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Saying GoodBye to The Year of 2022

  It has been a fairly good life journey in the year 2022. I wish to enjoy the final last 2 years of my 40s peaceful and quiet life. I don't really have many achievements since I no longer live my life with high expectations. 'Living life with the follow' is my way of living now. No pressure. Except for struggling to keep me healthy. Aish!! long way to go for that.😂 My daily life is more on video editing and shooting. Creating content for my TikTok and Lazada affiliates. I ditched being a seller at Shopee a few months back. Their charges are getting ridiculous and the rules aren't good for me to continue. Shifting to TikTok and Lazada affiliates is more rewarding for the time being. I am still struggling to get a Thousand followers in my TikTok Affiliates account but I manage to earn a few hundred, though! Not sure about Lazada affiliates. I have earned some there, but still not sure if this is worth it for me. I am not a good presenter or video editor. Being an extrem

CU x Christy Ng Tote Bag Daebak Collaboration

  Annyeong Chinggu! Fans of CU, the number one Korean convenience store in Malaysia can now celebrate the upcoming holiday season with an ultimate fashion flair! CU has joined forces with popular Malaysian designer Christy Ng to unveil a line of fashionable, collectible tote bags for everyone to enjoy. Ohhh yeah!!! For those who are still shopping for Christmas or New Year presents, please include this in your Gift list. You can even get one for yourself because this CU x Christy Ng tote bag is the p[erfect addition to your #ootd! You can even parade this beautifully unique design tote bag, meet your besties, or even enjoy a carefree holiday with your loved ones. The designs on the tote bags are inspired by Korea's CU outlet architecture, giving them a distinctive look unique to only CU, while both bags come in two special color schemes to suit your personality taste. If a loud, outgoing, colorful vibe is what you want - this tote bag with a fun, refreshing look with splashes of de

Best App for Self-Guided Walking Tours

Longsheng Rice Terrace    The last time traveling abroad was at the end of the year 2019. I chose to stay put in my home country for the time being for a few reasons.  First, I am still skeptical about the safety issues. Recently, I got caught the virus and it was a daunting experience for me. The effect is still in me now. Second, the cost is expensive now. My home country's currency is too weak for me to travel abroad. Third, the country I want to visit is not fully open. Fourth, some country has tightened the rules and regulations for foreigners to enter their country. Fifth, I just don't want to be on a plane with many others for long hours. Sixth, I need to deal with my anxiety issue. Everything is too uncertain. Being a person who lives with risk calculation most of the time, it is not a good idea for me to travel abroad now. Travel can wait. Anyway, those who are more adventurous and excited to see the world. Let me share with you the best app to be your walking city gui

Syahirah Korean Secrets White Glow Brightening Essence Review

  This will be my first time trying out Syahirah brand skincare. The one in my hand here is Syahirah Korean Secrets White Glow Brightening Essence. I have tried many essences from different brands before this. So, I was a bit skeptical about whether this one is just the same as others or different. me all essence is the same.  I always have 3 skin problems : * Uneven skin tone * Dark spot pigmentation * Dry skin If I end up using the wrong serum or essence my skin will become super dull and make me look unhealthy and so sad. aisshhh... So, I am quite selective to try out such skincare. Worst if it irritates my skin. People! do a patch test on the other part of your skin before jumping into applying any skincare to your face or you may end up looking like a beast if it doesn't suit your skin. Anyway, today I am going to write a post about my honest review of Syahirah Syahirah Korean Secrets White Glow Brightening Essence for you. When Syahirah Glow Essence reached me, I

How To Teach Kids About Finances with Interactive Games

  Parenting is not just about teaching kids to behave and be good boys and girls. Being ambitious and having good dreams for a better future is important but a good sense of managing money or finances is equally important.  When it's time for them to make financial decisions for example savings, investment, and even dealings with basic daily life transactions, a good basic foundation and knowledge are essential. Believe it or not, there are sayings that only those who can do well in life can do well with money. There are a few ways to teach kids about money and how to take financial decisions : 1. Lead by example - Start getting your kids involved in grocery shopping and explain the comparison of goods prices and show them how to purchase the right one. 2. Earn the allowance - Educate your kids to earn the keeps. They will appreciate every penny they earned through chores or tasks given. 3. Savings Habit - Gift them a piggy bank or jar to teach them saving habits. This is to elimin

Green Rebel Plant Based Food In Malaysia

  I was delighted when the Green Rebel finally reached Malaysia. I heard about them last year and was so craving to try them. Green Rebel is Indonesia's leading alternative - protein startup. Malaysia is the second market expansion outside Indonesia and Singapore. Green Rebel offers whole-cut plant-based meat alternatives for Southeast Asian consumers in search of a healthier flexitarian diet. Things that I have been told that Green Rebel's products are thoughtfully curated by chefs, nutritionists, and food technologists to provide optimal nutrition and taste profile while minimizing carbon footprint. Green Rebel's products are ready-to-cook and will only take less than six minutes from fridge to table, and can last up to 12 months in the freezer. Totally on point for people who lead busy schedules and live fast-paced lifestyles as it is a more convenient option to prepare daily meals at home. Up to now, what do you think Green Rebel food is? As mentioned this is a plant-ba

Herbalmeds by BiO-LiFE Natural Wellness Range of Products

  One big factor that we need to consider to add supplements to our daily life is dietary insufficiency. We may eat enough food but many of us neglected the importance of nutrients that are needed by our bodies. Dietary supplementation can be the answer to balancing essential nutrients. If given a choice, I would prefer to take natural supplements for my health maintenance.  Recently BiO-LiFE, one of Malaysia's leading healthcare companies of quality health products based on scientific testing, is introducing Herbalmeds. Herbalmeds offers natural products for those looking for natural, herbal solutions for their relief. Herbalmeds by BiO-LiFE are created based on the diversification in traditional medicine due to varying cultures, herbal medicines, and also demand for natural products. Herbalmeds used natural ingredients that have long held relevance in remedies for minor ailments in natural remedy recipes that have spanned decades, and passed down from generation to generation. He

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