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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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How I Spent My Prize Money From Cheesy Squid Game Challenge

Yeehaaaaa... I won cash RM500 consolation prizes. I rarely won anything. So, when received a call from PR about my winning, I was so ecstatic for a week. WTH! Not even Grand prizes or even top three winners, just a consolation prize, people and I was over the moon to the star and over the universe. Aaaaaaa.... that's how to describe my feeling that time during the Chinese New Year mood festival. If I win the Grand prize or top three sure fainted edi duh!!!! muahahahahaπŸ˜…

Me? Won something? I can't believe it even until now. So, I end up buying something with the prize money as my memory. I bought something I love the most. COFFEE. I bought a coffee machine people! bY the way, I spent some of the cash to treat my parent and sisters too.

Oh yeah! O yeah! finally bought the coffee machine to enjoy a good espresso in the morning. Seriously, I am loving my Samu Giken Coffee Machine. I love the espresso machine but milk frosting is kind of not working and I care less about this. I don't want too much noise by complaint to the seller or whatsoever. I am adapting quiet and calm lifestyle now. So, these little things, just accept as it is. I am satisfied enough with the espresso quality of this machine. Of course, all I need is just a good coffee bean powder. My favourite is a premium espresso blend with bourbon, kent, caturra ,typica, robusta. The bean is a blend of Tanzania, Columbia and Java coffee beans. It tastes real chocolate, hints of tobacco are nutty and has a hint of kopi-o, a Very low-acidity and medium-full body. Gosh!!! loving my morning coffee so much now. Thank you Fronterra and Bridges PR for this dramatic and memorable experience.

How does the Cheesy Squid Game Challenge works?  

End of last year, I submitted an entry for a Cheesy Squid Game challenge for influencers, organized Bridges PR & Events and was sponsored by Fronterra Dairy Food. All participants were divided into two teams - Blue Team and Red Team. Each team require to recreate Malaysian food they grew up with a cheesy twist. 

Team Red - Malaysian main dishes

Team Blue - Malaysian snacks / desserts/ beverages

Each participant was given :

πŸ‘‰1 x Lunch Box

πŸ‘‰1 x Reusable Utensils

πŸ‘‰1 x Perfect Italiano Traditional Grated Mozzarella Cheese 250g

πŸ‘‰1 x Anchor Cheddar Cheese Slices 12 pcs

IMA was selected to be in Blue Team as Player #030. It was a fun challenge, to begin with, especially for someone who is not that good at cooking like me. 😊

I was thinking hard, about which Malaysian snacks/desserts I missed the most. Then remembered, my Mum used to make Sesame Seeds Ball or 'Kuih Bom' with caramelized coconut filling. OMG! thinking about that already made me crave.

Mmmmm... So, 'Kuih Bom' was chosen as my entry. I change the filing with the given cheese and added in 'gula Melaka or palm sugar as a twist. By the way, it was my first time and last to make this 'kuih'. I am ok with cooking dishes or whatsoever but making 'kuih' or cakes is really not my forte. It requires shaping and so on. Super damn tedious, duh!

I dare not ask my Mum for the recipe. mum's memory isn't reliable for day to day cooking. She is having a hard time remembering even a simple dishes recipe, so I don't want to give her stress. Lucky enough we are in the era of technology. All information in a single click. 'Pak Google' is always reliable when you need some reference. So, for a week I watched a few videos on how to make the 'Kuih Bom' and tried to imagine myself making it. I did the trial in my head. kakakakaka...

I was really afraid because the wrong move this 'Kuih' will explode while frying it. So I end up recreating it in the 'Air Fryer'. So crazy! when the result turn out, not bad for the first time making these old-time snacks that I grew up with. WTH! Pat on my back. Bravo to me! I was really speechless when I ate my own creation. πŸ˜†

You can watch my consolation prize worth πŸ˜…entry video for Cheesy Squid Game Challenge here πŸ‘‡

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