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What is the different between Oven Toaster and Air Fryer

My birthday falls on the 12 October and since this year was unlike any other year, I will be away travelling abroad to enjoy my solo moment forever. This year, I decided to just have another day and not doing anything at all. I am already glad to be still alive and stay healthy on that date. isk isk

I turned off the Facebook birthday reminder, so others don't feel obliged to wish me just because of that notification. It was a quiet birthday, as I wanted in the year 2020.

My sisters pool money to purchase an Air Fryer as a present for me. So kind of them! Here I end up adding a Haier Air Fryer in my little kitchen. As a first time Air Fryer user, I search on YouTube to use this new kitchen tool. My air fryer adventure begins from here.

While using the air fryer, it came to my mind...."What is the difference of Air Fryer compare to the Oven Toaster"? The basic function in the surface kind of almost the same to my simple mind opinion.

I owned an oven toaster at home. I usually toast bread. There was time once I tried baking using oven toaster but end up with baking disaster all the time. So I stop baking and just use that when wanting my food warm. hahaha... yeah! 


I was talking about this with my sister and both of us came to a conclusion both air fryers and oven toaster has an almost similar function which is both create hot air. However, the heated air from the oven toaster is pretty much basic and weaker than air fryer. I would rather compare air fryer with convection oven which my mum used to own. Even though convection oven is powerful but it doesn't offer the fried food style like air fryer though.

My first experience using the air fryer

I was very impressed when first try out the air fryer to cook a hash brown. Check my video guide on how to cook a perfect hash brown in the air fryer. I don't need to use any oil to greased or anything whatsoever. Just throw in the hash brown into the air fryer and leave to my morning shower. The hash brown turns out perfectly crispy in the outside and moist in the inside after I have done with my shower. Non-oily and not greasy at all. That morning... I was definitely ...Wow! all the way with what else this thing can do for me.

Way of Cooking

I owned a very basic function selection oven toaster. Typically, it can bake, grill and roast. I only know how to heat up my food use this oven toaster. The air fryer has all the functions I mentioned with some additions such as air frying and even dehydrating to the mix. So honestly, I find as a newbie kitchen tool user, air fryer is easy to use and straight forward too. One thing that makes me fall in love with the air fryer right away is the fried taste. I love fried food but was advised not to eat that often since it's oily and unhealthy. Furthermore, fry food requires more oil. The air fryer saves the oil money and also save me from the hassle of cleaning up the oil splashing on the wall. huhuhuh

Safety issue

I still doubt the safety issue of air fryers no matter how I love this. I used to own a microwave oven and end up with a kitchen disaster twice which I almost burnt down my whole kitchen by heating up a 'bao' and chicken dishes respectively in separate horror events. The 'bao' frightening event cause the whole apartment unit cover with smoke and the auto fire extinguisher was triggered. While the heating up a bowl of chicken dishes experience cause the whole microwave oven caught fire. huhuhuh.... frightening, right???

As for the oven toaster, I barely have that frightening experience as a microwave oven apart from I end up burning my food in that toaster most of the time. problem was I am bad with the manual. 

With the air fryer, since the heat is so intense and strong as if a combination of a convection oven and microwave oven, so I worried a lot. The noise from air fryer is almost a microwave oven loud noise but softer than that. So I don't feel it scary for the air fryer. I did overcook my soft bun in the air fryer, though. Check the video on how to make a no-knead soft bun with the air fryer 

In my opinion, invest in a trusted and good quality air fryer if you need one. Make sure you do a lot of research in the Do(s) and the Don't (s) with the air fryer. If you think cooking with the air fryer is faster...mmmm...I don't think so. To fry a perfect fish you require 15 minutes of cooking time. While a simple hash brown requires around 18 minutes of your time. So there's no shortcut to this. 

I am still discovering the use of air fryers and so far I have done basic fryer, basic toasting, baking which I baked bun and bread for the first time in my life. Yes! I even cook spaghetti in the air fryer too. No oil in the process which is the beauty of using an air fryer that I love the most.

Visit my YouTube Channel CindyrinaRina for more of air fryer adventure. Don't forget to subscribe and like me to give more encouragement. Thank you!

By the way, I am using Haier brand 4 litres analogue version.


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