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PADU Registration Experience

PADU Registration benefits

Copyrights reserved. This article is mainly the author's personal opinion and experience. did not authorise any other media outlet to distribute, rewrite or quote this article elsewhere. 

It's going to be the end of March 2024. Most Malaysians,  are still contemplating whether to register with the new data system implemented by the Government. PADU is a government database system consolidating data from various sources to help policymaking and social protection. The whole process is managed by the Department of Statistics (DOSM) in Malaysia. PADU aims to improve data accuracy and generate periodic economic analytics.

The benefits of registering for PADU as stated on the official website, include :

  1. Streamlined Bureaucratic Processes: By registering, individuals can access government services more efficiently. PADU aims to simplify administrative procedures, making it easier for citizens to interact with government agencies.

  2. Targeted Subsidies: Registering ensures that individuals won’t miss out on targeted subsidies. These subsidies are expected to begin in Q2 of this year. The system will identify eligibility based on factors such as household income and the number of dependents.

  3. Enhanced Data Security: PADU collects accurate data on household incomes, which assists the government in formulating policies to address poverty. The system ensures data security and privacy.

PADU was officially launched on January 2, 2024, by Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Ever since it launched PADU has received too much hate from Malaysian. 

There are a few factors concluded by these unwelcome initiatives :

1. Aggressive Push for Registration by the government representative, ever since it was launched.

2. Trust issue by the Malaysian citizens towards the government needing to know their personal information. 

3. Comparison to existing systems such as KASIH or Rahmah Cash Aid (STR).

4. Data Security and Privacy

I was sceptical about the whole idea of this initiative until the last minute. I have decided to register, as a good supportive citizen and have nothing to hide. 

Here are my experiences during the process of registration. The system experience itself is so vein. As this is an initiative by the government, my expectations are high. The systems are lagging a few times by not too bad. The waiting and frustration time along the way is still bearable. It could have been better.

As for the information needed, it isn't as detailed and private as what people as saying out there. Most of the information needed is basic for the government to analyse whether you are entitled to aid or not and is good for the whole country's econostatisticstic for future planning purposes. The questions asked are more like typical questions asked when you go to apply loan from the bank. In fact, the bank asked more questions than PADU. Why did no one question the bank, when they asked more personal and sensitive questions than PADU? 

I had two hiccups during the registration. First, the loading to the eKYC took too long and made me almost give up. Second, is my employment status. The system information is still shown as Private Company Employee. I have been unemployed ever since the pandemic until now. My attempts to update the information to unemployed were not successful, no matter how many times, I tried. It is still marked as incomplete. I fill up the complaint form, which requires me to register again with a new username and password just to complain. The reason is, the complaint management is through another system called SISPAA. I tried a few times to register to SISPAA through my phone and tablet but the OTP required didn't reach my email address. Seriously, they are wasting my precious time, even though I have plenty of time to waste.

My computer was broken for many weeks. I have been using my phone and tablet to register and update my profile in PADU. I managed to revive my old computer this morning. The first thing, I did was log in to PADU. The system was lagging to the point, that I couldn't even log in because it kept telling me to refresh my page. I tried many ways to refresh and it still didn't work. I then moved to complain and this time managed to register and move on to submit my complaint. I waited a few minutes and tried my luck log in to PADU again. Yes! I managed to log in, The completion of my employment status information and eKYC declaration was super smooth this time. PADU registration and profile update was successful!

Damn! my complaint just went through a few minutes ago. The person who read my complaint must be thinking, I was trying to prank them!

My conclusion, throughout the whole process experience, the Government should consider making things convenient for the people. First, gain the trust of Malaysians by getting a better website design, developer and hosting. Second, don't use aggressive communication styles to create urgency. People won't listen to you with this type of approach, it will backfire. It could have been a different result if the government had used a diplomatic approach to reach out to the citizens. Good communication & transparency is very crucial to make this whole initiative a success.

Why did I decide to register with PADU?

I also don't know. Maybe because I have always been a good citizen who never failed to declare TAX from during employment days to retirement days until now too. Subsidies? I am not too sure how this will work and how this will help me overcome the increasing cost of living with my limited income channel. Everything was through my hard-earned savings during my working days. Government aid? My hope has shattered and my faith in getting aid has long gone. I remember, the government never helped me at all during my darkest days. In fact, they taxed my final income to the bone when I did the tax clearance letter. I was out of a job twice due to the company closing and the other one was due to redundancy. Imagine losing a job with unclear direction as to when and how to get a new job, and yet the government taxes you 'kaw kaw' for the final income! There was one time when the government announced the Bantuan Harapan during the pandemic. I tried my luck under the category of single and unemployed, and they approved a one-time aid of RM100. I even received a notification through SMS that the aid would be in my bank account next Monday. People! it has been more than 3 years countless Mondays have passed. No RM100 aid to my account until now. Where does that RM100 go? Don't ask me? This is the unsolved mystery until now. Since then, whatever aid from the government, even if I struggle until want to die, I will never reach out to the so-called government. 

Whether to register PADU or not? It is an individual opinion and analytical skill. Do not 100% trust the hearsay from the people out there.  Most information is from people who just know little information but try to act smart and some information is from the people who are from the opposition party. Whatever, category group of the household income you are, if you have nothing to hide, registering and updating information in PADU is not a big deal at all. It's actually the opposite of what you heard. To be honest, when I registered, all my information was already in the system. My job is to update the current status such as address (they all still have my old address in that system), and employment status from employed to unemployed. As for the housing you just need to specify renting or owning property. What is so sensitive about that question? As for the bank account, they just asked us to add our account number. So what? You have to fill up your bank account number in the forms elsewhere many times too. So what? The bad vibes received from this whole initiative are just due to bad communication styles and the opposition political party tools. Our life is like a wheel. One day we are at the top and the next time you know, life falls to the bottom. Who knows, updating your information to the government can be a temporary fallback place before climbing up again! You never know, what is next for you in life.

As I said, my faith in any government has long gone. They were not there when the time I was in need. They give me more work and trouble. To me is all about the people not about the system. The government's role is to serve for the benefit of the Citizen not self-benefit. 

I am just playing a role as a citizen of Malaysia. I see Malaysia as a country and not as any political party. Listen, read and analyse all the information and make your own decision. Any result from my decision is my own responsibility and not the government or the people surround me. I just want to live and exit my life peacefully.

Choice is in your hand! 

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