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Travel Indonesia : 3 Days 2 Nights at Jakarta

End of October, I end up in Jakarta again for my last working trip and finalized everything there. I extended the Business trip to the weekend and went for a mini-exploration in Jakarta. It was a good trip though. I got to see the other side of Jakarta rather than just a business district and work-related.

I don't really squeeze my itinerary due to my personal limitation. I'm that kind who love the rest and relax kind of exploration and go with the flow for everything. Here is my simple Itinerary for 3 Days 2 Nights in Jakarta.

*  Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
*  Sunday Car Free Day
*  Thamrin City Mall
*  Grand Indonesia Mall
*  Kota Tua
*  Glodok

Spend Half Day or more at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Address: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta Timur , FKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Entrance fees : IDR20,000/person

Taman Mini Indonesia located about 25 kilometres from Central Jakarta. Transport to get there is not a problem at all if you have Grab apps you can reach anywhere as long as you are willing to pay. It took me around one hour to reach this place from the City Centre but almost 3 hours plus to reach hotel due to rain and the driver kind of avoid toll which I don't even ask him to do that. I would rather pay the toll. Anyway, I reached back safely although the journey could have been shorter.

The GrabCar driver would stop you at the entrance and you just need to have a short walk and pay the entrance fee for IDR20,000/pax. Proceed to walk further and make your first stop at the information counter nearby for a map.

I proceed to the nearby bicycle rental place to rent one for IDR15,000/hour. Which I regretted so much. It was too far and hurt my knee and waist so much for that poorly maintained bicycle. I would recommend you to take the shuttle bus for IDR25,000. I returned the bicycle after an hour ride and took the cable car (kereta gantung) for IDR50,000. As usual, the view was awesome from the top. I enjoyed this so much.

Activities at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

* Visit all 26 exclusive replicas of traditional houses from throughout Indonesian provinces from Aceh,, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java to Papua.
* Explore the flora and fauna parks
* If you bring your children, do visit and have fun at some family recreation area where they have some water theme park too.
* There is a various museum for you to visit and learn about Indonesia history.
* Hotel Santika just a walking distance from Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Don't miss out Taman Mini Indonesia Indah if you are in Jakarta. You won't regret to visit this place.

Enjoy the Sunday Car Free Day

Opposite Fx Sudirman Shopping Mall
Start at 6am and end at 11am

You know Jakarta traffic jam as worst as Kuala Lumpur traffic as well. Where I stayed during my business trip is somewhere near to Jalan Jend. Sudirman which is among the busiest street. Every Sunday morning they have Car Free day starting from Jalan Sudirman all the way to Jalan Thamrin. Since my hotel just next to Fx Sudirman mall, its easier for me then. Yeayyyy!!!
I was on the lookout from the room window as early as 6am. Yeah! In Jakarta the sunrise very early. Even my morning prayer starts as early as 4:30am. By 6 am, I already feel the need to have breakfast. hahaha...

There are many activities here, from aerobics to Zumba and many people were jogging and cycling at the main road too. Most interesting for a tourist like me, it's the time to try out many local food and snacks here. It was so happening here.

If you are visiting Jakarta for a business trip, don't hesitate to extend it till Sunday to enjoy this car-free day.

Shopping till you drop at Thamrin City and Grand Indonesia Mall

Thamrin City Mall
Address: Jl Thamrin Boulevard, Jakarta

Grand Indonesia Mall 
(just a walking distance from Thamrin City Mall)

Start your shopping trip day with Thamrin City Mall for a reasonable and good quality of 'batik' shirt and Indonesia traditional clothing or textiles. You can bargain here. But as for me who not even a good bargainer, I end up asking for 'diskon' which mean the best price from most vendors I visited. For hard bargainer will have fun here. But as for me who always hate any confrontation, I find to pay whatever price they gave me. huhuhuh... but still I find this place is cheap (rich woman statement). muahahah...

After you tired shopping at Thamrin City Mall just around 5 minutes walking distance you can reach to Grand Indonesia Mall. Visit the food court to try out some local food here. Else you can choose for many choices of Restaurant from Indonesian food to other cuisines.

Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Batavia)
Kawasan Kota Tua, Jl. Taman Fatahillah

I don't have the chance to visit this place personally during my visit in Jakarta due to time constraint plus the bad weather. It was raining heavily which made me cancel my plan.

From what I read this place is Jakarta Old Town and you can see the Dutch Syles structures from the 17th Century. If you are visiting this place do try out the Batavia Cafe, cycling around the area and also check out the museum nearby.

If you have time do visit the largest China Town area called Glodok which is nearby this Kota Tua area. I would extend one more day if time permits to visit these places. Maybe some other time!

Food in Jakarta kind of diversifies since there are many provinces and each has its own speciality. You don't have to visit each province to try out the food. There are many restaurants in Jakarta which serve their authentic cuisine.

During the car-free day, I managed to sample some interesting local snacks.

Some mixed fritters with delicious peanut sauce. Spicy by hooked by this though! I have not been eating by the roadside like this for so long and love the experience. 

Telur Gulung or rolled egg is not the usual omelette we ate before. The Telur Gulung in Jakarta has an interesting way of cook and taste delicious. It is like having hot cheese instead of egg. 

Kerak Telur is something unique from Betawi province. The process of making this is something you got to watch. The seller will heat up soaked glutinous rice, then cracked on the egg (depends what egg you choose - duck or chicken) I chose duck egg, stir in the chicken floss in, then he will overturn the mini wok to cook further. 

Check out my youtube channel if you are interested to see how the Kerak Telur and Telur Gulung being made. You can get the link at the bottom of this post. How is the taste of Kerak Telur? I don't like it! hahaha

I love Telur Gulung and the fritters with that spicy peanut sauce though.

Traditional cakes with some sweet filling like malt, chocolate and peanut. At first thought, this could taste like our Malaysian Apam Balik but its nothing similar. It has own taste and delicious too. Don't forget to buy some crackers back. Indonesian food always served with some crackers as side dishes. I went into local Grocers and end up with bags of crackers.

I tried this CFC (California Fried Chicken) at TMII and it was a good decision. The fried chicken was delicious and the fried noodle was just 'OK' to me. Maybe, for others, the noodles could be delicious, but I always have a high expectation of food I tried. kekekeke
By the way, this CFC chain is a local brand.

Indonesian food kind of not complete without some 'sambal' or chillies. I find a bit amused by some snacks which have the Indonesian flavour like 'Dendeng Balado' and everything with Balado word. I think it means spicy? Not sure but it is spicy though!

I visited the Lotte Market just a walking distance from the hotel I stayed and end up shopping for some 'Halal' Korean snacks here. For example that Lotte Chocopie.  I tried that Kapal Api Signature original coffee but find that its super sweet which I can't even bear to give another sip. End up to the dustbin. 

If you are a big fan of cakes, don't fly out of Jakarta without the famous layered cakes or kek lapis. For some will definitely bring back 'Bika Ambon' back home. I just settle with 3 slices of layer cakes which I bought from the airport snacks shop.

I think during my visit is the season of local tangerines. I found many sellers during the car-free day selling the fresh tangerine pressed. It depends on the fruits though, I bought from 2 different sellers and the taste differ from the other one. Try not to give local coffee a miss. I just get one milk coffee with a less sweet request which made me wanna go for a second cup right away. Delicious coffee on my final day in Jakarta.

Did I enjoy my short Jakarta exploration? Oh yes! Feeling thankful to my ex Boss who gave me all the blessing for me to extend my stay after my working trip. 

Please check out my Jakarta experience compilation at my youtube channel below link.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah HERE

Jakarta Sunday Car Free Day HERE

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Check out my other Jakarta Blog post HERE

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