pole beside him...look at me with his gloomy sorrow eyes. I can't even comfort me with your own condition. Maybe worst than my situation.

The nurse came back and told me, Doctor want her to scan my left breast again on the pain area on specific. She told me, this time its going to be more painful.

I sense something not right since I am going to be scan for the second time.The fear was like somebody just sentence me to be shot to death. Praying hard for some miracle. I read about this but now that I am this situation myself......haissshhhh... I am afraid!

She don't even started yet. I was sobbing even while we were walking to the mammogram room once again.I am too sad and worried! isk isk isk
I am so emo!!! weeeiiii...

Nurse : Sis, don't cry la. I make it quick ya....

Me...just nodding my head while still sobbing. Damn! this 40 years old woman suddenly turn into a cry baby today. Adoooiii!!! I thought I am so brave. 

No more tears on the second round compression. I guess ...tears all dried up due to painful shocked. The pain was terrible than the previous.

Treat myself with all the stress food for being such a brave woman to this painful ordeal at dome and starbuck while waiting for Chingu fetch me to Solaris for food review event.

I was told the report only come out another 2 weeks time. I am now trying my best to be mentally prepared for the worst . isk isk isk...hope nothing so serious. Praying hard!

At this point, I am just going to live my life 'haru haru' aka day by day like another normal day.
Not worth of life to worry on something never happen yet.Waste of time.
I will deal with it when things happen.

However if  fate has been destined in such away...I will try to accept it ...this is life and destiny!

Jia yor!!!!


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