Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I want to loose weight

I am desprately want to loose my weight!
I tried do sit up until my tummy cramped.
I ate NH DTox slim pill.
I taken many many or whatever said can loose weight but yet my tummy still bloated.
What happen to me?
I am not like this last time.
It can't be because I grow old?
I feel heavy and not healthy at all.
Whenever I wear my clothing , I feel so so bulky like a sack of rice or wheat!

Tempting to go for slimming centre but it is too expensive for me.
Somemore now I am on heavy thrifty crisis for my up coming business plan.
Argh! want to look good but yet still ugly!
I feel so lack of confident right now!
Hope can loose some 2 kg with my new regime which I just started last week.

I feel so tired right now.
Can't even open a book to do some readings!

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