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Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox and Ba Zhen Bust Up Nourishment Drink Review


Although I am not Chinese, the word Ba Zhen is nothing new for me. Ba Zhen herbal soup is a popular remedy among Chinese women and men to maintain good health and well being. It is a way to "replenish qi and blood".  Well, I would say it helps women more since the formula is good in restoring balance and vitality during and after the menstrual cycle.  Those days Ba Zhen soup was boil based on special prescribed Chinese herbs by a trained professional to ensure safety and effective use. You can get any Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for the right prescription based on your specific needs. Ladies! for those who don't know this, we have to boil the Ba Zhen for hours with control heat to get good nutritional benefits out of it.

Face the fact although many of us are working from home now, doesn't mean we have plenty of time to boil a good herbal soup to maintain our health. We are too busy juggling work and home. Most of the time we are overworked, stress, exhausted and lack time.

In laymen term, "where got time to boil a good nourishment concoction?" I am not Chinese. How to boil Chinese herbs? Well, nothing is impossible in this tech era. We have many things ready-made to make our life convenient possible. Do you know, nowadays, you can get a nutritious Ba Zhen in just one minute? Let me tell you how....

I was delighted when I got to try out the Ba Zhen Instant Nourishment drink from Ujuwon.   Muslim friend, don't worry. Ujuwon Ba Zhen is a vegetarian based drink. The ingredients are clearly plant-based premium herbs as TCM prescribed.

I tried two Ba Zhen instant nourishment drink. 

1. Ba Zhen Clean Detox

2. Ba Zhen Bust-Up

Your body needs some Ba Zhen nourishment if you have these symptoms :

πŸ‘‰ Back pain

πŸ‘‰ Bad mood or mood swing

πŸ‘‰ Cool hands and feet 

πŸ‘‰ Period cramps 

πŸ‘‰ Irregular period

1. Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox

The box contains 25ml x 8 packs. This is ready to serve drink. So you can conveniently drink it on the go from the sachet or drink it warm. Just place the pack in the hot water for one minute and the nutritious warm Ba Zhen is ready to drink. I tied both room temperature and warm. For me, it tastes familiar. Perhaps, I have tried this type of drink before? Can't remember. But I use to drink something like this in my 30s. Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox tastes slight sweet after taste. So, nothing unpleasant about drinking herbs concoction. In fact, I love the taste!

When you read the word detox the first thing that crosses your mind is weight loss. Well, my dear friends out there, this drink is clean and detox so it has the benefit to eliminate body dampness and toxins from the body.

What Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox can do for your body?

☯ Improve blood circulation

☯ Replenish and nourish blood

☯ Revitalize body stamina and energy. ie. Qi

☯ Regain body strength

☯ Improves menstruation pain

☯ Regulates irregular menstruation

☯ Eliminates toxins and dampness from the body

☯ Promotes healthy digestive system

As mentioned in the earlier post the Ba Zhen Clean Detox ingredients are plant-based and vegetarian.

Some of the notable ingredients used are :

πŸ€Chinese Angelica root

πŸ€ White Atrocytlodes rhizomes

πŸ€ Rehmannia

πŸ€ Eucommia bark

πŸ€ Codonopsis root

πŸ€ White peony root

πŸ€ Poria

πŸ€ Sichuan Lovage 

πŸ€ Honey fried liquorice root

Other than that, it also contains :

πŸ’– Ginger essence helps to boost blood circulation, improve metabolism, warm body, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects.

πŸ’– Colx seed extracts aids in uric acid excretion and improves metabolism. Other than that, it clears the lungs and helps indigestion.

πŸ’– Chilli extract improves digestive health and boost fat burning and reduce body dampness.

πŸ’– Corn silk extract helps to flush out excess water and waster from the body, soothe inflamed bladder and urinary tract, reduce the risk of bacteria build-up.

Not to forget comprehensive vegetables and fruit extract to improve gut health with good bacteria from probiotics, aids in detoxification, helps in neutralizing excess free radicals in the body.

Chinese Herbs

My experience after drink Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox instant nourishment drink for a week? Well, the first time drank, I immediately went to the toilet. 😜 I guess for the many weeks, I have been not relieving myself properly. I feel better after dump it all at once in the toilet. I keep on drinking it in the morning for 5 days now. No more lethargic feeling like I usually feel. Even the improvement in my metabolism is noticeable. It does bring improvement to my late 40s body. 😍 

2. Ujuwon Ba Zhen Bust-Up

Bust Up doesn't mean, I desire big breast. Don't get the wrong idea! Ladies! I am not sure about you but for me, I don't buckle up my breast with a bra when at home. I have been staying home for almost a year now. The gravity is pulling down my breast a lot and it becoming less volume. 😁 Trust me! It's not a pleasant sight even to my eyes. WTH! Ageing is killing my breast too. πŸ˜‚ Let's nourish it with the hope it helps to get less sagging breast with Ujuwon Ba Zhen Bust Up. Since this is the 1st revitalizing tonic to be formulated with the benefit of boosting bust firming and lifting effect, why not? No harm trying rather than me spend money at beauty centre to get it firmed.

Some notable ingredients used as Clean Detox :

πŸ€Chinese Angelica root

πŸ€ White Atrocytlodes rhizomes

πŸ€ Rehmannia

πŸ€ Eucommia bark

πŸ€ Codonopsis root

πŸ€ White peony root

πŸ€ Poria

πŸ€ Sichuan Lovage 

πŸ€ Honey fried liquorice root

It has different ingredients which are:

πŸ’Ÿ Chinese Yam Rhizome essence promotes hormone secretion and breast growth and anti-ageing properties.

πŸ’Ÿ Green papaya extract to promote breast growth, rich in calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium and other micronutrients

πŸ’Ÿ Pueraria Lobata extract to maintain youth and beauty promotes a healthy level of estrogen

πŸ’Ÿ Fenugreek seeds powder enhance breast development and help to reduce blood sugar and fat.

TCM in Malaysia

I kind of love the taste of Bazhen Bust Up compares to the Clean Detox. This one taste like logan and red dates. Ironically, I didn't see any of it listed in the ingredients. Did I miss something here?

Anyway, like I said the name is Bust Up but I would say if it does volume up and make my breast firmer, it will be a blessing. The most important thing is the ingredients of this nourishment drink brings other health benefits which women in the late 40s like me need to replenish.

I drank Ba Zhen Bust Up after dinner. Don't worry although I drank two Ba Zhen in a day for a week, it doesn't make my body feel heaty at all.

In fact, I feel more energetic and healthier than ever. If you are the first timer in adding Ba Zhen as a health supplement. Please note to drink it correctly. 

* First month drink it every day after menstrual of the month.

* The Second month drink it on an alternate day after the menstrual of the month.

If you are interested in Ujuwon Ba Zhen instant nourishment drink please visit their website


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