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Accidental Retiree

I have not been writing for quite a while now. When it comes to writing without inspiration...It won't work for me! Its been a year now without a job. I have been surviving with my savings solely until now. I was considered lucky since I have enough funds for this kind of situation. I started working at the very young age of 19 years old. Work hard and save diligently since young really helps me.

Since young time, I was working from one job to another job. I consider myself a job hopper at a young age. To me, more salary is an important factor for my surviving in this big city alone without any support from anyone. Hailed from a small town. I started my life here by renting and sharing a room with others. Remember sleeping on a thin mattress which my roommate gave me since I only move in with my one small bag. No other belongings since I don't really have anything with me. Minibus and walking was my daily transportation in those days.

There was time, where I survive with only one instant noodles for a day and not much food to eat too. I don't earn much but my priority is my rents, savings and also 40 per cent of my salary goes to my parent to help them since I still have 2  sisters who are still studying.

I don't even remember what other things I did on my 20s except for working and struggling to make end needs. I consider myself quite stable when in my late 30s. Studying part-time in the evening and working during the day time. No such thing as social life for me. it's all about work and study. That is why I end up with no circle of close friends around me. I decided to reward myself with some travel when I was in the late 30s. The happiest treat ever and looking forward to it every year.

Now that in my late 40s, my last employer decided to make my position redundant since the market, I was looking after was relatively shrunk. Here I end up with a life with no job. I was glad that, I don't fall that hard. Being alone with no job is not that bad after all.  I have given up on my job search by now.  Age is my biggest flop for the position I am looking for. I don't even want to waste my time. Starting a business is not even an option since my entrepreneurial skill super bad. Can't afford to expose me to any risk right now. As for now, I just treat myself as a young retiree. Enjoy my daily life and try to experience new things which I don't get to enjoy when I was busy working.

How I can afford to live as a retiree at this young age? I just listed this at random order.

1. Buy Insurance  - I started my first life and medical insurance when I was in my early 20s. I never failed to pay the instalment to date. Medical insurance is especially important. Get the most basic according to your budget. do not over commit. Even if your company provide insurance, please get one and pay on your own. At least this is your back up if you suddenly no longer working.

2. Save at least 30% of your salary in the unit trust fund - Make sure to save it in the trusted and reputable unit trust that can give you yearly dividends. I wish can go into share market but I can't. I will end up insomnia or panic attack. I am a very conservative type to invest in such a volatile market.

3. Emergency funds - I remember my ex-boss used to give me a lecture about how important it is to save up at least 1 or 2 years worth of salary just in case end up in a jobless situation. I used to think, he was bragging a lot when I listened to him. I am being me. I diligently put aside some cash with thoughts of losing a job and not able to find a job for a long time. His bragging started to make sense when I reached mid 30 years old. 

4. Don't buy a fancy car - To me, the car is just a transportation and convenient. I rather buy a small and less maintenance car. No such thing as showing off sort of purchase. Buy a car when you can commit to instalment and maintenance cost.

5. Buy a small and affordable house - House is just a shelter for you. Don't need a bigger or fancy house. Just a place for you to come back to rest and have ownership to it. Don't bother if your colleague or friends tease you of living at the outskirts or whatever. At the end of the day is your own money and life. They won't top up your shortage, anyway!\Only buy when you feel, can afford the instalment plan and maintenance fees.

6. Pay your parent - I committed myself to pay my parent without failed when I started working. At least 40 per cent of my salary goes to them until I lost my job recently.  I stop giving them an allowance. My 2 sisters turn to support both of them.

7. Control your expenses - I don't go for a branded item. I only start using a smartphone when I was in the late 30s. I don't go for Starbucks or the coffee bean until I was the late 30s. Channel, Gucci, Sephora or what so ever brand such thing! I don't use SK11 or Clarins like other women. I don't even dream for those brand. To me, all those branded items are beyond my reach.

Many things to list down. To me, how I live right now was my personal sacrifice and hard work ever since I started being independent of my parent. They were also struggling to make end needs. I need to help them as soon as I have the capability. 

I only travel extensively when I was in the late 30s due to work and also some travel funds that I have been savings. I don't travel abroad to show off on social media. I travel for my own personal treats of my hard work. If I don't have an extra fund to travel, I just stay home. As simple as that. Your money your own responsibility.

Everything, I own now is the basic needs for a moderate and comfortable life. As long as I am not greedy and have a more materialistic desire in life, everything will be just nice for me even if God still doesn't call me 20 or 30 years later.

I fill my time trying out something I always want to try like doing some online studies (as long as it free), fermenting my own Kombucha, Kefir water, baking some bread, painting, reading and watching my favourite dramas. 

I hardly step out from home unless invited to any event but no such thing with this situation, I only drive out if there are some orders for my small (for fun) shopee to be fulfilled. The earning from that small business is more for my retail therapy funds. My savings are not for shopping. isk isk isk..that is why I wish to start working again.

I end up in hiatus situation by force. I am still trying to accept my destiny in life. For now, I will continue living my life positively. I continue to pray for a good new year start in the year 2021. I really feel sad about my talent to be wasted at this age. I only see myself to retire at the age of 56 years old. I still want to continue working.

You may be thinking that I can do all this because I am not married. I am single and responsible to myself with no backup or someone to rely on.  Ladies! married life is a choice you made for your life. At least you have children and husband to rely on. I don't have anyone. That's the sacrifice and choice I made to live my life. You should marry someone who able to pay you if money is your issue. If your husband unable to pay you, means your man are not even ready to marry and start a family. Don't live your life as a slave to your family. If you are struggling while being married means you need to think back on whether you made the right choice. Did you marry the right person? This sounds harsh but this is the reality! We only have only one chance to live this life. So live life for your self too. Not for others. You deserve to live your life happily. You deserve to live your life a YOU. Not as a WIFE. Not as a MOTHER to someone.

No hard feeling here. Those married people always think single people have no commitment and are living a blast life. You shouldn't think that way. We, single people, have commitment and responsibility. Worst is ....single people have no backup and someone to fall back if there is anything happen to them. Don't judge each other. All of us are responsible to live with our own choice of life. If you think your way is wrong, rectify it.


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