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Tried Out Live Stream Hosting and I made a Negative on my first day


Live Streaming

To be honest, being a retiree means I am struggling to keep myself occupied and finding ways to spice up my daily life by trying out new things. Well, this is what I am busy with these days, other than struggling to keep my health better. My health isn't great right now. The ongoing back pain really killing me. My struggle to lose weight is like a never-ending stint. The result isn't good at all. Despite adopting a healthy lifestyle routine from food to exercise, my weight isn't moving a gram from where I am right now. I keep telling myself to stay positive. I need to find ways or find out anything wrong with my internal health. I did the check-up, other than bad cholesterol and gastric, I don't have anything else. Ya! that Type 2 Diabetes is over for me. I am doing good on that part. My back pain is mainly caused by the heavy me. So losing weight is my top priority. Mental health is also important for this. Ever since covid started, I have had less interaction with humans. Most of the time, I don't talk to people except to think out loud talking to myself. So I decided to do something about this.

I joined the Live Streaming Hosting. No! I am not going to tell you which platform. I don't wish to invite people to join my live streaming too. muahahaha...I will be the first person who hosts live streaming but doesn't wish for people to watch me hosting. Weird, right?

Well, being an extreme introvert. I rather talk to myself than to people. I did my first Live Streaming for 30 minutes, this morning. Oh yeah! marked  27 July 2022, Wednesday 8:15am. The first item, I promoted was Samu Giken Coffee Machine. huhuhuh

I purposely chose early morning, because there will be fewer people around. My first live received 333 viewers with 5 product visitors but only 2 viewers' engagement. OK, la kan? Less interaction is better for introverts like me. Does anyone buy products? Of course NO la! Who will be interested to buy from an old ugly woman like me right? I only have one follower from this morning session, and I think that fella will unfollow me anytime now. hahaha.. I'm being so pessimist again.

How was my performance?

I don't really care. I just want to talk. I was embarrassed when watch the reply. I look damn ugly. My saggy old face makes it worst. Damn! I look super old. Ah! ageing gracefully my foot. Such a high beautiful ambition. The reality knocks me hard. I end ageing fat and ugly with a sagging face at the age of 48 years old. isk isk isk...Cried hard on Wednesday morning after watching my first Live Streaming replay. 

Anyway, although the reality almost killed my self-esteem. I will be doing the Live Streaming again tonight at 9pm. Just do it! Until the platform kicks me out automatically. I ain't good at selling or even presenting. Seriously! I don't even know why dare myself to do such an extreme decision like this? 

After my first Live Streaming, I went out to unwind my head. I drove out to fuel my car. Then at the petrol station, as I was about to alight my car. One motorbiker knocks on my window. I wind down for a bit and he was asking for money. He was telling me, need money for a leg injury (he show me the injury) and he need money to repair his motorbike. He said only has RM10 now. Not enough. He wanted RM20 from me.

I always read the news about people getting robbed at the petrol station and so on. I was a bit sceptical and at the same time felt a bit annoyed when people asked me for money. Duh! you are not working and I am unemployed myself. You are still young and energetic. I am an old and not healthy aunty who is waiting for God's calling anytime now.

Anyway, I end up giving him RM50 with the thought of donating and helping the poor. So that's how I end up on negative RM50 on my First Live Streaming stint. huhuhuh 

For benefit of the doubt, he really needs the money. I just psycho myself, that the RM50 note in my wallet isn't meant to use for myself. 

To be honest, I feel lucky this man asked for money nicely from me rather than rob and harm me like all the news, I have read. I don't care even if he lied about his story as long as I am safe and unharmed.

Tonight, I will present the ugly old woman talk on my Live Streaming at 9pm. hahaha...Yes! no one is invited. Just let me talk to satisfy my curiosity to try new things. My dumbest self-challenge ever! hahahaha

Gosh! I am so weird after all.

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