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Struggling To Stay Healthy at 40s : I stop Simvastatin


Stop taking statin

Why do many people keep talking about adopting a healthy lifestyle?

There are many reasons for this. Most of the reasons depend on the individuals. 

Longevity is one of the reasons. But this is also subject to God's Will, right?
Mobility and better health at a later age? This is crucially important for single people who are not thinking of starting a family.

In my point of view, it is your personal responsibility to adopt a healthy lifestyle regardless if you are single or with a family. Don't live your life to pass your burden to people around or the closest. 

I have been on and off neglecting my health for the past few years. Recently, back to adopting a strict healthy lifestyle, before it becomes late for me.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Well, if you search on 'google', there are many versions of explanations for a healthy lifestyle.

I just want to make it simple, here. A healthy lifestyle is only 3 things :

Keep your body moving - don't be lazy and stay active. Especially, people who come to the age to retire, they keep forgetting to move. Personally, I try not to skip my daily morning 5km walk. Then make sure, I achieve the 10,000 steps. Usually, to achieve 10,000 steps, I will go all the way for a 7km walk. Don't forget to do some simple stretching too. There is no need to go to the gym or whatsoever when almost 50 years old, Don't waste your retirement money. Again! this depends on the individual point of view.

Watch what you eat - As we grew older, the appetite seems to get lesser and lesser. I am still on intermittent fasting until now. I seldom eat rice during meal time. I tried my best to eat more vegetables and fruits. The fruits part always failed. I don't really like fruits tho! The only thing, I could do is blend red dragon fruits. 

Keep occupied - Ever since became a retiree, I find my own activities to keep myself occupied. I was busy doing online product reviews for some brand but has stopped that since the end of June. Reason? I just feel like enough is enough for now. Yeah! not in the mood tho! I still take blogpost reviews based on requests. I also do a really mini tiny Cindyrina online shopee store, selling flower tea mix and lip balm. Not many orders tho! Just doing this for fun. I save up my little profit to satisfy online shopping cravings. Most of the time, doing some readings, watch drama and experiment with new things. It really sounds like nothing for those working people who read this. I am living my life to my liking. I don't need to brave morning and evening traffic jams. I don't have to face annoying stakeholders or demanding bosses. I have had enough of all those throughout my 27 years of full-time working life. I am free like a bird to fly away without any direction. 

I skip socialising since no interest to associate myself with others. I just don't know how to be friends with others. biggest weakness ever!

If you read my previous post on the medical check-up result, I have been prescribed Simvastatin for 2 months. I stop taking it after day 9. Reason? The effect of Simvastatin was really bad on me. I feel sluggish and my body aching. My knee hurt pretty bad to extend it really affects my mobility. Not easy to walk and even climb the staircase. I did my own reading and so on. I decided to let go of the medication for a long time of health. Simvastatin or statin seems like a medication for life. I don't want to live my life being controlled in such a way. I want my life in my own hand without depending on such medication to survive. Plus, I want to enjoy mobility as long as I live. The 9 days on Statin is like a living hell for me. To the extent, I thought the Doctor that prescribed that to me is just trying to increase sales rather than giving me a good consultation.

I will do the next medical check-up by end of this month. Hope everything goes well for me. 

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