Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Lately , I realise my body is like hot air balloon.
I am lacking of exercise and not having proper meal.
Many of my pants are very tight and my belly is sticking out.
Yeah! ugly scene.
Getting worried to this scenario, I am trying my very best to loose weight.
I blame for my mid age low metabolism rate... (yeah! we are just human always want to feel good and pass on our guilt to others)
I took diet pills for almost 3 months and at the same time continue with my normal regime yoga and stretching. Ah ! never work.
Latest trying to eat healthily like fruits and vege (which I neglected for quite sometimes). I hate vege and fruits. Yeah! I am a carnivor. Meat eater!
But I also can just live by eating just fish and anchovies (big fan).

This week, I went to my all time favourite Night Market at Bangsar. Yeah my favourite. Having the best spicy nasi lemak at Devi's Corner then shop at near by Night Market is perfect Sunday Night for me.
I manage to shop for my all time favourite Red Dragon Fruits.
Since my ambition for this week to stay healthy, so I bought Water Melon, Orange and vegies.

Yeah! almost end of week and eaten all these fruits and vegies feel healthy but I forgot to do my stretching. hahaha being lazy again.

I am being very very lazy and everytime I open my book to study I am down to my dreamland zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... yeah by the time I wake up time to go to work.

Ah! where got enough time for myself???? hihihih me and my lame execuse again.

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