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U Khao Yai, A Romantic Resort and Spa in Khaoyai

While planning for my trip to Khaoyai last January, I was having a hard time selecting a place to stay. I was contemplating on themes to choose plus the location accessibility and of course the Price Tag. Khaoyai are famous with its European and English style resorts. While others price too high for me, U Khao Yai seems reasonable in term of price tag, their price around RM300++/ night. Plus this place just opened end of Nov 2016. I love new place. At the end here I am... landed to this French style Resort. Enough for me to 'shout out' ...I feel like a Princess in Fairy Tale.  This place located about 2 1/2 hour drive from Bangkok surrounded with Mountains and Timberland. Read further to enjoy my journey stay at this awesome resort as if I was immerse with nature. I booked 3 Days / 2 Nights stay at U Khao Yai. As usual greedy side of me said this is not enough. WTH! Be Thankful to what you have. Don't let the greediness evil to blind your pure heart. kekekeke.

Things To Do in Khao Yai after Sunflower Season

End of January 2018 , I have an opportunity to visit Khao Yai which is around 2.5 hours journey from Bangkok by car. I personally don't favor Bangkok because this city is super havoc. Knowing my style of traveling , I prefer to visit beautiful green or colorful natural scenic area with sounds of bird chirping away and leaves slapping each other when wind blow rather than concrete jungle with the sound of car and motorbike roaming around. I checked around and found Khao Yai. To my disappointment the best of Khao Yai is the Sun Flower field which season starts mid Nov and end around mid January. My trip was exactly end of January which was end of Sunflower season. Damn it! I can't make a trip earlier due to work reason. I was so skeptical to make a trip winthout any Sunflower field add to my itinerary. Not much to expect rather than continue with my trip with open heart and open mind. Come read my journey 3 Days / 2 Nights at Khao Yai end of January 2018 .... I

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