Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday

Another Monday morning..
I am enjoying my Monday morning listening to forever awesome 'Boys Before flower' soundtrack ' and drinking my old town white coffee' after one wholesome 'Red Dragon Fruit' mmmmpphh! I feel fresh!
What a good Monday morning.. It is good to start early on Monday.
Many things to accomplish. Hope my mission complete this week.

Yeah! this week is my classes week. So life a bit like hell with that hahaha..
I will try to maintain cool this week.. although don't know what to expect!

Last Saturday , went for group discussion. Appointment at 10.00am and as usual Malaysian being Malaysian some even turn up at 11.30am never respect other members time at all.
We had came very early wait patiently for them.
Good that we manage to complete something during the meeting . Last us around 1.30pm.

Drove back home and checked in to TGV for Terminator hahaha yeah! naughty Rina!
Suppose to study back home back end up facing the big screen and do some window shopping.
Shopping for 'pepper spray'! Hard to find one.

Manage to get one at Watson Sg Wang on Sunday for around RM38.90. at least something for my protection.

Yeah! I am bad on sunday too. As usual love Pavillion on Sunday. Have my awesome Sunday Brunch at Pavillion. Then chill out there until late afternoon and head to Bangsar.Eat and eat ... ah! I really enjoy food..
My favourite night market. fruits are fresh and delicious!
I want to stay in Bangsar one day! Why? because of the night market. sort of that way but I also love the environment there!

I reach home around 9.45pm. Turn on my computer and start working on the group project and do some reading for 1 hours and try to have a nice sleep.
Ah! I can't sleep. 1.30am my eyes still wide open. now I remember I should not drink that 'Teh Halia'. Totally forgotten tea make me cannot sleep at night!
Have quarter glass of 'Dome' and finally feel sleepy around 2.30am.
Wake up around 5.15am and I am off to work to beat the jam!

I am trying to hypnotise myself to have good good week.....
Happy happy study....

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